Vyoma After Sun Skin Serum - Skin Brightening serum for tanned skin

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Excess Sun Exposure & Aggravted Pitta Dosha 1. The Krya Vyoma After-Sun Skin Oil + Serum is facial oil specially formulated to help counter excessive sun exposure. This exposure leads to aggravted pitta in the skin , which causes hyper pigmentation, un- even skin , dullness, blemishes, melasma and tanning.If a person has natural pitta prakriti, then even a very small amount of Sun exposure can trigger these effects. 2.  The Krya Vyoma Skin oil+serum is specially formulated as a facial oil  to balance pitta , calm the skin and even out the complexion and skin texture. 3. This product , like all Krya oils, has been manufactured in the traditional Ayuvedic Protocol called Tila Paka Veeddi , over a slow fire. 4. We have used 29 different organic fruits, herbs, flowers and cold-pressed oils to manufacture the Krya Vyoma After-Sun skin oil+serum. Please read the ingredients tab, for the complete list of ingredients. 5. This product is ideally used along with the Krya After Sun face-wash & After sun face-mask. 6. This oil+serum product has been packed in a special bottle with a glass dropper to deliver even 1 drop of product at a time if so required.