Krya Natural Detergent Powder Scented - with Lemon & Lemongrass 200 gm

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    About 1. Made from sun-ripened , hand picked forest collected soapberries of 3 different species from 4 different geographical regions in India. We source soapberries from different regions and mix them together in order to obtain the beneficial properties that incur from growing in different geographies and climates. 2. Contains sliced, dried and powdered organic lemons - a natural deodoriser, disinfecatnt and bleach 3. Contains steam distilled, organic Lemongrass essential oil 4. Contains no artificial additives like colours, thickeners, synthetic fragrances, enzymes, bleaches or any other potentially toxic synthetics 5. Made from a fruit and not petroleum ( the base for chemical detergents) 6. Works in both front-load and top-load washing machines and in a bucket wash.   Benefits : 1. Washes clothes really well. Excellent for Whites and heavily soiled clothes like bed linen 2. Gentle on Fabric and keeps it soft 3. Maintains Colour and Texture 4. Safe on skin 5. Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in action 6.Biodegradable and compostable residue 7. Cruelty free and Vegan (no animal derived ingredients)   Also Recommended for
  • Fabric and garments that are high in sweat, odours and dust like bed linen, curtains, machine and hand washable carpets and dhurries
  • Baby’s cloth nappies, burp cloths, bed linen and clothes to thorough clean leaving behind only clean and fresh fabric. When used for fabrics being directly handled by baby like clothing, burp clothes and any fabric that baby chews on, DILUTE the scented detergent with the Krya classic detergent (25 scented:75 classic) and rinse the garments twice in the machine.
  • For reusable cloth sanitary napkins, DILUTE the scented detergent with the Krya classic detergent (50 scented:50 classic) and rinse the garments twice in the machine.
      Do NOT use for:
  • Modern re-usable cloth diapers which use TPU and PUL layersThis is because the fragrance in this detergent comes from an essential oil. In certain cases, depending upon the nature of the garment and water, the essential oil may stain the garment. In the case of modern cloth diapers, most companies recommend that essential oils should not be used to wash the diapers as it may coat the tpu / PUL layer and reduce moisture absorption.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should NOT use this detergent in handwash. They can use this detergent to machine wash garments. Do not handle powder directly and only use a spoon.
  Difference between synthetic fragrances and the essential oil used in Krya’s products
  • Krya uses only pure essential oils, extracted from organically grown plant based materials to add natural fragrance to our scented products. We usually use essential oils that have been steam distilled and not solvent extracted to maintain higher standards of environmental sustainability. We use natural essential oils in our scented products as they are safer, less toxic and milder and more environmentally sustainable compared to synthetic fragrances
  • Essential oils can be extracted from different plant parts of fragrant plants like leaves, roots, stems and barks. In leaves, the volatile essential oil component is roughly 1 – 2% of the leaf weight. So to extract 1 kilo of essential oil from Lemongrass leaf , for example, we have to start with atleast 100 kilos of good quality, properly harvested, shade dried Citriodora leaves.
  • Synthetic fragrances are chemical mimics and are generally constituted by manufacturing chemical compounds which mimic natural fragrances. Natural fragrances are extremely complex, so to manufacture a chemical substitute to a good natural fragrance like Citriodora, a manufacturer will sometimes use more than 100 individual chemical compounds. Manufacturers are protected by Law from declaring what goes into their synthetic fragrance, so everytime you use a product that contains a synthetic fragrance you could be inhaling or rubbing on yourself chemical compounds that can irritate skin, trigger asthma, irritate the eyes or even be potential carcinogens.
  • Natural essential oil based fragrances are extremely mild compared to their synthetic counterparts. So your clothes after a wash will only have a mild hint of the essential oil we have put into the detergent.
  Safety of Krya scented detergent with Lemongrass essential oil
  • We have used organic Lemongrass essential oil in a dose considered both mild and safe in the Krya detergent. Can be safely used for all kinds of fabric except the ones detailed above.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please do NOT use this product in hand wash to be on the safe side. You can safely use this product in machine wash. Always use a spoon to handle the powder and do not use your hands to directly does the powder to be on the safe side.
    General Safety of Lemongrass Essential oil
  • Citriodora oil is generally considered safe when applied on adult skin after being diluted with a carrier oil. It can also be used internally under medical supervision for digestive complaints. It is generally considered a soothing and safe oil to use.
  • It is not recommended for direct skin use for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • It can be an eye irritant. If it enters your eyes, please wash out the eyes well in cold water and have them examined by a doctor.
  • Keep away from children and pets to avoid any accidental consumption.