Krya Dish Wash | Natural Skin friendly Herbal powder

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Are you looking for a safe dish wash that is natural ? Are you dreading the dry skin, and itchy skin that goes hand in hand with doing your dishes, thanks to your synthetic dish wash bar/liquid? Repelled by the synthetic green dish wash residue you see on your clean dishes?

The Problem with Synthetic Dish Wash products

Most synthetic dish wash products are based on synthetic degreasing and foaming agents which are either petroleum-based (LABSA) or based on SLS and SLeS. They are extremely harmful on skin and irritate and aggravate skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis. The fragrance can also trigger respiratory allergies. The residue from these products pollutes waterways and is harmful to soil and marine organisms. When we started Krya, we asked ourselves what all of us did before the "invention " of this horrifying menace of dish soaps.

How to clean dishes naturally ? With Herbs !

Before the toxins we had herbs. Loads of them. India is home to thousands of safe, natural herbs and we used many of these to keep our clothes, hair, skin and homes truly clean. Please read our longer post on this.   Herbs like Shikakai, Soapberry, Astringent Tree Barks, Triphala, Cow Dung and Wood Ash have been traditionally used for millennia to clean the wide variety of cookware India uses. We have used a variety of metals like tin, brass, copper, silver, gold, iron, clay, and wood in Indian cooking and we cooked nutritious and hygienic meals in these materials using cleansers made of various herbs and ingredients. This made our cleaning process toxin-free, and environmentally sustainable. We did not pollute soil, water or harm marine organisms through our activities.

The Krya Classic Natural Dish Wash powder - fragrance-free and made from ayurvedic herbs

The Krya Classic Natural Dish Wash Powder is the second product we launched at Krya. We wanted to make a difference to the home cleaning category and believed that Indian herbs would give any synthetic product a run for their money. Over the last 8 years, we have been proven right multiple times. A wide variety of consumers use and love this product. We are also constantly referred to by Dermatologists who suggest that their patients with sensitive skin use our safe and skin-friendly natural dish wash powder and other cleaning products like our Natural Detergent, Natural Floor Cleaner etc. The Krya natural dish wash powder is made from 18 Ayurvedic herbs. We use a mixture of degreasing, oil removing, shine-enhancing, astringent and skin-friendly herbs to make the Krya Dish wash blend. Every single herb is sourced carefully, singly processed, and then blended to make this purely natural product.

How to Use the Krya Natural Dish wash powder

  • Please take the required quantity of Krya natural dish wash powder and make a thick paste with it.
  • Use this thick paste along with a natural scrubber to do the vessels.
  • Do not use the powder - using the paste is more economical and effective.
  • Do not store the paste overnight - being a completely natural product it will ferment and attract microorganisms. Make only as much paste as is required per day
  • Store the powder in a clean dry airtight storage jar. Use only a dry spoon to dole out the required powder
  • For tough stains , soak the vessel in water for sometime before washing it
Please go through our "how to use" video in the tab below to see the product in action.

How to clean traditional vessels properly with the Krya Natural Dish wash powder

  • For iron vessels, use a coir scrubber and a thick paste of the KRya Natural dish wash powder. Wipe the vessel dry immediately after wash and coat lightly with a layer of oil. Heat for 5 minutes on a mild flame before storing away
  • For tin-coated vessels, do not use any scrubber except coir - preferably coir from a fresh coconut. This is because tin being very malleable is easily scratched.  You can also simply use your hands to wash the vessel with the dish wash paste. Allow the vessel to cool down before washing. Pour water into the vessel as it cools down to remove any sticky particles
  • For brass and bronze, we suggest using the Krya Brass and Copper Variant - it contains naturally higher acidity which gives good shine to these vessels
  • For clay and soapstone vessels, use a very small amount of Krya natural dish wash powder - make the paste a bit more watery than usual and rinse the vessel twice to ensure no residue remains.
  • For wooden vessels, dry the vessels soon after washing with the dish wash paste. Season once in a week with a thin coating of oil and sundry the cook ware - this is to prevent the wood from going brittle and breaking

Krya Natural Dish wash powder - other available variants

For brass, bronze, and copper vessels try the Krya Brass and Copper Natural Dish wash powder.