Krya After Sun Body Wash with Arjuna and Ashwagandha

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Is your skin feeling dry, looking patchy and blemished with tanning from excessive outdoor / sun exposure?

Traditional medicine considers the Sun the source for primordial Agni in all living beings. The Sun through its Agni aids digestion, awakens the cells and brings Life to the Earth. However, as it is extremely powerful, being exposed often and at the wrong times to the Sun depletes the body as this powerful Agni dries up the body and soaks up the moisture within. Constant sun exposure parches skin and hair, turns hair to a reddish brown away from its natural colour and increases the heat within the body.

Therefore Skin that is constantly exposed to the Sun is drier, more mature looking with faster development of fine lines and wrinkles. But simply treating it for dryness does not help, as this dryness is due to excess Agni (fire) build up in the body due to high Sun exposure. So the correct way to treat is to gently balance and bring down Agni build up in the skin, and soothe and treat skin.

The Krya After Sun Bodywash is formulated to be a pitta balancing, refreshing and soothing natural body wash powder. It is made from 33 organic grains, lentils and carefully sourced Ayurvedic herbs . The herbs in the Krya After Sun Body Wash Powder have been especially chosen for their pitta reducing, skin soothing, and moisture balancing properties according to Indian traditional medicine. Every herb has been cleaned and processed at the right temperature to retain both its nutrient and aromatic properties.

The Krya After Sun Body wash is made completely with 100% plant based whole herbs, and organic whole grains. Every single ingredient is carefully sourced, thoughtfully cleaned and processed separately at the Krya facility before being blended together.

This process allows us to maintain the integrity, botanical nutrients, aroma, texture and colour of our ayurvedic herbs, lentils and grains. A full listing of the Ingredients that go into this product can be found in the Ingredients tab below.

The Krya After Sun Body Wash powder is formulated to be fragrance free, toxin free, preservative free, and free from ALL synthetic chemicals. It is a pure, safe , human, pet and planet friendly product.

If you are unsure about whether this product is the right product, read our how to choose tab below . For information on how to use this product, please read our how to use tab below. Please also read our other tabs to understand how to take care of the body after sun exposure.


Free from: Harsh detergent based foaming cleansers, Alkaline and Harsh on skin Soap / Soap base / Soap noodles, Sulphates and synthetic surfactants, petroleum, synthetic colours, fillers, parabens, SLS, SLeS, extracts, and preservatives, Fragrances, Fragrance Oils, Essential Oils . (Fragrance of the product comes from the natural fragrance of herbs added – no fragrance has been added)

Made completely from: Organically and forest collected grains, lentils and ayurvedic herbs in their Whole and natural form. We do not use extracts and distillates while making any Krya product

Certification & Values: Vegan & Cruelty free, Radical transparency (What We Declare is what you get), Follows fairtrade principles (In Ingredient sourcing, Supplier relationships and People management), Environmentally sustainable

The product is free from petroleum, fragrance, synthetic colours, fillers, parabens, SLS, SLeS, extracts, and preservatives. Every single ingredient is used in its natural, whole form – we do not use distillates and extracts while making Krya’s products. This ensures the product is completely free from chemical contamination and is all natural.

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Is your skin feeling dry, looking tanned or blemished due to long drives on bikes, or high exposure to the Sun? Are you looking for the right, natural after sun body care products? Ayurveda tells us that high sun exposure, especially around Midday, can severely increase the Agni in our body. Some of us also have a dominant pitta dosha in our constitution. For such people, the body is even more receptive to the sun’s energy. So the body tends to accumulate more and more of this Fiery energy over time leading to changes in the way our skin and hair look. Many times the symptoms of skin that has been “weathered” by high sun exposure is quite similar to Skin which is dry. So we mistakenly believe that our skin should be moisturised and treat it to oily, hard to absorb creams and lotions. Many after sun body care products are designed on this principle of simply offering moisturisation to combat dryness after sun exposure. When Skin is dry due to high Sun exposure, it weathers and becomes brittle. The excess Sun Energy dries up moisture from the surface making it difficult for skin to absorb any nourishment. As the skin has absorbed this excess Fire energy, any attempt to moisturise without dissipating stored heat will not help the skin. Ayurveda tells us to follow a slightly different approach when treating sun weathered skin. Traditional Ayurvedic after sun body care and after sun care products in general are formulated on 2 principles. First, we are asked to balance Agni and help the skin release stored heat. Then we are asked to gently soothe and refresh skin while cleansing it using hydrating and pitta balancing herbs. When we follow this dual approach to design pure, natural after sun care products and after sun body care products,  we find that skin responds better. By continually working on skin to remove stored up Agni energy, we are able to reduce the effects of high Sun exposure and keep skin in good health.

The Krya After Sun Body Wash – natural ayurvedic after sun body care for Sun weathered skin

Krya follows the Ayurvedic rule of dual treatment when formulating a cleanser for sun weathered skin. To balance and naturally dissipate stored Agni in the skin, we use Agni balancing woody, cool herbs like Shirisha, Lodhra and Arjuna. These herbs naturally restore the lustre and glow of skin by balancing excess Agni everytime we cleanse skin. Additionally, we use refreshing, regenerative herbs like Kushta, Dwipantravacha, and Guduchi which naturally soothe and hydrate skin and help in minor skin repairs. To help de-tan skin, improve lustre and reduce pigmentation due to excess sun exposure, we use herbs like Manjishta, Patranga and Mulethi. The Krya After Sun Body Wash is made from 33 carefully chosen and processed organic lentils and grains and whole Ayurvedic herbs. The herbs in theKrya After Sun Body Wash Powderhave been especially chosen for their pitta reducing, skin soothing, and moisture balancing properties. Every herb has been individually processed at the right temperature to retain both its nutrient and aromatic properties. The product is extremely fine, gentle and soothing on skin. Immediately on application skin feels cool, refreshed and hydrated due to the action of the herbs. With regular use, skin is even, clear, less dry and even in appearance. This is an ideal after sun body care product. We recommend it to many professionals who are outdoors for their work (swim instructors, architects, sales officers) and they find that this helps take care of skin very well.

After Sun Body Care - next steps :

In certain professions like Sales, architecture, etc, we are unable to avoid daily and routine Sun Exposure. So greater care must be taken to avoid further weathering skin due to our lifestyle. Frequent application of a soothing nourishing oil helps hydrate the skin as Sun exposure quickly dries up the top layers of skin. The Krya Lemongrass and Neemflower Baby oil can be used every 3 – 4 days 30 minutes before a bath as a massage oil. This oil is easily absorbed by skin and helps replenish lost moisture. In addition, to protect Facial skin which weathers very quickly in the Sun, we suggest adding Vyoma Skin serum, After Sun Face wash and After Sun Face Lepa to the facial skin routine. All these 3 facial products can be sued stand alone or in combination with our other facial ranges for greater effect. A night face care routine is strongly recommended if you have high sun exposure. Nightly cleansing of skin and use of our Facial oils helps contain skin aging and weathering due to high sun exposure. High sun exposure must be balanced by regular application of the correct Hair oil, use of pitta balancing Hair Lepas (Masks), Abhyanga and sweet unctuous food. We recommend adding ghee, and carefully sourced Milk to your diet to counter the effect of the Sun. A pitta balancing diet is also essential to avoid further aggravating this Dosha. Please read the Krya blog for suggestions on a good diet to follow and good health giving practices that can help balance your doshas.