Krya Dyuti Face-Mask - soothing, hydrating mask for dry, pigmented skin

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  1.  The Krya Dyuti face-mask is a unique Ayurvedic Lepa (mask) for dry, patchy & pigmented skin. It is different from the Krya classic face-mask which helps skin with dryness due to vata-dosha aggravation
  2.  This 28-herb formulation helps soothe & hydrate skin and thereby evens out complexion and helps improve the lustre.
  3.  Like all Krya face-masks (lepas) , this Lepa too is to be used once or twice a week on clean , damp skin. The detailed how-to-use a Krya lepa video is given below
  4.  After using the Lepa, it is ideal to seal in the goodness of the herbs with the Krya Dyuti hydrating facial oil/serum 
  5. Like all Krya products, this Lepa too is 100% natural, whole herb based and contains zero synthetics, or chemicals.
  6. This is a cruelty-free, vegan product
  7.  This is a 100 gm pack size.