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The Abhyanga and its benefits on reducing period pain & menstrual cramps

Featured image for abhyanga post on menstrual cramps

An Abhyanga is a valuable Dinacharya which helps regulate dosha balance and overall health in everyone. It is particularly valuable for Women and is an excellent scientific tool that helps regulate reproductive health. A regular abhyanga can help make the menstrual period regular with minimal cramping, bloating and discomfort. Why is this so? In this…

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Product Reviews

  • Krya Men's face wash is a holistic natural face wash that deep cleanses and unclog's Men's facial skin

    Krya Face-Wash for MEN ( 100 gm) (330.00)
    reviewed by Gyan

    Simply AMAZING!!!

    This face wash powder is simply amazing! Makes my face fresh, stunningly clean & soft ! Krya the company ever !!! Thanks a lot to the whole team


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  • Krya Moisture plus face wash powder for gentle cleansing of dry, vata prone facial skin

    Krya Moisture Plus Face wash powder - gentle face wash for dry skin (vata prakriti) (330.00)
    reviewed by Rufza

    "i always love all krya products. this is the first facewash im using. really helped decrease redness (i have sensitve skin), remove dirt and retain moisture. awesome facewash! will definitely buy again" - Rufza, Amazon

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