Krya Dishwash Subscription Pack ( 12 pieces)

₹ 2,200.00


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1. You can now buy a subscription to your favorite krya dishwash powder and save time and money. 2. Pay Rs 2200 upfront for 12 pieces of Krya dishwash 350 gm pack. This is a saving of Rs 200 when compared to buying individual pieces at the MRP of Rs 200. 3. With this 12 piece subscription you can save time by eliminating monthly online transactions. 4. This subscription pack for 12 pieces of Krya dishwash also includes upto 12 free home deliveries anywhere in India. You also get complete customization in your dishwash delivery. Depending on your usage pattern, you can tell us how many pieces of dishwash you need in each delivery. 5. When you first buy this subscription pack, by default we will send you 2 pieces of the Krya dishwash 350 gm pack. If you want more than two or just one piece in this first delivery , you can send us a mail with the details to 6. When you near the end of your dishwash supply at home and you need a re-fill, all you have to do is to send us a mail to and tell us how many pieces of dishwash you require. That’s it, getting your re-fill is as simple as sending a mail. 7. While you are eligible for 12 free home deliveries of one pack each , we request that you take at least 2 packs in a delivery for us to reduce environmental impact ( carbon footprint) during transportation. 8. You are also protected from any price increase during this subscription period. 9.Anytime during this subscription period if you shift homes,do send us an update with your new address!