Krya Dishwash subscription: 12 pieces of Krya dishwash at a reduced price
Krya Intense Women's Ubtan pairs with Intense Abhyanga oil to balance vata dosha in the body
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Ayurvedic basics 1: The Origins of Ayurveda

Ayurveda : the mother lode offering health, harmony, balance, philosophy and a moral code

Why is it important to understand the Origins of Ayurveda? Krya has been working with ayurvedic herbs and formulations for over 5 years now. Yet in all this time , we have not contemplated any series on Ayurveda or discussed…

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Product Reviews

  • Krya Anti Dandruff hair wash is a cleansing, de-clogging and itch reducing gentle , natural hair cleanser for dandruff prone itchy scalp and hair

    Krya Anti-Dandruff Hair Wash (100 gm) (276.79)
    reviewed by Saketh Jandhyala

    For almost a year, I'd been struggling with sebhoerric dermatitis, and this is the only product that truly made a difference. Highly recommend this to people suffering from oily dandruff, scales and flakes.

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  • The all natural toxin free Krya dishwash

    Krya Natural Dish wash Powder (169.49)
    reviewed by

    Non toxic, very effective, I am a repeat user.

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