Madyantika Brown | Henna Mask for Hair growth | Indigo free | Natural Hair Tint

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Looking for a clean, toxin and synthetic free, and completely natural way to colour your hair brown using hair friendly herbs like Henna?  Or are you simply looking to give your hair a healthy, lustrous natural tint and have a enjoyable hair colouring experience?

Natural Tint: Madyantika Brown

After our range of hair colours, we wanted to develop Hair tints next. We developed these shades for people who wanted to simply give their hair a lustrous sheen without too much hair darkening. We also included rich hair conditioning herbs in these formulae, so that colouring would also give the added benefit of pitta balance and improving hair texture and lustre. The Krya natural hair tint range is developed as an Indigo free range of colours.  About 5% of the population is allergic to Indigo - so we wanted a range of shades that would also cater to these needs. Repeated hair colouring with our Madyantika Shades deepens the rich red and chocolate tones in your hair naturally. It also helps improve the texture and health of hair strands. Krya’s natural hair tint - Madyantika Brown is a semi permanent hair tint made completely from Henna and other Herbs. The  colour gradually fades anytime between 2 – 4 weeks depending upon how fast your hair grows and the frequency of hair washing.  The Krya natural hair tints are formulated free from Indigo. With repeated use, the colour becomes richer and more luxurious as it binds well to the hair cuticle. Every herb used in the Krya hair colour range is documented for hair use in the Ayurvedic texts. The product is therefore completely natural, completely safe and can be used even during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Important: Every person reacts differently to a given set of ingredients, even completely natural ingredients like ours.  Please follow the precautions listed in “How to use” tab before every use of the Krya natural hair colour product.   Shade variations when using a natural hair colour: Synthetic hair dyes give you an even shade by first bleaching out all existing colour from your hair and then adding the synthetic colour to your hair. This is why the colour you get after a synthetic hair colour / dye is even and the same shade is present throughout your hair. A natural hair colour simply coats your existing hair with the shade you have chosen. The dye uptake varies depending upon the grey percentage in your hair and how your individual hair strands react to the herbs in the hair colour. So while we have tested the hair colour on human hair swatches, you can expect slight variations in the colour on your hair. We do not expect these variations to be too different from the hair colour we have achieved. Also, depending upon the grey percentage in your hair, you can see variations in the colour across your hair. Grey hair usually is much more intensely coloured and visible – black or dark hair tends to take on the colour much like highlights or tints. These variations even out over repeated hair colouring.   The Krya natural hair colours are best used with: To ensure hair health and retain hair colour longer, we recommend you use the Krya Hair Colour Hair Oil, the Krya hair colour hair mask, and the Krya Hair colour hair wash along with this product. If you are already using other Krya haircare products, look for suggestions on how you can continue to use this along with the Krya hair colour in our “how to use” tab   Free from synthetics & Metallic salts: As with all Krya products, the Krya hair colours are also synthetics free – the Krya hair colour range contains ONLY Ayurvedic herbs. They do not contain PPD, Ammonia, Resorcinol, tetrahydro-6-nitroquinoxaline, Eugenol, Coal Tar, Formaldehyde, DMDM Hydantoin, Eugenol, or ANY SYNTHETIC CHEMICAL.   Krya’s hair colours are also free from metallic salts and contain only hand-picked, sorted, sun dried and carefully processed Ayurvedic herbs. We process our herbs from scratch, choosing only the best quality materials. The formulations have been developed in-house after rigorous testing done over a year on human hair swatches, in-house volunteers and an independent consumer panel.  Special note:  While all the above ingredient are safe and used as per references found in Ayurvedic texts, it is a best practice to test for possible allergic reactions before use. Please follow instructions given in the “how to use” tab for the patch test before first use.