Krya Pushti | Ayurvedic baby massage oil | For Newborns & babies till 3 years

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Are you looking for a high-quality Ayurvedic baby massage oil ? Read on to understand more about how the Krya Pushti  for newborns and babies under 3 years, has many health benefits , helps strengthen and improve baby's well being.   baby massage oil ayurvedic | Krya Pushti  

The importance of oil massage for babies in Ayurveda & its benefits

Ayurveda recommends that we do a regular abhyanga (oil massage ) for baby with a correctly formulated product, daily. This offers several important benefits apart from the obvious one of better skin health.   A regular baby massage paying special attention to the fontanelle, and limbs encourages healing, growth, corrects small deformities (if any), and gives your child good health, good appetite and sound sleep.   In Ayurveda, childhood is dominated by the Kapha dosha to provide the building blocks of a strong body. However, this also means that children are susceptible to colds and respiratory illness. Therefore the Ayurvedic texts recommend balancing this tendency towards Kapha by using an ayurvedic oil that has been processed with Kapha balancing herbs.  baby massage oil ayurvedic | Krya Pushti oil   When done regularly (or every day), a baby massage helps enhance the bond between the baby and the primary caregiver. It also supports healthy bone and joint growth. It improves digestion and deepnds the quality of sleep. By balancing the 3 doshas, it improves the baby's immunity and overall wellness.  

How to choose a genuine baby massage oil ayurvedic? What should you look for?

As parents and caregivers, we want the best for our babies. We look for a baby massage oil that is ayurvedic because we have read that ayurvedic baby oil can offer deeper and more holistic benefits for our child. But how should we evaluate an ayurvedic baby oil?

Is the formulation made using classical tila paka veedhi process?

Many ayurvedic baby products exist that claim to be good for the child. however, most of them do not follow the tila paka veedhi process. This is a classical ayurvedic oil manufacturing method that slowly cooks hers extracted in different ways in the oil. Each herb is extracted as suggested in the Ayurvedic texts either as a Kalpa (fresh paste), Kashaya (decoction) or a Swarasa (fresh juice). This extraction method depends upon which plant part we are using and how tightly bound the herb actives are. Only the right extraction process can release the bio actives properly.   The Tila paka process adds each herb slowly into the oil and cooks the mixture in low heat over many days. The slow cooking process allows each active to infuse well into the oil. The oil is stirred repeatedly over a slow flame, and then allowed to cook with the herb pastes and decoctions slowly steeping both in the day and the night. This helps in complete and holistic extraction of the herbs making the oil nutrient-rich and easy to penetrate baby's skin. baby massage oil ayurvedic | Krya pushti

Does the product contain any added fragrances, colours scents or essential oils?

A genuine baby massage oil that is ayurvedic is not scented additionally. It will have the blended aroma of the herbs and the base oils used in the formulation. Usually, an authentic ayurvedic baby oil will have a strong indian food like aroma. It will not smell like a general cosmetic product. We must avoid any product that smells too cosmetic or pleasant. we must also take care not to use any product with any added essential oils or fragrances as this can trigger an allergic reaction in babies or cause skin issues.  

Does the product use herbs extracted in the classical Ayurvedic way? Or do they add herb extracts?

Many new baby massage oils have appeared in the market claiming ayurvedic benefits. But cursory read of their product page and product label will show you that they make a simple product where they bend a base vegetable oil with commercial herb extracts of ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha, Bala etc. This is not suggested in the classical Ayurvedic texts. a commercial herb extract is usually made using the solvent extraction method. It extracts only a certain part of the herb and the other parts do not get fully extracted. Such herb extracts are not considered safe or stable in the ayurvedic system. Using the proper part extraction process is the safest way in Ayurveda to create a formulation with several herbs. Commercial extracts may be too strong and may not suit the baby over time.  

Does the product contain mineral oil?

Many baby massage products in the market claim that they are non sticky and light. Such products could contain light liquid paraffin or mineral oil. This makes the oil very white and light looking and also non-sticky in appearance. However such mineral oil-based products do not penetrate skin. In fact, they form an occlusive barrier trapping heat inside. They do not offer the benefits that an ayurvedic baby massage oil does.  

