Krya Men's Face Mask Classic - for Normal to Oily skin

₹ 375.00


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  1. The Krya Men's Face-Mask ( Lepa) is designed for the stronger pitta prakriti of male skin leading to higher sebum levels and greasiness
  2. This special 42-herb formulation balances aggravated pitta, sebum levels and evens out skin texture and complexion with regular use.
  3. This face-mask ideally complements the Men's Face-wash
  4. This product should be used once a week on clean skin  for good results.
  5. To use, first cleanse the face well - do not apply on dirty or greasy skin. Mix the face-mask powder in water to make a thick paste , apply in sections on the face to reach the thickness of half your thumb-nail. Allow the mask paste to stay on the face for 15-2- minutes but do not allow the paste to dry out completely. When there is still some moisture in the paste, rinse it off with cool water.
  6.  This product is vegan and cruelty-free