Krya Moisture Plus Face wash powder - gentle face wash for dry skin (vata prakriti)

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Are you looking for a face wash for dry skin? Does your skin feel taut, stretched or dry in cold weather? Or, does your skin feel dry and stretched due to excessive time spent in an air conditioned office or due to living in a dry, cold climate? Does washing your skin make it feel uncomfortable stretched, with dry itchy skin that immediately needs a synthetic moisturizer?  Inherently dry skin is usually described as Vata dominant skin. However, even if we are not Vata dominant, living in a Vata dominant climate (cold, dry weather), spending time in a low humidity air conditioned environment, or due to effects of age, our skin can become dry, stretched and uncomfortable. Here the factors of environment and age can accelerate the effects of Vata dosha in the body. Skin where vata dosha is aggravated (either due to inherent nature or external factors) feels dry, taut and stretched. It requires frequent moisturization. Stress and cold weather can increase dryness further. The skin can tolerate only very mild cleansers – a normal cleanser or soap can quickly strip skin of moisture. When Vata aggravated skin is not looked after correctly, skin starts to age much faster as its sebum production is impaired. It starts looking dull, lack lustre and feels rough.

The Krya Moisture plus face wash – gentle face wash for dry skin (aggravated vata)

The Krya Moisture Plus face wash powder has been formulated to help balance aggravated Vata dosha in facial skin and gently cleanse dry skin without stripping it of natural moisture. This ALL NATURAL, CHEMICAL FREE product is made from 23 skin nurturing, healing & gently cleansing Ayurvedic herbs including Indian Liquorice, Fennel , Tender Banyan root, etc. The ingredients have been chosen after a careful study of the Ayurvedic Samhitas – the formulation helps soothe dry irritated skin, balances vata dosha and gently cleanses skin. Skin is left feeling clean, supple and well nourished. With regular use, users report an improvement in natural oil production, improved skin elasticity and overall improvement in skin health.

Further care for dry skin (vata aggravated) :

We recommend that dry skin which has aggravated vata prakriti be cared for using our 3 part Moisture plus face system. This system consists of the Krya moisture plus face wash, the Krya Moisture Plus skin nourishing Facial Serum, and the Krya Moisture Plus face Lepa (Mask). When this this 3 part system is used, it improves dry skin in the following 4 ways:
  1. Balances aggravated vata dosha in facial skin
  2. Soothes stretched, taut, dry skin
  3. Allows the skin to regulate sebum production to the right level
  4. Skin appears soothed, with healthy elasticity, plumpness and radiance.