Baby Rasnadi Churnam from Krya 25 gm

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Looking for a gentle, safe yet effective Baby Rasnadi churnam for babies and young children? Try the Krya Baby Rasnadi Churnam. We formulate our Rasnadi Churnam using the reference of renowned Ayurvedic texts like Arogya Raksha Kalpadrumah.

Unlike the classical Rasnadi Churnam formulation meant for Adults which is multipurpose and has many more therapeutic benefits, this formula is simpler and safer for young children. We use very safe and effective Ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Rasna, Daruharidra, Turmeric, and Maricha (black pepper). This combination is good at controlling Kapha and providing slight amount of warmth, ensuring there is no mucous build-up in the head. We advise use every day after bath – twice a day (morning and evening) in the cold or wet season. Please read our how to use tab or see our video to understand how to use this product for young children.

This is a 25 gm pack – we expect this pack to last for more than 6 months or so. Strictly for external use on the scalp alone.

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Rasnadi Churnam in Ayurvedic baby care:

Ayurveda recommends an extensive set of baby care practices like regular head oiling, abhyanga, herbal snana with herbal bathwater, dhupana (herbal fumigation), and use of specific herbs, metals for the care and well being of the baby. Childhood is a Kapha rich time. This means that using oils regularly for the baby, while being excellent for the baby's growth and development, carries a risk of Kapha accumulation for the baby. [caption id="attachment_39187" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Baby Rasnadi churnam - ayurvedic baby care Krya Baby Hair Oil[/caption] Therefore, as a countermeasure to prevent Mucous build-up and to encourage immunity and well being, Ayurveda recommends the use of astringent, drying, and warming Baby Ubtans for Bath, Using charged herbal water for the Bath and suggests the use of dry herbal Choornams like Rasnadi choornam and Vacha Churnam post-bath on the baby.

Rationale behind this formula

Rasnadi Churnam is suggested to be applied post bath on the baby's head and behind the ear lobes to prevent water clogging and mucous accumulation in the head region. As babies are much more delicate and sensitive, certain Ayurvedic textbooks like Arogya Raksha Kalpadrumah suggest following a simpler and more pared-down Rasnadi churnam formula for babies. Based on these guidelines, we have formulated a 5 ingredient Baby Rasnadi Churnam at Krya. You can read more about this product on the product page and also read more information on the herbs we use in this product. For product use guidelines, please follow our video given below. This product is NOT to be inhaled. Inhalation is NOT recommended for babies and children. This should be strictly used ONLY externally on the scalp. The Krya Baby Rasnadi Churnam can also be used by adults. However, it is a very gentle and mild formulation and may not help in very stubborn cases of Kapha build up. If you are very prone to sinusitis and Kapha build up, it is better to use classical Rasnadi churnam formulations that are designed for Adults.

The Krya Baby Rasnadi Churnam

The Krya Baby Rasnadi Churnam is a mild ayurvedic formula based on classical text Arogya Raksha Kalpa Drumah which is a traditional pediatric care text from Kerala Ayurveda tradition. Based on the advice given in this book, we have formulated a simple, mild yet effective 5 ingredient Baby rasnadi Churnam. This does not have the widespread therapeutic effects of Classical Rasnadi churnam formulae. It is designed to simply keep down Kapha build-up in the scalp using highly safe and effective Ayurvedic herbs which can be applied on young infants. This formula uses 5 Ayurvedic herbs: Amla, Rasna, Daruharidra, Haridra, and Maricha (Black pepper). Please use ONLY for external application on baby's scalp and behind the ear lobes. IF applied near the nose it will cause sneezing. Hence use the powder very carefully so that it does not go into abby's eyes , nose or mouth. If baby is very sickly, or prone to illness, please check with your vaidya before using this product. In case of any doubt, kindly consult your physician before use.