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Looking for the best hair oil for dry damaged frizzy hair? You are in the right place.

About: Ayurvedic hair oil formulated for chemically treated hair, heat damaged hair and colour damaged hair

Made with: 28 ayurvedic herbs processed in 4 organic, cold pressed oils like Kokum Butter, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, etc.

Manufacturing process: Classical  3 part Ayurvedic tila paka method combining Taila (oil), Kashaya (herb decoction), Swarasa (fresh herb juice)  and Kalpa (fresh herb paste) . Our process is spread over 3+ days allowing the oil to soak in the nutrient goodness of our herbs over a longer time over slow heat. This makes the oil extremely potent, nutritive, sookshma and deep and intensive in its action.

Benefits: Detoxifies scalp & improves its health. Improves hair texture. Makes hair more manageable and cuts down frizz. Stimulates better quality hair growth

Size: 50 ml, 100 ml

Values: 100% natural, Vegan, Curelty Free. Made from scratch at the Krya facility using whole, raw unprocessed ayurvedic herbs and oils.

Size: 100 ml

Size: 100 ml
100 ml
50 ml
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Are you looking for the best hair oil for dry damaged frizzy hair? Has your hair gotten damaged due to regular global colouring, heat styling or other salon treatments?  Read on to find out how his Krya product that is specially formulated to treat chemical damage can help you.  

How do you know if you have chemical hair damage?

  • Extremely dry, rough, frizzy, and unmanageable with recurring split ends
  • High porosity leading to breakage when combing, rushing, drying or washing
  • Dull looking without natural gloss and shine
  • Poor strength and elasticity - breaks easily
best hair oil for dry damaged frizzy hair

Scalp Damage and its issues

Apart from damage to the strand's cuticular structure, salon treatments also damage the scalp. Scalp damage happens due to 2 reasons:
  • The retentivity of the chemicals used in perms, and straightening and their effect on the scalp
  • The clogging of the scalp after the treatment because of the high number of specialized products we then use
Scalp damage leads to the following issues:
  • A coating on the scalp that blocks the follicles preventing proper absorption of nourishment and slowing down growth
  • Damage in hair follicles - reduces blood circulation, ability of roots to absorb vital nutrients and negatively impacts hair quality and growth
    best hair oil for dry damaged frizzy hair  

Looking for the best hair oil for dry damaged frizzy hair? Try Krya

This is an authentic Krya formula developed in-house after deep ayurvedic research. This product has been specially created to help chemically damaged hair. It works on issues like frizziness, unmanageability, high porosity, poor elasticity, poor shine and texture. It also works deeper at the scalp level to deeply nourish, stimulate the scalp and promote high-quality hair growth. best hair oil for dry damaged frizzy hair We often have queries from customers asking if using plain coconut or sesame oil is enough for chemically damaged scalp & strands. If finding the best hair oil for dry frizzy damaged hair is your priority, then you need to choose an oil that is enhanced with the power of ayurvedic herbs. This Krya oil is made using 28 Ayurvedic herbs processed in 4 cold pressed organic oils. In this formula we have chosen herbs that improve scalp health and micro circulation to the follicles. We have also chosen herbs that help improve strand thickness, elasticity and colour, helping work on breakage, and split ends. The oil also improves overall manageability of the strands, reducing coarseness, roughness, frizziness and improves gloss. This oil is full of goodness from rich ayurvedic herbs like Gokshura, Sharapunkha, Organic Mung bean, Organic Almond Milk , Daruharidra, Manjishta, Amla, Black Cardamom and Kalonji.  

The Authentic ayurvedic manufacturing process to enhance the oil's nutritive properties

If you are looking for the best hair oil for dry damaged frizzy hair you should definitely choose an oil that has been created using the Ayurvedic tila paka process. Why is this? The Tila Paka veedhi process is a TRANSFORMATIVE process. It converts a simple vegetable oil like coconut oil or sesame oil into a potent, bio active rich oil. This process does this by transferring the actives from herbs into the oils during the manufacturing cycle. One of the reason this process is not used widely is because it is slow, and highly labour intensive . For example, each Krya oil is processed over 3-5 days . Every day we hand mix and slow cook the oil for 4-5 hours and allow it to rest. With the passage of time, infusion of fresh herbs and slow cooking the oil becomes more and more nutrient dense. This process takes a lot of effort from our end, but the end results make this effort completely worth our time.

  Is this process the same as sun cooking and making DIY oils?

