Krya Natural Unscented Floor Cleaner - Sookshma (200 gm)

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Concerns with Chemical Floor Cleaners:

The average household breathes in or is exposed to atleast 62 toxic chemicals. We are exposed to them from the phthalates in synthetic fragrances that are added to detergents, floor cleaners, and other cleaning products, to the fumes coming from stronger corrosive products we use in the home like oven cleaners and toilet cleaners.   Phthalates, TEA, DEA, triclosan, quaternary ammonium compounds, 2- Butoxyethanol, and several of the hundreds of ingredients that are commonly found in household cleaners have been linked to asthma, cancer, hormonal disruption, neurotoxicity and reproductive disorders. Although these chemicals are found in small amounts, the concern is for the long term: chronic exposure to this unstudied combination of chemicals increases the body’s toxic load.   Conventional floor cleaners depend upon active ingredients like Benzylalkonium chloride, Chlorophenol and in certain formulations, cresol, a common abortifacient has also been used. Benzylalkonium Chloride is a cationic surfactant, which is a very strong biocide.   Benzylalkonium chloride is a severe eye and human skin irritant. It is a suspected respiratory , immune system, gastro intestinal and neuro toxic substance. Concentrated solutions are highly toxic to human beings. Occupational exposure to Benzylalkonium chloride is linked to inner ear toxicity, middle ear tissue damage and asthma.   As it degrades in the environment Benzylalkonium chloride splits into Benzyl chloride, ammonia, dimethylamine and other molecules. Benzyl chloride is again highly toxic to skin and is an extremely hazardous substance that has been used in chemical warfare. Ammonia is an extremely hazardous by product, and is highly toxic via inhalation and is very dangerous on skin causing caustic burns.   We can see in this brief description that commercial floor cleaners can potentially cause a toxic load in the body and can be irritating to skin. Vulnerable groups like infants, toddlers and pets can be very quickly affected by these chemicals. For example, Benzylalkonium chloride can cause domestic poisoning in pets as a direct result of floor surface cleansing and pets ingesting minute quantities of this chemical from floors.

Krya Sookshma Floor Cleaner - natural unscented floor cleaner:

What is your alternative to synthetic, potentially dangerous floor cleaners? A completely natural, non toxic, wholesome floor cleaner from Krya is a better choice. The Krya Sookshma Floor Cleaner is a natural  unscented floor cleaner that is made using 28 Ayurvedic herbs including including natural plant surfactants, Rakshoghna (anti microbial and anti fungal herbs), Krimighna (insect repellent) herbs and natural plant resins and gums and natural Saindhava Namak (rock salt). This product uses 4 very interesting plant resins: pure natural edible Camphor, Damar gum, Batu Gum and Gum benzoin (sambrani). This combination of herbs, plant gums and plant resins gives the product a very subtle fragrance and extremely cleansing and uplifting aura.  

Environmental credentials and avoiding further toxins like preservatives

To ensure no preservatives, synthetic fragrances are used and no water is wasted in the manufacture of this product, this product is made as a whole ayurvedic herb powder / choornam. This helps us avoid the following: Please read our "how to use" tab to understand how to use our Floor Cleaner powder easily and effectively in your home.

Who can use Krya Sookshma Floor Cleaner ?

Krya Sookshma ,a natural unscented floor cleaner powder has been designed for homes with sensitivity . This includes homes with crawling infants, toddlers, and sensitive geriatrics , so no essential oils have been used . Instead we have used naturally fragrant and disinfectant plant resins to improve the cleansing ability of the product. If your home has more high traffic, gets a lot more muddy and you don’t have small children or pets, Krya’s Sugandha Floor Cleaner is better suited for your needs. If you have a patient at home and require stronger floor cleansing also, Krya Sugandha floor cleaner is a better product. Both Krya floor cleaners are all natural floor cleaners, completely safe and non toxic, are mild and natural and safe to use around babies, toddlers and the elderly.

Who should not use this product?

Both Krya Floor cleaners cannot be used for homes with pets as some of the resins we use like Edible camphor in Sookshma and essential oils we use in Sugandha like Citronella may not suit cats and certain breeds of dogs . We are working on a pet friendly variant but it is not yet ready. Otherwise both floor cleaners can be used by everyone as suggested above. Both variants are safe for use by pregnant women.