Krya Pushti Baby Massage oil - ayurvedic goodness in every drop

The Krya Pushti product is a baby oil formulated after deep ayurvedic research. This is a proprietary formulation that takes references from Charaka Samhita, Kaashyapa Samhita and Arogya Kalpadrumah to create this formulation. The product is made using 30 ayurvedic herbs processed in 4 organic cold pressed oils. We use herbs like Bala, Ashwagandha, and Almond Milk which are renowned for improving overall strength and vitality. Herbs like Bael (Vilwa), Daruharidra, Ela, Haridra, Vata, and Yashtimadhu are excellent in improving skin health. The overall formulation helps balance Kapha, improves sleep and digestion, and improves overall wellness and balance.  

How do we manufacture this oil?

What makes a baby massage oil ayurvedic? As we have explained above, sticking to classical formulation principles and following the classical ayurvedic manufacturing process is what makes a baby massage oil truly ayurvedic. At Krya we follow the classical ayurvedic taila manufacturing process called "Tila Paka veedhi". We have made an extensive video on this process here which you can watch. This manufacturing process is what makes a baby massage oil truly ayurvedic. Without using mineral oil, essential oils, extracts, colours or other synthetics, this powerful process transforms the oils. It supercharges them with the potent nutritive actives from the herbs which have been released into the oil by the slow fire based manufacturing process we have followed. As we have taken the trouble to extract each herb properly, we have been able to extract the needed bioactives carefully making the final product a rich, nutrient-dense formulaton. Check our Ingredients tab for a complete list of the herbs and oils used in this product.

How to use this ayurvedic baby massage oil correctly?

At first , massaging a delicate, wriggly baby may seem intimidating. Dont worry too much about this.  Our goal when we do a baby massage should be to gently and firmly massage the baby's bone and joint system with a reasonable quantity of oil. The strokes used are extremely intuitive - we use vertical strokes in all limbs as the intent is to stimulate growth. We use rounded strokes in the stomach, and joints as the intent is to stimulate circulation and encourage better cohesion and strength. We have a detailed post here on the exact strokes you can use and the proper technique to follow during baby massage.

Can I use this oil on my baby’s hair?

Oiling the baby's hair is a recommended ayurvedic practice. This head oiling is essential to develop the strength of the skull bones, nourish the eyes, and strengthen and support the cohesion of the fontanelle area. However, the oil to be used in the head area has to have a slightly different formulation designed to balance pitta in the scalp and support healthy eye and brain development for the baby. Therefore we recommend using the Krya baby hair oil for this. The Krya Pushti oil is not suitable for this purpose.

Can the product be used post bath?

The Krya Pushti ayurvedic baby massage oil is to be used pre-bath and not post bath. All ayurvedic baby massage oils should be used in this manner as they are too heavy and Kapha aggravating to be left on the skin.

Do I need to warm the oil before giving the massage to my baby?

This is not necessary. However if you can do it, it helps in better absorption. However, do not heat the oil directly - use a double boiler method to warm the oil.

How can I improve my baby’s skin?

Baby's skin is extremely sensitive. At Krya, we are also seeing a rise in infant skin sensitivity triggered by genetic, environmental, or food allergies. As a parent, the first thing to do is to ascertain if your child's skin is healthy and normal. Usually your pediatrican will be able to confirm this. If your baby's skin is healthy, simply use the Krya Pushti baby massage oil ayurvedic every day . This is a good way to ensure the skin's continuing health. The oil is made with skin health-improving herbs that support and boost the skin's natural oils. The choice of baby wash also impacts the health of skin. Chemical baby soaps, and body wash products dry out the skin, alter its pH temporarily and impact the healthy microbiome in baby's skin. We suggest using a well crafted , carefully researched ayurvedic snana choornam. Try Krya's baby ubtans or baby bodywash powder. This is a soap free ayurvedic bathing powder . It is naturally mildly acidic, suiting skin, and retaining healthy microflora. It cleanses gently without stripping skin of natural oils.  

My baby’s skin is very sensitive, should I use this massage oil?

If your baby has sensitive skin which has been diagnosed by a pediatrician or a vaidya, then please choose from our range of products for sensitive skin. We have 2 oils formulated for sensitive skin, 2 bodywashes and a herbal bath water that is very soothing and relaxing. Explore our products for babies with sensitive skin for these products.  Please email us if you have any questions on this.  

Is your organic baby massage oil better than other brands?

We are one of the few rands to take special care across the entire manufacturing process from formulating the product, selection of raw materials, proper processing of each herb and finally making the oil in the correct ayurvedic method. Our extended manufacturing process is also very unique. we extend the process over 4-8 days to ensure there is good nutrion extraction of each herb. This makes our oils very quick and efficient and penetrating skin and giving the desired results. We have many many happy parents and babies as customers. We request you to try out our oil - we are sure you would not be disappointed.