Krya Dauhridini Body Wash - Gentle Pregnancy Body wash for Moms to Be

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Hello there! Congratulations from all of us at Krya! Pregnancy is a wonderful phase of Life and we support your quest to use only the cleanest, most natural and non-toxic skin and hair care products on yourself. As with all Krya products we drew on Ayurvedic wisdom to formulate this Gentle Pregnancy Safe Body wash. Ayurveda reminded us that Pregnant women need so much more when it comes to safe, gentle skin care.

Pregnant Women are the Dauhridini

Ayurveda calls the Mom to Be, the “Dauhridini” – or “She who carries two hearts”. This carries so many meanings on every level. The Pregnant woman stands as the unborn fetus voice, helping express the baby’s desires, feelings. She is also more vulnerable: carrying a delicate new life. She is also emotionally going through much more than the average person, being as it were, someone with “two hearts” (most of us struggle with just one on a daily basis). This is also seen anatomically around the 4th month of the pregnancy. At this stage, the fetal organs, including the heart, start developing distinctly. It is also at this stage that the fetus is able to communicate its own needs to the mother and this expresses itself as pregnancy cravings. Ayurveda, therefore, states that pregnancy cravings and desires are the fetus's expression of its desires through its mother.

Stretch marks in Pregnancy – Kikkisa in Ayurveda

From the 6th month onwards, there is a rapid development in the fetus, which in turn causes Tridoshic vitiation in the mother. Due to the rapid increase in fetal size, the skin is stretched and this results in linear scars or stretch marks, on the abdomen, hips, thighs and lower back. Due to the Tridoshic vitiation, there could be hyper-pigmentation, itching, burning, and redness along these stretch marks. This condition is collectively called as “Kikkisa” in Ayurveda. These stretch marks are also called "Striae Gravidarum".

Pregnancy Skin care: Ayurvedic Basics

Ayurveda asks us to take the emotional, physical and psychic needs of the mother into account when formulating skin care products for pregnancy. The herbs used should physically work on the peculiar kind of dryness that Pregnancy women experience. This is not due to Vata dosha alone as is usually the case. But due to rapid fetal growth resulting in normal changes to all 3 doshas. Here the dryness is accompanied by aggravation in Pitta leading to itching, redness and burning sensation in the skin. So this pregnancy-related dryness must be tackled using the right combination of pitta and Vata herbs. Emotionally and psychically, we are asked to use nurturing, prana positive and auspicious herbs in pregnancy skin care. This helps support (to a small extent) the journey being under taken by the Mother to be.

The Krya Dauhridini Body wash – a unique gentle pregnancy body wash based on Ayurvedic first principles

Formulated using the Ayurvedic skin care principles for pregnancy to care for dry, skin with itchiness, burning sensation and irritability. This is a very gentle, safe and non-toxic body wash designed with organic grains, clays and safe Ayurvedic herds. It is completely non toxic, 100% natural and safe to use every day in pregnancy. Harsh soaps and body wash come with untested synthetics that can be potentially absorbed by the skin. Choose the Krya Dauhridini body wash instead. We use vata and pitta balancing, skin friendly, prana positive and Mangalya herbs. For details of each herb please read our ingredients tab below.

Safe & Completely Toxin free – 100% Natural Choornam Format

But is it chemical free? Yes, yes 100% yes. The Krya Dauhridini Body wash like all our other Cleansers comes in an Ayurvedic Choornam format. We make each Choornam from careful blend of Ayurvedic grains, clays and herbs. Each ingredient is carefully selected, cleaned, individually processed and then blended together to make the final product. As we eschew a conventional liquid format, we are able to make our products 100% natural by keeping them as dry, solid format herbal powders. However, as we use organic grains and edible herbs, please store your Krya Choornam carefully in a clean, dry place and use only with a dry spoon.

How to use the Krya Dauhridini Pregnancy Body Wash?

Please read our how to use a Krya Body wash tab for more information on this. For pregnant women, we advise taking the following precautions:
  • Add a small amount of Milk to the body wash if the skin is very dry or Rosewater if the skin has a burning sensation (or both if you have both)
  • Use lukewarm water to bathe in
  • Pre-moisturize the dry areas by using the Krya Dauhridini Skin oil at least 20 minutes before a bath. The oil can also be reapplied after cleansing when the skin is still damp