How to use Rasnadi Churnam – a video guide

One of the fears that people have when we recommend regular hair oiling for good hair growth is the fear of catching a cold. For those with high kapha aggravation or an existing sinusitis problem, this is a very real worry. The answer? Rasnadi Churnam – a safe , effective ayurvedic chooranam (powder) that retains warmth in the head, prevents mucous formation and helps clear blocked sinuses with regular use, safely and effectively.

Here is a short video we just shot for the Krya Product Support Group,  a facebook community, on how you can effectively use Rasnadi Churnam correctly & effectively.

Rasnadi Churnam is a classical ayurvedic formulation that has many uses. It can also be effectively used to control Migraine attacks which are Pitta based. For external application, Rasnadi Churnam is safe even to be used for small infants. For inhalation, we recommend that it be done only for 5 years and above. As a precautionary measure, pregnant women should NOT inhale Rasnadi Churnam – they can apply it on the scalp as demonstrated in the video.

The Krya Product Support Community is a Facebook community we created to help support the use of our products, share Ayurvedic guidelines for better skin and hair care and answer product usage doubts quickly. Do join us here.

Now for the video:

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10 thoughts on “How to use Rasnadi Churnam – a video guide

  1. Maam loved the video. I’ve been using the churnam but the powder settles on my scalp and sometimes when I scratch my scalp I get black stuff (the choornam which has dried) under my nails. It looks like I have an uneven scalp.

  2. Can an epileptic use this churna

    1. Hi Anupama: Yes I think so. The herbs used are more for kapha control and should not cause any reaction. But to be sure, please check with your vaidya.

  3. Can I use the application for my 8 months old baby? She’s suffering with severe cold often.

    1. Yes, you can apply a small pinch of Rasanadi Choornam ( only external application) on baby’s scalp , especially on the crown of the head and a little on the back of the neck as well

    2. Janani: yes you can apply it on her head alone.

      For frequent colds, and for general immunity, I suggest applying finely ground powder of Vacha / Vasambu / acorus calamus, everyday on the chest region after a bath (and after baby is dried). This is a good Ayurvedic practice.

  4. Hi my kid is 7yrs old and having nose bleeding since after one yr he born he has loud snoariing n mucus always ther in the noseand bleeding is not normal frequently voice pitch

    1. Hi,
      This needs vaidya examination and diagnosis – please take your son for consultation to a good ayurvedic vaidya asap.

  5. I have wrongly taken the rasanadhi chooran with honey. Does it give any reaction to my health.

    1. Do you mean that you internally consumed it with honey? It is better to meet an Ayurvedic vaidya and get their opinion.

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