Best Hair Mask for Dry, Frizzy Hair - Krya Extra Conditioning Hair Mask

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  • Is your hair super dry, frizzy, extra curly, easily tangled and breaks easily? Try the new Krya extra conditioning hair mask for better hair health.
  • A unique combination of hair nourishing herbs like Orange flower, Liquorice, Guava fruit in a total of 23 spectacular herbs to help deep condition, bring in natural deep conditioning, gloss, hair nourishment and scalp health.
  • This product comes in 3 sizes  – 100 gm , 200 gm & pack of 6 * 100 gm
  • All of Krya’s products are vegan & cruelty-free and do NOT contain any synthetic or animal origin ingredients.

Size: 100 gm

Size: 100 gm
100 gm
200 gm
Pack of 6 (6*100 gm)
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  • Is your hair dry and frizzy? Or extra curly & thick? Does your hair become a tangled mess without a synthetic conditioner? Has it been losing its gloss and smoothness lately? Then you surely need the Krya Extra Conditioning Hair Mask (Lepa)
  • This Hair mask  ( also called Lepa in Ayurveda) has been formulated to help detoxify, revitalize and restore back to health severely dry hair & scalp
  • The Krya Extra Conditioning Hair mask is made from a unique combination of herbs like Babchi, Bhringraj, Badam gum & Babool gum in a total of 33 deep conditioning and hair health restoring herbs. These herbs are known to enhance gloss, align hair cuticles,  promote hair growth and for deep conditioning.
  • For best results, use this mask along with the Krya Extra -Conditioning hair oil & the Krya Extra Conditioning Hair Wash as the 3-part Krya Extra- Conditioning Hair Hydrating System
  • All of Krya's products are vegan & cruelty-free and do NOT contain any synthetic or animal origin ingredients
  • Extremely dry, frizzy or curly hair needs frequent doses of nourishment, limited access to chemical treatments, protection from direct sunlight, and use of a gentle hand when handling it. Ensure you eat a good balanced diet with adequate protein and B vitamins. Please read the Krya blog for more diet suggestions to maintain hair and skin health
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100 gm, 200 gm, Pack of 6 (6*100 gm)