Krya Classic Hair Oil - Ayurvedic hair oil for grey hair, oily scalp and poor hair growth

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Size: Pack of 6 ( 6*100ml)

Size: Pack of 6 ( 6*100ml)
Pack of 6 ( 6*100ml)
50 ml
100 ml
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Are you looking for an ayurvedic hair oil to help you with grey hair, an oily scalp, or poor hair growth?   When Pitta dosha is moderately aggravated, we experience extra oiliness in the scalp and a faster appearance of grey hair. Ironically, although the scalp is oily, applying a pitta balancing hair oil, brings down pitta aggravation, bringing down scalp oiliness. Regular hair oiling with a pitta balancing oil also improves hair growth and slowly reduces the growth of new grey hair. For a more holistic effect, we must also work on balancing the pitta build-up in our body. Ayurveda tells us to do this by a combination of using pitta balancing hair care products, modifying the diet, and controlling lifestyle habits that could result in aggravated pitta dosha.

Ayurvedic hair oiling : the key to sebum balance, reduced hair greying and high quality hair growth

Krya recommends regular leave on scalp and hair oiling as an important part of a healthy hair regimen. This follows classical Ayurvedic wisdom which says that Shiro Abhyanga (scalp oiling) must be done daily for a huge host of health and hair benefits. For more information on this, please read our posts on scalp oiling here and here. Regular scalp and hair oiling come with an extraordinary number of health benefits of which hair benefits are only a small part. Regular scalp and hair oiling helps cool and nourish the eyes, control the tri doshas in the head, keep the mood calm and stress-free, reduce pitta and Vata driven headaches, and stimulates and improves blood circulation in the scalp.

The Krya Classic hair oil: Ayurvedic hair oil for grey hair, oily scalp, and improving hair growth

Krya Classic hair oil is a carefully researched and properly manufactured Ayurvedic hair oil for grey hair, scalp oiliness, and improving hair growth. This oil is made from 21 Ayurvedic herbs processed in 8 cold-pressed oils. The herbs and oils chosen are all pitta balancing, hair growth improving, and scalp nourishing Ayurvedic ingredients. We use herbs like Amla, Bhringaraj, Bala, Yashtimadhu, Japa, Narikela and extract them in cold-pressed scalp nourishing oils like cold-pressed organic coconut oil, cold-pressed organic kokum butter, etc. For full details of all ingredients used please check our ingredients tab. With regular use, this nourishing Ayurvedic hair oil helps reduce the fresh growth of grey hair, nourishes the scalp, balances sebum secretions, and balances Pitta in the scalp. Like all our oils, this hair oil is made in the classical Ayurvedic tila paka veedhi. This is a slow and intensive manufacturing process that takes between 4 – 6 days to complete. The goal here is to allow the base oils to cook in a mixture of herb juices decoctions and pastes until all the moisture evaporates. This allows the base oil to slowly absorb the rich botanical nutrients from each herb. Do watch our youtube video on how we make our Ayurvedic oils.

Further Ayurvedic care for grey hair, scalp oiliness and hair fall (moderate pitta aggravation):

When there is moderate pitta aggravation, we must take care to holistically work on this, so it does not aggravate further and lead to high pitta problems like hair thinning and excessive grey hair. For complete and holistic pitta balance, we suggest using our 3 part moderate Pitta balancing system. This contains the Krya Classic Hair Oil, The Krya Classic Hair Mask and the Krya Classic hair wash. With moderate pitta aggravation, a holistic effort with diet and lifestyle changes can give you good balance and good results. Correcting the diet, restricting excessive hair washing with synthetics, and working on stress and eating on time all help balance Pitta. A regular Abhyanga is excellent for reining in pitta and vata dosha and slowing down hair greying and improving hair growth as well. Here are some articles that can help you further: If you have very high greying, and hair thinning, you have highly aggravated Pitta. For this case, the Krya Classic Plus Hair products will suit you better. This consists of the Krya Classic Plus Hair Oil, the Krya Classic Plus Hair Lepa (Mask), and the Krya Classic Plus Hair Wash. Read more about how you can modify your diet and lifestyle to improve hair thickness here.     
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Pack of 6 ( 6*100ml), 50 ml, 100 ml