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How to transition from a synthetic hair colour to the Krya Range of Natural Hair colours

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Are you planning to transition from a synthetic hair colour / dye to purely natural hair colours? Worried about how to heal the hair damage caused by hair dyes? Wondering how easy / difficult the transition to  natural hair colours is going to be? This post is for you. Read on.
Repeated hair colouring with synthetic hair colours and dyes severely damages hair structure. Choose Krya's organic natural hair colours instead.
With periodic, long-term colouring , there is extensive scalp and hair damage . The nature of this damage also aggravates depending upon how much you deviated from your natural shade while colouring your hair with synthetics.

Cuticles + Sebum: Hair’s natural water repellant

Together, sebum and your hair’s cuticles create a strong, hair protecting , water repellent layer. This water repellent layer ensures that your hair does not absorb too much water and always bounces back to its original shape, just like your expensive woolen sweater.

Repetitive synthetic colouring damages sebum secretion and the cuticular structure:

We have discussed how extensively synthetic hair colours and salon treatments damage hair before.  The damage comes from how these products subvert the natural design rules of hair and aggressively damage its structure.
Synthetic hair colours strip hair of its natural sebum content. They also remove hair’s internal layer of fatty acids which are attached to the natural colour pigments in your hair.
Synthetic hair colours deposit colour aggressively, unnaturally and harshly on your hair. Choose Krya's organic natural hair colours instead.
Synthetic hair dyes also extensively damage the cuticles of your hair. They break off parts of the hair’s cuticle leaving gaps. In the other places, the cuticle is weakened. So hair is rough where the cuticle is missing. In places where cuticle is weak, hair is brittle and snaps easily.
Synthetic hair colours and dyes severely damage your hair's cuticular structure. Choose Krya's organic natural hair colours instead.
With the loss in sebum, natural fatty acids and damaged cuticle, hair absorbs water whenever wet, instead of repelling it. So every time you wash your hair, water seeps into hair, weakening it , expanding it internally and breaking it.
With change in pH, and loss in sebum and toxin coating, the scalp is no longer healthy. So hair growth slows down and new hair is weak and brittle.
What is the final result of repeated use of synthetic hair colours and dyes? Poor scalp health, poor hair growth, high hair breakage, hair dullness, brittleness, and high hair porosity.

The first step to transitioning to natural hair colours: repair existing damage

We recommend using the Krya damage repair hair system to heal hair that has been damaged with repeated synthetic hair colours and dyes. The Krya Hair Damage Repair System consists of Oil, a Hair Wash and a Hair Mask for chemically damaged hair.
The Krya Damage repair hair system heals, over processed, chemically coloured hair. Choose Krya's organic natural hair colours instead.

Krya Damage repair Hair Oil

Chemically damaged hair needs frequent doses of high quality nourishment to help detoxify the scalp, heal damaged hair and promote healthy hair growth.  We recommend frequent hair oiling (atleast 4 times a week) with Krya Damage Repair hair oil.
The Krya damage repair hair oil uses a synergistic combination of powerful Ayurvedic herbs.  Liquorice and Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba) work on the cuticular structure and help nourish and naturally condition hair. Parsley, marigold and thyme contain anti oxidants that stimulate collagen production to promote the growth of stronger hair. Flaxseed’s fatty acids and anti oxidants remove dead cells and toxins from the scalp. Lemongrass balances sebum production ensuring the scalp produces the right amount of oil for the hair.
Krya Damage Repair hair oil is a nourishing and healing oil for colour damaged, over processed hair.Choose Krya's organic natural hair colours instead.

Krya Damage Repair hair mask

The Krya Damage Repair Hair mask is an Ayurvedic keshya lepa designed to be used atleast once a week for 20 – 30 minutes on damaged hair. Using this mask detoxifies the scalp and stimulates healthier and stronger, hair growth.
Krya Damage Repair hair mask to heal and revitalise over processed, chemically damaged hair. Choose Krya's organic natural hair colours instead.
This product is formulated using powerful hair growth stimulating herbs like Guava leaf, Chamomile, Brahmi and Moringa. These herbs dissolve the toxins in the scalp, restore the right pH, and provide the right grounds for healthy hair growth. We have seen excellent results in hair health when the Krya Damage repair hair mask is used atleast once a week along with a healthy diet and the other damage repair products.

Krya Damage Repair Hair wash

Lastly, the Krya Damage Repair hairwash is an essential part of your hair care kit for colour damaged hair.  Hair should be treated like fine wool or silk. Instead we constantly use toxic,  toxic and aggressive sulphate based shampoos to wash hair. Sulphates are strongly degreasing on even normal and healthy hair. Chemically damaged hair becomes even more dry and brittle when synthetic shampoos are used.
Krya's gentle, all-natural damage repair hair wash to gently wash chemically damaged and over processed hair. Choose Krya's organic natural hair colours instead.
The Krya damage repair hairwash is an extremely gentle ayurvedic powder shampoo. The herbs cleanse without stripping hair of excess sebum. The product is extremely gentle on damaged cuticles and does not damage them further not rip them or break them further. Using this product also restores the scalp back to its original pH, supporting the healthy microbiome of the scalp.

