Krya Harmony Hair Oil - for Pitta based stress hairloss

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Size: 100 ml
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With the sharp rise of stress at work, difficult deadlines and long commutes, we are seeing a different kind of hairloss today – one that is related to a high degree of mental stress. Ayurveda tells us that mental stress can excite vata dosha. In these situations we would typically see an inability or difficulty falling asleep, an inability to focus, severe restlessness, varying appetite with occasional binge eating, difficulty in switching off after work and a very high use of laptops or cell phones as you continue to work long after normal work hours. Sometimes this is accompanied by dry skin, dull hair, severe hair breakage and aches and pains in the body especially across the back and musculoskeletal system.

Stress related hairloss mechanism:

Sudden, inexplicable hairfall

Stress related hairloss takes about 180 days to show up on hair, so when we receive complaints of sudden, inexplicable hairfall, we try and trace events that occurred about 3 – 4 months back to understand the cause. Stress appears to excessively stimulate our androgenic hormones, perhaps to help with our flight or fight response. While the physical pathway of how stress works continues to be unravelled, its net result on hair and skin is quite certain. In times of stress, your hair’s Anagen phase abruptly shifts to Catagen phase. In normal hair, atleast 85% of hair is supposed to be in Anagen phase at any point of time, and only 1% transitions to Catagen phase. This ratio is altered in times of stress, as a large proportion of Anagen phase hair shifts abruptly to the Catagen phase. This causes a sudden loss of much larger amounts of hair. 

Drying out of scalp and hair

High stress and therefore excitation of vata dosha increases dryness across the body. In hair, this dryness shows up as hair that looks dull, that is extra frizzy, that gets tangled easily, and that has a lack of lustre. In addition you may find an increase in spilt ends and hair breakage

How we formulate the Krya harmony hair oil: completely natural hair oil for mild-moderate stress based hairloss, dry and breaking hair

The Krya harmony hair oil is suggested by us wen we think that mild-moderate stress, accounts closing work load, or other intensive phases of high work, long hours , etc is causing a disturbance in the hair and scalp. Usually the stress we encounter for this level of hairloss is mild to moderate and leads to feeling wound up, being unable to switch off and relax and high dryness across the body. The hair becomes dry, brittle and slightly rough leading to hair breakage, lack of lustre in hair, and moderate stress based hair loss and hair breakage. To help calm down elevated stress, (which is of  a moderate , temporary nature) that leads to hair loss, hair breakage, hair dryness, etc Ayurveda asks us to tackle the problem at 2 levels.  We first seek to calm elevated pitta and vata levels in the head by using sweet, nourishing and strengthening herbs that help calm down stress and anxiety. We then work on tackling aggravated vata in the scalp and hair which is leading to dryness, roughness and breakage.

What goes into the Krya harmony hair oil: 30 ayurvedic herbs and 7 cold pressed organic oils for stress based hairloss :

We use 31 potent ayurvedic herbs processed in 7 organic, cold pressed oils for the Krya harmony hair oil formula. The stress relieving herbs include Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Devdaru, Jatamamsi, and Yastimadhu. Brahmi is a key ingredient both in the Krya harmony hair oil and the Krya Kshema hair oil, designed for extremely high levels of stress, anxiety, etc. . Not only is Brahmi a great aid to memory, it also helps calm and soothe down overwrought nerves and aids good sleep. We additionally use pitta calming and balancing herbs like Amla, Bhringaraj, Haritaki, Khadira, Mushta and native greens like Ponnaganni, fresh Coconut Milk, etc. These herbs help calm overwrought Pitta and help calm irritation due to high levels of stress. They also help cool and nourish the scalp and eyes. This overall set of herbs help calm the head, reduce anxiety, relieve mild-moderate stress, and nourish hair and scalp. A complete list of herbs with their provenance is given in the ingredients tab.

Ayurvedic tila paka veedhi: manufacturing process for Krya Harmony hair oil

The Krya Harmony hair oil is a purely Ayurvedic hair oil formulated using potent Ayurvedic herbs. Like all Krya oils, the Krya Harmony Hair oil is manufactured using the Ayurvedic Tila paka manufacturing method. Tila Paka veedhi is an important ayurvedic oil manufacturing process. This is THE process we use at Krya to load nutrients into our Skin & Hair oils helping them work REALLY effectively. The Tila Paka veedhi process is a TRANSFORMATIVE process. It converts a vegetable oil into a potent, bio active rich oil by transferring the actives from herbs into the oils through this process. One of the reason this process is not used widely is because it is slow, and highly labour intensive . This process  is carried out by us over 2 days, with more than 8-12 hours of continuous stirring of the oils on gentle heat. This slow, gentle and staggered method of production makes our oils extremely nutritive and potent.  At the end of the Tila paka process, the oil is completely transformed in colour, aroma, consistency and action on the head / body.  It is an extremely labour intensive and tough process but the end results are worth the effort.  

Who can use the Krya Harmony hair oil?

The Krya Harmony hair oil is useful if you have phases of intensive work, work long hours, have a lot of screen time and work related mild - moderate stress. In these times we can usually observe skin and hair become drier, losing lustre, feeling rougher and hair developing split ends or breaking easily. If you are dealing with very consistent moderate - high levels of stress , or with more serious and long term stress issues like grief, loss, separation, being a long term caretaker for chronically ill patients, etc, please try the Krya Kshema hair oil instead. Both the Krya harmony and Krya Kshema hair oils can be combined with any of our other hair oils if your stress levels are milder, or if you want to work on both hair concerns and stress simultaneously.

Hair oiling - the Ayurvedic dinacharya for a healthy life

Krya advocates frequent oil massages for your hair as an important part of a healthy hair and life regimen and not just in times of stress, anxiety, hair loss, etc.  This follows classical Ayurvedic tradition which advocates the shiro-abhyanga as a way to regain good health. Generous and frequent oil application on your hair comes with many wonderful benefits. Besides improving the texture and health of your hair, frequent oiling keeps your scalp’s sebum levels in balance, improves circulation in the scalp, deep cleans your scalp and lifts dead cells and dirt, and stimulates the roots. Please read our blog posts on this subject.
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