Our Journey

Jan 2009

We quit our cushy jobs

In the search for a better way to take care of ourselves . We say to ourselves: “Surely there is a better, more sustainable, safer and more transformative way to do the laundry / dishes / take care of hair & skin?”

Mid 2009 – 2010

My (our) experiments with Soapberries (& herbs)

Bolstered by the thought of no boss, and excited about creating an alternate sustainable future, we asked ourselves, “What did Indians clean with BEFORE detergents and soaps came rushing into our stores?”.

The answer sent us down several natural stores and herb warrens, and thus began our great herb experiment. In this period we experimented with and formulated a full line of household cleaners based entirely on herbs.

Oct 2010

Krya comes into being

After a year of experimentation, research,and back and forth, we formally registered Krya. We wrote a complete Brand vision and what we wanted to transform about the world around us.

We wanted to be a brand new Indic brand, proud of our Indic roots, rooting for Indian systems of Science and India’s herbs, and be a dark green, truly sustainable brand.

Therefore our brand name – which meant “Mindful action” in Sanskrit.

Aug 2011

We launch India’s first 100% soapberry detergent

After more than 2 years of research, we launched India’s first 100% soapberry detergent. We worked with our partner organic farm to create a traceable, 100% Indian , washing machine ready , whole, raw herb detergent.

The detergent is biodegradable, compostable, and the grey water can be reused immediately in your garden creating awater positive laundry cycle.


The Krya Dishwash is launched

After 2 years, and a whole lot of research and formulation testing, we launch the brand new Krya Dishwash. Fragrance free, LABSA free, and no more sticky green residue on your dishes. Baby safe, and perfect for sensitive skin.

The product begins to be prescribed by Dermats for patients with sensitive skin!

Jan 2014

Krya skin care pilot batch

Based on our community’s feedback, we test the first batch of Krya’s powder facial cleansers. Based on ayurvedic recipes, we pilot a batch of ayurvedic choornam face washes in a farmers market.

The response gave us the confidence to continue working on our formulation range and introduce more variants for different skin types.

May 2nd 2015

The New Krya factory is up and running

As we expanded our range of offerings and extended Brand Krya into hair and skin care, we started scouting for a factory for Krya. After (mostly) hearing advice like, “Dont do it”, or “Are you guys crazy?”, we went ahead with what was our riskiest adventure after starting Krya.

We put together the first greenfield factory project for Krya – this involved a year + of running around various government departments, and construction contractors and researching machinery and eco friendly construction materials!

March 2016

We launch the first Krya Hair oil

After much thought, discussions and research and strong encouragement from our ayurvedic teachers, we make our first Tila Paka oil. This is the Krya Classic hair oil, which we launch for pitta prakriti hair.

April 2017

Krya ships our first International Order

After many years of refusing to ship internationally to be more environmentally sustainable, we shipped our first order ourselves (after we realised that people were buying our products and carrying them abroad anyway)

We mentally reconciled the inevitable carbon miles we used up by shipping abroad to the saved costs of using our clean, truly sustainable products abroad and helping conserve soil and water there.

We now officially ship globally and have customers in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Dubai, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Greece, Ireland, U.K, France, Germany, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Israel, Mexico, Bermuda, Canada, & U.S.

May 2017

We launch our first 100% natural, raw and whole herb based Hair colour

In the history of Krya, no product was looked forward to with so much anticipation and never have we had so many pre orders!

Wetested 50+ formulationsbefore launching three single step natural hair colours using Indigo, henna and other Ayurvedic herbs.


We cross 100 products at Krya

This is a landmark year for us. We hyper scale our range over the last 3 years to cross 100 products at Krya. We now offer hair, skin, wellness and home care products. We offer products for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, adults, pregnant women, post partum women, men and senior citzens.

May 2020

Lockdown : a chance to revitalise our oils

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Apologies to Dickens, but for most of us, we experienced the worst of times when 2020 set in. The Krya factory was closed for more than a month and we were unable to send out orders for close to two.

At this time, we decided to use the relative quiet to reboot and revitalise our ayurvedic learning.

We became one of the few comapnies in India to follow strictly the classical Ayurvedic tila paka vidhi across hair oils, skin oils, and skin serums.

Today our oils are made over a period of 3-5 days as suggested n the classical Ayurvedic textbooks. This makes them more penetrative , more loaded with botanical nutrients helping us offera stronger transformative exerience to our community.

2022 & Beyond

To Boldly go and explore new frontiers of Ayurvedic wellness

Hello there!

This is the Krya Team . It is our continuing mission to continue to push the boundaries of sustainability , Indian Knowledge Systems and Dharmic Enrepreneurship and boldly go where no Indian company has gone before.

We pledge to create unique, transformative and useful hair, skin and wellness products that help you live a life of harmony, balance and Joy.