Using the complete Krya Damage repair hair system:

We recommend oiling your hair atleast 4 times a week with the Krya damage repair hair oil. We recommend night time oiling using a small quantity of oil to restore scalp health atleast twice a week. Night time oiling allows the oil to work on hair for a much longer time and also aids healthy sleep. We usually find that the oil is completely absorbed by the scalp and there is no need to wash the hair the next morning.
Colour damaged hair should be washed infrequently – not more than twice a week. Before washing the hair, oil the scalp and hair generously with the Krya Damage repair hair oil, and apply the Krya damage repair hair mask. Once the mask starts to dry, wash off with the Krya Damage Repair hair wash.
With the regular use of the Krya Damage repair hair system + the Krya Natural hair colours – you should notice the following differences in hair quality:

  1. More gloss and shine
  2. Less hair breakage when tugged, brushed or combed
  3. Smoother and silkier hair
  4. Hair growth improves
  5. Breakage and hair fall reduces

The second step to transitioning to natural hair colours: choose a natural hair colour (like Krya)

Once you have begun working on healing the damage caused by a synthetic hair colour, it is wise to shift to completely chemical free , natural hair colours. Be careful when choosing your natural hair colour. Many unscrupulous brands abound in the market which add PPD to boost hair darkening in a natural hair colour. Many brands of “black henna” or kali mehendi are contaminated this way.  So please ensure that the natural hair colour you are transitioning to is pure, made only from whole ayurevdic herbs and does not contain PPD or any synthetic colour boosters.

What are the benefits in Krya natural hair colour?

Apart from the other more obvious reasons to switch to Krya’s natural hair colours, there are some excellent hair care reasons to consider switching to a purely natural herbal colour like the Krya hair colour.
Natural hair colours like Krya use whole, organic hair nourishing herbs like Henna, Amla, Fenugreek, Manjishta and Khadira . These herbs not just colour the hair, but also deeply nourish it from within.
Khadira provides an excellent astringent and anti bacterial effect on the scalp. This bring the scalp’s pH to the right level reducing fungal and bacterial attack on the hair. Amla is a hair health restoring herb that promotes hair healing and regeneration. Brahmi is a wound healing and cell regenerative herb. It restores life and strength to damaged scalp and hair.
Krya's range of organic, natural hair colours contain rejuvenating and nourishing hair herbs that heal and infuse hair with health.
Henna and Indigo attach to specific dye receptor sites on the cuticle of the hair strengthening it and giving an additional layer of protection.
The entire range of natural hair colours of Krya reduce pitta in the scalp which aggravates with use of synthetic hair colour. So, our natural hair colours improve scalp health, cool the eyes and soothe the brain as well.

To Sum up: how to transition from a synthetic hair colour to the Krya range of natural hair colours

To sum up, if you have been colouring your hair frequently with synthetic hair colours, you can expect your hair to be damaged.  However, you can successfully help reverse this damage and strengthen your hair by switching to the Krya Damage repair hair system along with the Krya natural hair colour.
As we have seen in earlier posts, synthetic hair colours severely damage the health of the scalp, its ability to produce fresh healthy hair and the existing hair. So a good set of hair products are required to reverse the damage, heal and revitalise hair.
Natural hair colours are a good viable alternative to synthetic hair colours. Although the colour range is much smaller, you can colour your hair with complete peace of mind. As we have seen the herbs in the Krya natural hair colours also help deeply nourish and improve hair quality, which is a great bonus for damaged hair.
If you too are fed up with synthetic hair colours and dyes and would like some help transitioning to our range of completely natural hair colours, please write to us.

Krya’s products to heal chemically damaged hair:

  • Krya Damage Repair hair wash – mild, gentle, does not irritate stressed out scalp, and helps detoxify the scalp
  • Krya Damage repair Hair Mask – nourishing and healing and helps nourish damaged hair and detoxifies the scalp. a must to heal chemically damaged hair.
  • Krya Damage repair Hair oil – our cornerstone damage repairing and hair re-vitalising ayurvedic oil. Packed with rich ayurvedic herbs and cold pressed organic oils, the oil restores gloss, shine and health to hair. It detoxifies the scalp and stimulates fresh, healthy, deep rooted new hair growth.
  • Krya Damage repair Hair revitalising system: All 3 of the above at a  special price

Krya Damage repair hair revitalising system: a set of hair products that restore health and vitality to over processed, chemically damaged hair

Krya’s safe , all natural hair colours to help you STOP further damage:

Krya All natural hair colour is made with nourishing ayurvedic herbs that colour hair safely and help strengthen and nourish it deeply.

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