Krya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil | Best Ayurvedic Hair oil for Dandruff

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  • The Krya Anti dandruff hair oil is a safe, holistic, potent and effective anti dandruff solution. It is formulated using 33 ayurvedic herbs and 5 organic, cold pressed oils and manufactured in the classical  3 part Ayurvedic tila paka method combining Taila (oil), Kashaya (herb decoction), Swarasa (fresh herb juice)  and Kalpa (fresh herb paste) .

    Each Herb has been chosen for its potent dandruff healing, scalp improving and hair health improving properties. The formulation is highly effective at helping heal even very chronic cases of fungal dandruff without any side effects, hair loss or environmental pollution.

Size: 100 ml

Size: 100 ml
100 ml
50 ml
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Looking for the best ayurvedic hair oil for dandruff?  Are you frustrated with the persistent and chronic nature of your dandruff? Are you wondering why anti dandruff shampoos work only temporarily? Or how a hair oil for dandruff control can help you holistically heal dandruff?   Read on to find out more.

Health Concerns with Synthetic Anti dandruff Products:

Dandruff is not a generic problem. Depending upon the person, their diet and basic constitution, you might suffer from dry dandruff, oily dandruff or fungal dandruff / seborrheic dermatitis. Mayo Clinic says that the most common cause of dandruff today is dry skin caused by aggravated sebaceous glands. This aggravation can occur because of how often you shampoo or what you shampoo your hair with. However no matter what kind of dandruff a person has, they are most often prescribed with harsh synthetic anti dandruff shampoos, with active fungicides like  ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione or selenium disulfide, miconazole etc. This solution is logical only if you have fungal dandruff. If you have dry dandruff or oily dandruff, fungicides do not help heal the root cause. Instead they inflame and irritate the sebaceous glands, worsening dry dandruff and oily dandruff. This could explain why many people using an anti-dandruff shampoo feel that they are worse off than before . best ayurvedic hair oil for dandruff Besides worsening many kinds of Dandruff, synthetic Anti Dandruff shampoos also have many skin and scalp side effects like:
  • Skin and scalp irritation
  • Severe itching
  • Burning or irritation
  • Redness or pain on the scalp
  • Oozing or weeping of skin
  • Eye redness and swelling
  • Hair loss

Environmental concerns with synthetic Anti Dandruff shampoos

Apart from skin and scalp side effects, Anti Dandruff Shampoos and their fungicides have many side effects on the environment, soil and water.
  • Fungicides find their way into fresh and salty water bodies through our sewage lines
    • This contaminates soil and water
  • Like many classes of synthetic chemicals, fungicides are easily absorbed into the body of fishes and other aquatic organisms –
    • They store in the fatty organs and  bio accumulate with increasing exposure.
    • Fungicides like Ketoconazole retard the activity of CYP3A,an important enzyme group present in human beings and aquatic organisms like fish.
      • This enzyme group helps catalyse many reactions in drug metabolism and also help synthesize cholesterol, steroids and other lipids.
Compared to synthetic Anti dandruff products, Ayurveda offers many excellent herbs that are safe, gentle, yet effective in treating Dandruff very holistically. Please read our posts on Dandruff and how synthetic shampoos aggravate this condition and our primer to the Krya anti dandruff Hair oil for more information on this.  

How we formulate the best ayurvedic hair oil for dandruff at Krya

The tricky part of creating the best ayurvedic hair oil for dandruff is this: All ayurvedic oil formulations that encourage good hair growth essentially need to be Madhura (sweet), and Sheetya (cooling) in nature. But such formulations are tasty and give more nutrition to fungal micro organisms. So we cannot use a regular ayurvedic hair oil formulation to tackle dandruff. Instead, an ayurvedic anti dandruff oil formulation needs to be bitter, slightly astringent and cooling in nature – this will cut down the growth medium of the micro organisms and encourage proper scalp growth without the thickening and flaking we see. To encourage proper scalp nutrition, mildly bitter ayurvedic herbs are used, which continue to nourish the scalp WITHOUT encouraging fungal growth. The Krya Anti Dandruff hair oil is a purely Ayurvedic hair oil formulated using potent Ayurvedic herbs. Like all Krya oils, the Krya Anti Dandruff Hair oil is manufactured using the Ayurvedic Tila paka manufacturing method. Tila Paka veedhi is an important ayurvedic oil manufacturing process. This is THE process we use at Krya to load nutrients into our Skin & Hair oils helping them work REALLY effectively. The Tila Paka veedhi process is a TRANSFORMATIVE process. It converts a vegetable oil into a potent, bio active rich oil by transferring the actives from herbs into the oils through this process. One of the reason this process is not used widely is because it is slow, and highly labour intensive . For example, it takes between 6 – 10 hours of SLOW boiling in the Tila Paka Veedhi process to get an oil ready for use. And it needs to be gently stirred throughout this time – so it is really tough to create but totally worth the effort.   The Krya Anti dandruff hair oil uses 33 Ayurvedic herbs and 5 cold pressed, organic vegetable oils in the formulation. Many of these herbs are repeated across Swarasa (fresh juice), Kashaya (herb decoction) and Kalpa (herb paste) to increase their potency in the formulation. Each method of extracting them selectively extracts different kinds of actives from the herb / vegetable. The Samhitas guide us with the right extraction method for each herb – so for example, Bhringaraj is always used fresh as a Swarasa / Kalpa, never as a Kashaya as it loses its potency this way. 

Who can use the Krya Anti dandruff hair oil?

The Krya Anti Dandruff hair oil is the best ayurvedic hair oil for dandruff of 2 kinds: oily dandruff and Fungal dandruff / Seborrheic dermatitis. While it can be used in cases of Dry dandruff, it is not essential in these cases and any one of Krya’s other hair oils can be used for Dry Dandruff. For Oily Dandruff where Fungal infestation has not yet occurred, we suggest using the Krya Anti dandruff Hair oil in combination with either Krya Classic Hair Oil or Krya Classic Plus hair oil to balance Pitta in the head. Please read our "How to heal Oily dandruff" and "How to heal Fungal Dandruff" tabs for more information and a complete dandruff healing programme using our products. The Krya Anti dandruff hair range and the Krya Anti dandruff hair oil can be safely used by pregnant women and nursing mothers. 
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