Krya Teen Anti-Acne Face Wash powder

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Looking for a face wash for your teenager who is experiencing hormonal acne? Teens experience upheavals in dosha balance due to the hormonal changes occurring in their body. This leads to aggravated pitta and kapha dosha which trigger the easy eruption of pus-filled cystic acne. Many children find these changes difficult to deal with and they also affect their sense of self-worth. So they fall prey to common skincare hacks and products found on the internet. Such skincare advice and products often don’t work. Worse still they could over-dry the top layers of skin and cause skin flakiness and dryness. Even if they do work, the results are only temporary as they do not address the root of the issue which is aggravated pitta and kapha.

Krya Teen anti-acne Face wash - a face wash for teenagers (specially designed)

Krya Teen Anti-acne face wash is carefully formulated according to Ayurvedic principles to help cleanse skin effectively, balance sebum and slowly bring down hormonal teen acne. The face wash if extremely mild and non-irritating on skin which is important when we handle skin with over aggravated pitta. Yet it cleanses thoroughly and effectively leaving the skin refreshed and deep cleansed. This is a 22 Ayurvedic herb, grain and clay formula. It contains astringent oil balancing herbs like Pomegranate, Kasturi Turmeric. Arjuna, Lodhra , Nimba help shrink and clarify acne. Herbs like Karanja, Vacha, Yashtimadhu clarify and heal skin.

Other products that help Teen skin:

In addition to the Krya face wash twice a day, we also recommend using the Krya teen anti-acne face mask twice a week. In addition if your teenager also has back and chest acne, apart from face wash, the Krya Teen Body wash should be used everyday instead of a soap to bathe with. For teen girls who have mild but regular acne and oiliness, we also suggest using the Krya Mangalya Lepa. This Lepa can be added to the face wash, body wash and face mask as an additional skin healing agent. This mask will stain skin and clothing as it contains turmeric.

Further Care for Teen Acne:

It is extremely important to balance Pitta and Kapha to bring down the recurrence of acne in teen skin. As there is already a hormonal imbalance, adding rich, salty, and fried foods, quickly results in skin eruptions. Read more in our detailed post explaining the acne ayurveda treatment plan. Here are some foods to avoid:
  • Curd
  • Cheese
  • Chocolates
  • Excessive fermented foods like idli and dosa
  • Fried Food
  • Excessively sour, spicy or salty food
  • Pickles
  • Cold sweet foods
  • Cold sweet high fat drinks
  • Read more about how Pitta can trigger acne here and here