Dyuti Face wash for hyperpigmentation | Dry skin with hormonal pigmentation

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Looking for a gentle face wash for hyperpigmentation? Are you unhappy with your skin looking dull, patchy and lacking brightness and clarity?

Try the all-natural, Krya Dyuti face wash powder. This is a wholesome, all natural ayurvedic choornam (powder), made from organic grains, lentils and carefully sourced Ayurvedic herbs.

  • It is specially formulated to gently cleanse and improve the health of skin that looks dull and has hyperpigmentation due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Made completely with whole herbs, grains and herbs chosen specially to improve skin texture, tone and clarity.
  • This is a 100% natural, completely chemical free Face wash Choornam.
  • This is a 100 gm pack – We expect this pack to last for 30 – 32 uses.

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Are you looking for a face wash for hyperpigmentation? Does your skin have dark spots & pigmentation? Do you want a facial cleanser that fits right into your skincare routine and helps you gently cleanse and brighten skin? Read on.

Why does Pigmentation occur?

Ayurveda tells us that a sub component of pitta dosha , called Bhajraka Pitta is responsible for good health, sebum production, skin clarity and glow. When Pitta is out of balance due to hormonal issues, excessive sun exposure or improper diet and lifestyle issues that trigger Pitta and to some extent Vata, there is uneven skin tone & skin loses its luster, texture and clarity. Hyprigmentation can also occur naturally during certain lifestages like pregnancy, post partum eriod, during menopause (esepcially for those on hormone relacement therapy and ins ome cases for those on oral contraceptives.

Factors that contribute towards Hyperpigmentation :

Ayurveda tells us that excessive sun exposure, excessive talking/singing, day sleep, stress, grief, anxiety, and excessively pitta-aggravating foods can together vitiate pitta and vata leading to Vyanga / Hyperpigmentation. When there is pitta and vata involvement we see rough, dry skin with dark or black spots and patches When there is higher pitta or rakta involvement, we see reddish spots with warmth and burning sensation in skin Wester Medicine says the following contribute to pigmentation in skin:
  1. Anemia, Liver Disorder
  2. Hormonal imbalance
  3. Endocrinal disorders
  4. Genetic disposition towards hyper pigmentationAllergic reaction/sensitivity to cosmetics / makeup
  5. Excessive sun exposure

The Krya Dyuti face wash for hyperpigmentation and dry dull skin

The Krya Dyuti face wash for hyperpigmentation is the best face wash for dry skin with hormonal pigmentation. It helps balance aggravated Pitta and vata in facial skin. It cleanses extremely gently, removes dead skin cells and deep cleanses the pore (srotas) without stripping skin of its sebum protection. When used along with the other products in the Dyuti face range it helps brighten the skin, brings an even skin tone , and improves skin texture & lustre. This face wash contains skin clarifying, hydrating and complexion-enhancing Ayurvedic herbs including Patranga, Vetiver, Indian Liquorice , Kushta, etc. The ingredients have been chosen after a careful study of the Ayurvedic Samhitas – the anti-pigmentation face wash deeply cleanses the skin without stripping skin of its natural oils. It brings an even tone in skin, helps soothe the skin and over time lightens pigmentation spots on your face, clarifying skin.

How to use this Cleanser correctly for your skin type?

  1. The Krya Dyuti Face wash for hyperpigmentation is an ayurvedic face wash powder / choornam.
  2. Take 1/2 tsp of the product and mix in clean water to make a smooth, lump-free, thick paste.
  3. Use this paste to cleanse face and neck in the morning and at night.
  4. The face wash is formulated to be suitable for delicate facial skin
  5. Apply the product gently on skin using a gentle circular motion - do not scrub vigorously
  6. Avoid the area around the eyes
  7. Rinse with cool water and follow up with an appropriate ayurvedic serum.

Is this the best face wash for your skin type?

This face wash is suitable if:
  1. You have hyperpigmentation and dark spots related to hormonal imbalance (pcos, pregnancy, post partum, menopausal or any other hormonal condition)
  2. If your skin condition is also dry and dull looking
  3. If your pigmentation is in the form of dark / black spots
  4. For pigmentation purely after sun exposure or sun tan and not related to hormonal imbalance, please explore our Vyoma range instead.
  5. For skin pigmentation that is reddish brown / coppery with high sun sensitivity and warmth in skin, please explore Vyoma range

Further care to help brighten and care for pigmented skin  :

We recommend that skin which has hyerpigmentation and dark spots be cared for using our 3 part Hyperpigmentation system. This system consists of the Krya Dyuti face wash, the Krya Dyuti Facial Serum, and the Krya Dyuti Face Lepa . When this 3 part system is used, it improves helps reduce hyperpigmentation and improve skin in the following 4 ways:
  1. Helps even out skin tone
  2. Helps reduce hyperpigmentation and dark spots
  3. Brightens and clarifies complexion and improves skin's natural clarity
  4. Softens the skin and gives skin better health