Moisture Plus Face Serum for Dry skin | Deeply Nourishes skin | Improves Lustre | Fast absorbing Pure Ayurvedic Formula

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Normal - dry skin type can be considered as vata imbalanced in Ayurveda. In such skin we see a dehydration of outer layers with the skin becoming stiff and rough. The skin doesn't absorb nourishment well so the outer layers keep going dry every few hours. The skin often looks dull, dry and lustreless. If it is not attended to , such skin has a tendency to develop fine lines and earlier wrinkles. What is the correct solution for such skin? How do we hydrate it correctly?  Do we need to keep on re-applying moisturizer of serums to improve uneven skin tone, improve skin radiance, reduce signs of aging and improve skin texture? How do we identify the best face serum for dry skin? Ayurveda has a good answer.

What to look for in a face serum for dry skin?

At Krya, we do not suggest using any chemical alternatives to skin care. Instead, Ayurveda offers us safe, truly healthy skin moisturisation options using skin improving Ayurvedic herbs and truly beneficial cold pressed oils. Ayurvedic texts tell us that oil formulations meant for face application have to be of a much lighter texture and quicker to absorb compared to abhyanga or hair oils. The serum needs to nourish and revitalize your skin, by absorbing deep into the skin and quenching it. Dry skin is often dull skin with uneven skin time. A good ayurvedic face serum needs to give your skin lustre and an even skin tone while working to balance imbalanced doshas, primarily vata dosha. Everyone wants healthy glowing skin. But Ayurveda tells us that great skin is a result of following a good skincare routine where your specific skin concerns have been addressed at the root cause. By addressing the root case of vata imbalance, a good ayurvedic skin serum can help you get bright skin , slow down the production of fine lines and wrinkles, repair your skin barrier and improve the texture and hydration of your skin.  

Krya Moisture Plus Face serum for dry skin

The Krya Moisture plus face serum is a unique Ayurvedic serum for face formulated to suit the needs of dry and dehydrated skin. This is a nourishing, hydrating serum made with pure Ayurvedic ingredients like Kushta, Vatama, Dadima, Daruharidra, Durva and Yashtimadhu processed in 4 organic, cold pressed oils like Sesame oil . As with all Krya Oils, the Krya Moisture plus face serum is also made in the Ayurvedic Tila paka method. This method helps transforms oils into powerhouse of botanical nutrients and also makes them lighter and easier to absorb. Specifically in this formula we use many herbs in their fresh form as fresh plant and fruit juices . This makes our formula lighter, and easier to absorb and perfect for facial skin needs. This is because facial skin is usually thinner and gets clogged easily with heavier oils.

Benefits of the Krya Moisture Plus serum for dry and dehydrated skin type

This is the best face serum for dry skin and is completely natural & 100% ayurvedic .
  • Specially formulated for dry skin
  • Contains no synthetic extract , or harsh compounds like synthetic acid and vitamin
  • Heals dry damaged skin
  • Keeps the skin well nourished and hydrated
  • Does not clog skin or cause breakouts
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Naturally improves skin texture