Today the internet carries many DIY oil recipes. In these recipes people mix and use fresh herbs or sometimes sun cook the herbs in oil and then bottle and sell them. The ayurvedic process we describe is MUCH more rigorous and scientific. Ayurveda teaches us the best way to extract the actives from each herb. Roots need to be extracted in one particular way. Fresh flowers and leaves in another way. Barks in a third way. Lentils and grains are extracted completely differently. Sun cooking is not the most effective way to make a rich nutrient-dense oil. Here is a video explaining why the Tila Paka process makes such effective oils. For chemical strand damage, color damage, and heat damage, a sun-cooked oil or a DIY oil would not do. You need a well-formulated product that combines extensive Ayurvedic research with carefully selected herbs following an authentic manufacturing process. You need the best hair oil for dry damaged frizzy hair, the Krya Damage Repair Hair oil.   

Who can use this oil?

The Krya Damage Repair hair oil is useful for people who have severely damaged strands and poor growth AFTER treatments like extensive heat styling, ironing, global colouring, perming, straightening and smoothening treatments like Keratin, Brazilian, etc. This product is also useful if you suspect that you have hard water damage and this has caused split ends, poor elasticity, frizziness and breakage. best hair oil for dry damaged frizzy hair If you have rough curls or dry tresses, but have not had any of the damaging treatments suggested above, we suggest using this Krya oil.  

How often should I use this product?

Oiling the scalp and strands is not a trendy practice anymore. In fact , salons and stylists tell us to actively avoid oiling, claiming that this will lead to dandruff and other issues. Instead, they try and sell us highly clogging, synthetic serums, conditioners, and sprays that further damage scalp health. Scalp oiling NEEDS to be both regular and frequent. This is because a damaged scalp cannot absorb nutrition well. we have to feed it in regular small doses, to help heal the roots and ensure the scalp has the ability to absorb nutrients. Think of it like giving a person who has come off a fast ,a whole buffet to eat. After starving a person will be unable to handle too much food. So we have to feed them in small doses. Similarly, a damaged scalp also needs to be fed in regular and small doses. The oil should be allowed to stay on the scalp and not be immediately washed off. This is for 2 reasons.
  1. Oil needs time to slowly penetrate the damaged scalp and slowly release nutrients
  2. Damaged hair cannot handle washing. The strands are already weak and porous so they will snap in the presence of water
  3. Therefore we recommend 3-4 occasions per week of leave on oiling. And wash off oiling once a week.
Here's a video we made on how to do leave on oiling.  

How this oil can help minimise strand breakage and friction

Damaged hair is weak and can easily break or snap even in normal everyday activities. Therefore we suggest taking these precautions to minimize breakage and friction. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb / de-tangle strands. Avoid brushes as much as possible as they can further fray hair and break the damaged cuticular scales. . best hair oil for dry damaged frizzy hair Before combing or detangling, apply 1-2 drops of this product onto the comb before touching hair. This reduces friction and minimizes breakage and tangling. It also helps protect the strands by coating the strands with small amounts of oil . Before a shampoo, oil the hair very generously. This minimises washing related hair loss. It also seals the strands from water entry minimizing swelling based breakage. Choose hair accessories extremely carefully. Use scrunchies and hair tyes with less friction - those made of silk or velvet are ideal. Avoid pins, clips, and clips with teeth as there is a risk of breakage.  

Other supplementary Products to help

If you are looking for the best hair oil for dry damaged frizzy hair, you have come to the right place. But for extensive chemical , color, or heat damage, this product alone is not enough. you need our 3-part Damage repair system. The Damage Repair system contains in addition 2 other products. Our Damage Repair Lepa (Mask) is excellent at de-clogging the scalp and further improving blood circulation and stimulating high-quality growth. It helps cleanse and unclog the scalp thoroughly and improves nutrient absorption by the scalp. Our Ayurvedic shampoo powder specially formulated in this range is an excellent mild cleanser. It is extremely gentle, low foaming, and contains low level of natural surfactant This is important in damaged strands, because the scalp and strands are already dry and lacking in natural oils. Therefore our shampoo powder does not strip the hair of natural oils and does not cause further damage. It also does not alter its pH or strip it further of natural oils. All these 3 products are available at a  slightly discounted price as a part of our 3 part system. 

Additional information to help heal damaged strands and scalp

Please read our “Precautions to take around Damaged Hair” and “Complete Programme for Damaged Hair” tabs for more information and a complete damage healing program using our products. This oil can be safely used by pregnant women and nursing mothers. If you have any further questions on this product, please DM us on Whatsapp or use the contact form on this page to send us your questions.
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100 ml, 50 ml