Krya Natural Floor Cleaner - Sugandha (scented)(200 gm)

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1. This is a very unique blend of 18 different Herbs, plant essential oils and Ayurvedic Salt that delivers benefits to you on three levels. 2. The bio-surfactant and citrus blend helps to give you a clean , well-scrubbed stain-free floor. 3. A powerful combination of herbs like Neem, Eucalyptus , Citriodora along with essential oils of Neem, Tamanu , Lemongrass & Citriodora , helps to repel floor-crawling insects with regular usuage. 4. The Ayurvedic Salt used helps absorb negative energy , while the plant essential oils add positive energy by interacting with the Vayu (Air) and Akash ( Space) elements in your home. 5. This variant is called Sugandha due to to the added fragrance in the form of plant essential oils. So this is an scented variant , which can be used by those who regularly use essential oils. 6. PET SAFETY : Since this product contains plant essential oils, we do NOT recommend using this product in homes with cats and dogs. 7. This product can be used on all types of floors and floor tiles. 8. This is a 200 gm pack 9. 100% natural , vegan and cruelty-free product.