Krya Sensitive Baby (PITTA) - Prickly Heat Rash Lepa (Mask)

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Does your baby sometimes develop prickly heat rash on her body? Especially around skin folds in areas like the back of the neck, chest, thighs,, etc? Even in adults, this condition is common. However, it is much more prevalent among babies as infant skin is particularly sensitive to heat-based reactions as the sweat glands are still underdeveloped. This is called milaria or prickly heat where sweat is trapped in the skin causing itchy, irritable red uncomfortable rashes. This increases in hot or humid conditions, when tight clothing is worn, or even when certain types of fabric irritate skin.

How does Ayurveda suggest dealing with prickly heat rash?

Prickly heat rashes occur when there is excessive sweat blocking the Srotas of skin, or when Sweat glands are underdeveloped as is the case in babies. It worsens when there is friction caused by tight clothing or synthetic fabric. As this is a pittaja condition, we are asked to take pitta pacifying measures and use pitta pacifying skin care herbs. The skin should not be further blocked using occlusive or barrier creams.

The Krya Baby Prickly heat rash Lepa:

The Krya baby Prickly heat rash lepa is formulated using 12 Ayurvedic herbs. We use a mix of Pitta balancing herbs like Usheera, Patranga, Nimba and Shirisha. We also include skin healing herbs like Daruharidra, Arjuna and Lodhra. Herbs like Manjishta and Liquorice help improve skin microcirculation and improve wound healing and support healthy cell regeneration. Please read our “Ingredients” tab for a list of the 10 herbs we use in this product. Every herb has been sourced carefully, cleaned and processed singly, and then blended with other herbs to make this product.

How to Store this product:

This product is to be used pre-bath like a mask on the areas which have prickly heat rash for your baby. Avoid use if the area is oozing pus or seems infected – in this case, please get a second opinion from your doctor before using the product. Patch test is recommended before first use. For more detailed instructions, please click on our how to use tab. Store the product in its dry powder form in a clean airtight container. Use a clean dry spoon to dispense the product. Mix only as much product you will need per application. Do not store and re-use the wet mask.

Additional suggestions from Ayurveda to help your baby if she/he has prickly heat rash:

  • Avoid giving the baby a very hot water bath. Use luke warm water if possible
  • Avoid application of synthetic creams over the rash as this can further block the skin pores
  • Avoid using oils over the rash – if needed use only an oil formulated for Pitta type skin and in very little quantity
  • Avoid using coarse powders/bathing powders on baby skin. Also avoid using synthetic soaps which could unnecessarily dry out the skin . Use only a very fine, properly formulated ubtan for pitta skin
  • If your baby is at an age where she can have water, give small sips of well boiled and cool water to help flush waste and toxins from the body
  • Dress the baby in very soft, light, and natural clothing – ensure clothing does not rub over or irritate the rash
  • Ensure the baby is in a cool well-ventilated room to avoid further build-up of heat
  • Include pitta balancing fruits and vegetables and foods in diet – native cows ghee, mung dal, aged rice, native cows milk , aged wheat, native gourds, amla are all good choices
  Disclaimer: Please consult your Vaidya / doctor for any medical condition for your baby.