Krya Intense Hair Wash : gentle shampoo powder for hairfall after illness

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Size: 100 gm

Size: 100 gm
100 gm
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Are you looking for the right shampoo to deal with intensive hairfall after a recent illness? After a severe illness or a viral attack, the texture and health of hair drastically reduces. Hair becomes weaker, finer, more fragile . There is higher than usual hairfall. Hair also becomes extremely weak - it breaks easily while combing or washing. The hairfall could also be linked to natural inflammatory responses in the body while combating viral infections like Dengue. This has to do with how illness affects the body's Dhatus and therefore the hair. In this state, the hair cannot be treated normally with regular haircare products. We need to support and nourish hair systematically using a special set of well designed hair care products. The choice of shampoo, hair oil and nourishing products are all critical. The right shampoo will not trigger further hairfall after illness.

Krya Intense hair wash : a natural shampoo powder formulated for high hairfall after illness

After an illness, there is unusual hairfall & this can worsen with the use of synthetic shampoo. The Krya Intense hairwash is  a gentle natural shampoo powder formulated to cleanse hair that is extremely weak and fine. This product is made using 26 potent ayurvedic herbs. Each herb is processed whole from scratch to the right specifications to suit weak, fine hair. This hairwash has been formulated differently from Krya's other hairwashes. It is extremely fine, gentle on hair and ensures that hair is cleansed extremely mildly and conditioned thoroughly. To formulate the Krya Intense Hair wash we have used a mix of gentle cleansing herbs like Desert Date and Shikakai. we also use texture improving and conditioning herbs like Hibiscus Leaf, Moringa leaf, Roselle flower, etc. To reduce Pitta build up in the hair , we use Pitta balancing herbs like Nimba bark, Amla, Bhringaraj, etc. To reduce Kapha build up in the scalp and to stimulate healthy hair growth, we use Annato seeds, Mushta, Manjishta, Vacha, etc. However a cleanser, even a well formulated one, cannot take care of the complete range of hair issues. So the Krya Intense hairwash is best used along with a regular oiling and masking regimen . The Krya Intense Hair Oil is formulated to work on healthy hair growth, to provide balanced nourishment to the scalp and improve hair quality over time. Should you be buying the latest Onion oil instead to solve your hair issue? Read our post on this here.  We also recommend regular use of the Krya Intense hair mask, formulated with growth promoting and scalp health enhancing herbs for more complete results. All these 3 products are available together at a discounted price in the Krya Intense Hairfall Growth promoting system.

Encouraging healthy hair growth after illness

We strongly recommend a regular abhyanga for good body health and hair health. A regular abhyanga detoxifies the body, balances the doshas , and improves skin and hair health dramatically. An abhyanga is recommended to be done on Tuesdays and Fridays for Women and on Wednesdays & Saturdays for Men. The Krya Intense Abhyanga Oil or the Krya Classic Abhyanga Oil can be used for Abhyanga for adults. Please go thorough individual product descriptions of our abhyanga products in our Abhyanga sub category.

For Hairfall due to PCOS & PCOD

The Krya Intense hair wash range and this shampoo powder also suits hairfall connected to PCOD, PCOS, hypothyroidism, and weakness after fertility treatment. For hairfall related to long term conditions like hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, PCOS and PCOD, please also read our special post that suggests diet and lifestyle based corrections to help the body heal. 

Synthetic shampoos worsen severe hairfall

Synthetic shampoos contain a potent cocktail of cheap degreasing detergents, thickeners, fragrances , paraben based preservatives and lots of water – this potent cocktail is responsible for stripping hair of its natural sebum, damaging your hair’s cuticular structure, further slowing down hair growth and weakening hair. This wreaks havoc on hair weakened by illness and medication. It tampers with the hair’s natural oils and further adds toxins to the scalp. The result: hair is drier, less glossy and more brittle.

Hair Consultation

If your hair growth has been delayed due to complications like illness, stress, etc, and you would like a more customized solution, write to us for a free product consultation.     
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100 gm, 200 gm, Pack of 6 (6*100 gm)