Classic Skin Serum | Pure Natural face serum for Oily skin | Oil Balance + Clear Skin

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Oily , dull, congested skin? Ordinary creams and lotions dont tackle the root cause of oily skin which is an underlying pitta imbalance.

Try the Classic skin serum - formulated using 30 Ayurvedic herbs in cold pressed organic oils. This skin serum hydrates without clogging, balances Pitta imbalance and clarifies and brightens oily, dull skin. 

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Are you looking for a face serum for oily skin? Oily, pitta-type skin usually has unbalanced sebum levels and can get clogged or congested quickly leading to dull skin with whiteheads, blackheads and occasional acne. 

Synthetic skin serums and moisturizers for oily skin can be too harsh and drying. This can further irritate skin leaving it blotchy and sensitized.

The Krya Classic Skin serum – the best face serum for oily skin

The Krya Classic Skin serum is a unique Ayurveda inspired natural face serum, specially designed for oily skin type. This serum contains 30  ayurvedic herbs like Arjuna, Daruharidra, Lodhra, Patranga and Vetiver manufactured in a base of 3 organic, cold pressed oils.

The Classic skin serum is specially designed to address the skin concerns of oily, clogged skin. It helps soothe and hydrate oily, sensitive skin without further clogging it . 

This formula helps control aggravated pitta dosha, balance sebum production and brighten the skin making it clearer and more radiant. 

Why is this the best face serum for oily skin? 

The Krya Classic skin serum is an excellent skin serum for oily skin type.

  • It is a hydrating serum that helps balance sebum levels
  • Improves skin texture
  • Works on uneven skin tone 
  • Clarifies and brightens skin making the skin look radiant.
  • Balances pitta dosha and rejuvenates skin , revealing healthy, radiant skin.

How is this natural face serum for oily skin type manufactured?

We follow a special Ayurvedic manufacturing process called Tila Paka Vidhi to manufacture the Classic skin serum.  It is made 100% from natural ingredients like ayurvedic herbs, flowers, organic fruit juices, and herb pastes processed in cold pressed organic oils.

  These herbs are processed in 4 organic, cold pressed oils over 5 days on a gentle flame.

This makes the oil rich, nutrient dense, yet light and non sticky.


At what age should we use face serum?

The Krya Classic skin serum can be used from 16 years onwards.

What is the best face serum for Men?

Men with oily, congested skin can use the Krya Classic skin serum

Can I apply serum without toner?

Yes. We, in any case, usually suggest using only pure rose water as a toner - this is very beneficial to add to your skin's health.

Can I leave this organic face serum overnight?

Yes. This serum can also be used in the night skin routine and can be left on.

Can I skip moisturiser after using Krya Classic skin serum?

Yes. This serum is intended as a replacement to other moisturizers and lotions .

What are the benefits of using face serum for your skin from Krya? 

All Krya face serums are made using organic cold pressed oils, plant butters and ayurvedic herbs and juices . The serums are pure, non toxic and are quickly absorbed by your skin. They offer deep wellness for skin and better skin health. You get glowing skin that is radiant with true helath, better skin texture and better clarity. 

How to choose the best serum for your skin type

Every skin type like dry skin, pigmented skin, skin with melasma, oily skin, acne-prone skin all deserves special , specific care. We have formulated many face care serums at Krya, all on ayurvedic principles using only pure Ayurvedic herbs and organic oils and butters.

Please go through our facial serums by problem / skin concern to buy best product for your skin. All our serums work on giving you healthy skin from within, give you an even skin tone and work on specific skin concerns. 

 The question which face serum is the best is not a correct question - as every face serum which works for your skin, solves your skin problems and gives it what it needs is the best skin serum for you.

What is a good skincare routine for Oily Skin?

For oily, pitta type skin, we recommend the following routine.

  • Face wash with our customer-loved Krya Classic Face wash . Made with green tea and chamomile, and other ayurvedic herbs, this is a gentle face wash powder cleanser that thoroughly cleanses and unclogs oily skin without irritating or sensitizing it. Helps control sebum production gradually balancing skin. Use once in the morning and once at night before sleeping, Here's how to use an ayurvedic face wash powder.
  •  Skin Serum - after every face cleansing Routine.
  • Face Lepa (Mask)  with the Krya Classic Face mask. Deep cleanses, removes dead cells, unclogs pores. Cleanses and balances Skin and brings down Pitta related sensitivity and inflammation. Here are tips to get the most out of your Ayurvedic face mask.

Here's a detailed blog post describing an Ayurvedic oily skin routine.




30 Ayurvedic herbs & Dravyas :

 Arjuna , Ashoka , Aswathha , Babool , Bala , Black Cardamom , Coconut Milk , Coconut Water , Daruharidra , Durva , Karanja , Kushta , Lodhra , Manjishta , Nannari , Neem Leaf , Nimba bark , Patranga , Dadima Swarasa , Puskarmoola , Rose , Shatavari , Shirisha , Tandulodaka , Teak Leaf , Udumbura , Vata , Vetiver , Yashtimadhu , Pure Water

Processed in 3 Organic cold pressed oils : Sesame oil, Coconut Oil & Karanja Oil.

Manufacturing process: Classical Ayurvedic Tila paka vidhi. Processed in slow heat over 5 days.

How to Use

An ayurvedic skin serum must be applied in small quantity on clean damp skin. The application must be done gently without dragging or pulling at the skin. 

Quantity suggested per use: 3 Drops

Apply on: Cleansed, slightly damp skin. If skin is dry, mist with pure rose water before applying the skin serum

Process: Warm oil very slightly on finger tips and gently pat into skin. using a light upward sweeping motion spread the oil over the neck and face. Avoid the area around the eyes if the eyes are sensitive.

Waiting period before applying any other product : Wait 30 minutes before applying any other product like a sunscreen or makeup