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Krya Creamy Colour Strengthening Hair Mask with Marigold & Moringa (100 gm)

Krya Creamy Colour Strengthening Hair Mask with Marigold & Moringa (100 gm)


(11 customer reviews)


(11 customer reviews)

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The Krya Creamy Colour strengthening hair mask with Marigold & Moringa has been carefully researched and formulated to support Krya’s range of natural hair colours. The mask contains carefully chosen ayurvedic herbs, butters and oils that nourish and condition coloured hair and strengthen the colour bonds on your hair.

The Krya Creamy Colour strengthening hair mask with Marigold & Moringa is made from a well researched combination of 22 high quality, conditioning and hair nourishing herbs and oils . These herbs have been chosen for their ability to deeply condition and nourish hair . We use only organically grown grains and lentils and forest collected , renowned ayurvedic herbs while formulating the Krya Creamy Colour strengthening hair mask. This not only helps improve our product’s efficacy but also helps us stay true to our principle of being a truly environmentally sustainable company.


We process each herb separately in order to retain its unique nutrient benefits. A batch of Krya Creamy Colour strengthening hair mask with Marigold & Moringa takes a week to clean, cure, separately process and blend before it reaches you. This Krya Hairmask is a uniquely natural formulation – we use ONLY herbs to make this formulation and every single ingredient has been declared on the website. There are no other synthetic builders, fillers, colours, surfactants, silicones , preservatives  or fragrances that have been added to the product. Every single ingredient comes from some part of a plant and has been minimally manufactured to retain its nutrients.

All of Krya’s products are vegan & cruelty-free and do NOT contain any synthetic or animal origin ingredients.

Hair and scalp health has a direct correlation with your diet and hair health generally improves with the availability of good quality protein that is easily assimilated by the body, a steady supply of vitamins and minerals and a balanced diet that is not extremely sour and spicy. Please read the Krya blog for more diet suggestions to maintain hair and skin health.

What is in my Krya Creamy Colour strengthening hair mask?

Organically grown: Moringa, Fenugreek, Marigold, Green Gram, Curry Leaf, Henna, Parsley, Yellow eclipta, Apricot Oil, Kokum Butter, Krya hair colour oil concentrate

Wild crafted (Forest Collected) : Phyllanthus embelica, Hibiscus flower, Hibiscus leaf, Chebulic Myrobalan, Belleric Myrobalan, Indian Liquorice, Indian Madder, Nutgrass, Brahmi, Winter Cherry, Guduchi

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Hello, We suggest that the creamy colouring mask be used as the "first wash" after you colour your hair with natural colours lie henna or our own Krya natural hair colours. We recommend not applying any product to the hair atleast 24 hours after applying colour. after 24-48 hours, please use the Creamy Hair colour Mask alone. This product helps colour bond better to hair . 2 days after this, you can oil and wash your hair as usual.

11 reviews for Krya Creamy Colour Strengthening Hair Mask with Marigold & Moringa (100 gm)


    I had bought 3 packs earlier when they had launched. It kind of gives pink tint upon adding water. I have never used anything as creamy and conditioning as this mask for hair. It softens hair and accentuates hair tint. One of my favorite masks from their entire range. Also it’s very easy to wash off due to fine particle size.

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  2. Anandhi Venkatesh (verified owner)

    Excellent for hair

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  3. Saradha (verified owner)

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  4. Prachi M. (verified owner)

    I use this, after I color my hair with Dwii. Am very pleased with the color and the mask and recommend it to all my friends

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  5. Meenu A (verified owner)

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  6. Meenu A (verified owner)

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  7. Meenu A (verified owner)

    Hair are softer

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  8. Apoorva Desikachar (verified owner)

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  9. Shreeja (verified owner)

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  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  11. Sneha Choudhry (verified owner)

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