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Hemanta (Early Winter) is here.

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We handcraft our goodies with integrity & authenticity. Every Krya goodie is made from scratch using potent ayurvedic herbs, grains, clays, oils, fruits and vegetables. Not a single chemical enters a Krya goodie / the Krya facility. 

Hemanta (early winter) - learn more

Hemanta ritu guidelines
Hemanta Ritucharya Guidelines : Diet, Lifestyle changes recommended in Ayurvedic texts
The importance of ayurvedic Ritucharya
Why is Ayurvedic Ritucharya (seasonal adjustments in diet , regimen and lifstyle) such a health game changer?
simple and efefctive ayurvedic skincare routine by krya
3 step Ayurvedic Facial care routine - with notes for early Winter

hemanta ritu (early winter) must haves

Moisure Plus Skin serum
Moisture Plus Skin serum - for normal to dry facial skin
Dyuti skin serum
Dyuti facial Serum - for normal to dry, pigmented skin
Krya Palmaroa baby oil
Palmarosa Baby Oil - for Dry, sensitive body skin
Krya Classic Abhyanga Oil
Abhyanga Oils - for Vata balance, building health and body strength
Krya face washes are purely natural ayurvedic choornams made from a select combination of processed lentils, grains and ayurvedic herbs
Completely Natural + Super Gentle Snana Choornams (Ayurvedic Body washes)
Krya Damage Repair hair Oil
Ayurvedic hair oils - combats frizz, dryness and improves hair health and strength

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Krya Baby skin and hair care range
Baby Skin & Hair
Krya sustainable Home care range
Eco Home care
Krya ayurvedic hair care
Hair Care
Krya Kids hair and skin range
Kids Hair & Skin
Krya Dauhridini Range
Dauhridini (Pregnancy) Range
Krya Abhyanga Snana range
Abhyanga Snana
Krya natural hair colours and tints
Natural hair colours
Krya Teen skin care range
Teen Skincare

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What makes Krya Different?

Authentic ayurvedic ingredients krya

Potent Ayurvedic Herbs

Krya researches, and carefully procures over 250 Indian ayurvedic & Siddha herbs , organic cold pressed oils, and indigenous, non-hybrid organic grains, lentils, clays and plant resins to make our hair, skin & home care goodies.

krya follows an authentic manufacturing process

Authentic Ayurvedic Formulae + Manufacturing

Every Krya formula is throught through, well researched, derived from the Classical Ayurvedic texts. Our herb processing and manufacturing process is also very authentic and is as close to ancient manufacturing methods suggested in Ayurvedic texts. 

krya makes highly effective products

Highly Effective Products

We pride ourselves on our highly efficacious products. Following Ayurveda and traditional manufacturing methods does not mean that you will have to wait for results with our products. Our customer base is highly engaged, loyal and are Krya ambassadors because our products work so well for them.

The Krya promise
Proudly Indic
Krya is a proudly Indian company. We respect and embrace Indic philosophy and tradition and use this as our lodestone to make decisions across our company.
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Authentic Ayurveda
All Krya goodies are made only from locally sourced ayurvedic herbs, lentils, grains & clays. The products are formulated and manufactured following traditional, authentic ayurvedic methods
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Zero Chemicals
Krya creates 100% natural, toxin free goodies. We use no preservatives, and add no chemicals anywhere to our products. We use only whole herbs and avoid using extracts, and derivatives to eliminate any trace of chemicals in our goodies.
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Planet Positive
Every Krya goodie is formulated to be biodegradable, compostable, safe for running water and supports water harvesting systems.
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Krya is a vegan & cruelty free company certified by PeTA. We do not use animal derived ingredients in our products, nor do we test on animals
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People Positive
Krya runs a human, fair trade oriented , respectful organization. We buy our produce on fair terms, and have created a positive, humane and friendly work environment.
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