Ayurvedic Baby Skin Care & Hair Care - Free Krya E-Book

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  1. This is a comprehensive e-book on the Ayurvedic principles & practices of baby skincare & baby hair care
  2. A unique feature of this e-book is that it gives a clear introduction to the overall Ayurvedic context of Mother &  Baby Care.  The principles are collated from the rare ancient Ayurvedic pediatric text called Kaashyapa Samhita & other important texts
  3. The 11 important Ayurvedic  Niyamaas (practices) to be followed for holistic care of the new mother & baby are clearly explained in this book
  4.  This 80 page e-book is  well illustrated with a number of images & infographics to help the reader quickly assimilate the Ayurvedic concepts
  5. This e-book will be very useful for all new mothers & new fathers who are looking to benefit from the timeless Ayurvedic wisdom , with a focus on baby skin care & baby hair care
  6.  please download , read & share !