The Hair Oil you need to tackle Hair thinning & high greying !

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Suffering from hair thinning (especially in the middle parting of your scalp) of high premature greying? You need a high pitta balancing hair oil.

Classic Plus hair oil

Hair thinning needs Pitta balance + Regular Nourishment

Oiling occasionally with plain vegetable oils like Coconut Oil will not help you solve this problem !

You need an authentic ayurvedic hair oil that is nutrient dense & can help your hair concern

Helps get to the root cause behind hair thinning & premature greying

To help you work on hair thinning more effectively

Ayurveda tells that aggravated Pitta is the cause behind hair thinning, hair balding and premature greying

Even a high quality cold presssed organic oil like virgin coconut oil, apricot oil, argan oil or almond oil does not have the full range of Pitta balancing properties

Ayurveda suggests using a carefuly chosen blend of herbs and processing them in the right oils to make an effective hair oil for hair thinning

Each herb should be extracted correctly as per Ayurvedic techniques either as a fresh juice, herb paste or decocotion in order to bring its nutrients into the oil

When we extract herbs in this process and then slowly cook the herbs in the right blend of oils, hand stirring the blend and allowing a higher processing time, the oil becomes extremely nourishing and penetrative. It works better and gives better results

The Krya Classic Plus Hair Oil :
Nourishes Better, Balances Pitta Faster, Improves Hair strength & Growth

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34 Ingredient Ayurvedic Hair Oil formulation to reduce Hair thinning

Each herb has been carefully sourced, singly processed, extracted according to Ayurvedic classical techniques and then processed in the 6 oil blend to give you a powerful, Pitta balancing blend.

Reduces hair fall & hair thinning

When Pitta imbalance is high, we see high hair thinning & high hair fall with poor hair growth.

With regular use of the Krya Classic Plus hair oil, there is a reduction in hair fall and improvement in hair thickness.

transitioning to natural hair colours

Cools and Nourishes the Scalp

The practice of regular hair oiling with the Krya Classic Plus hair oil cools down Pitta in the scalp and nourishes the eyes.

It also deeply nourishes the scalp improving microcirculation and delivering nutrients to the hair follicles.

Helps balance high Pitta aggravation

High Pitta aggravation is the root cause behind high scalp oiliness, premature greying, change in hair colour from black to reddish brown, visible hair thinning, etc.

Regular use of the Krya Classic Plus hair oil corrects this Pitta imbalance improving hair health.

Watch the Ayurvedic etiology behind premature greying

This provides you with Pitta balancing suggestions across diet & lifestyle as well

Pick the Hair Oil that helps you work on your hair thinning & greying today!

Classic Plus hair oil

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Make sure you oil atleast 4 times a week

Here Is What People Who use Krya Classic Plus Hair Oil Say

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Classic plus hair oil works wonders to me. I can see hair growth in the hairline and it really helps in the thinning of hair and have reduced my hairfall. I like its fragrance and needs just a tiny bit daily.
Mrinalini Sinha
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Have been using it for the last 5-6 years now and though I always had good hair and length but the hair had split ends a lot. Regular oiling ( I apply oil everyday) has helped a lot.My hair had started to thin on my parting and now I can see that it has improved.Regular oiling even cuts down the frizz in the hair after hair wash .
Ashita Guggalia
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Amazing hair oil. My hair length has increased and they feel very thick now! So happy with the product. Kudos to team.

Frequently Asked Questions


I have severe hair thinning. How soon can I expect a difference in my hair condition?


Everyone's results varies according to the extent of the condition, their inherent constitution, and severity of pitta imbalance. For any hair program we advise waiting for atleast 3 months to see even very minimal results. For long standing complaints please give the program 6-9 months.


How should I use each product?


We suggest using the Hair oil for leave on oiling atleast 4 times a week and for wash off oiling 1-2 times a week. Please use the hair mask once a week. Please use the hairwash 1-2 times a week. We have detailed videos on the exact usage procedure on the Krya YT channel. We also have detailed usage instructions in each individual product page.


I have severe balding. Will this product help me?


Severe balding occurs due to a genetic pattern or extremely chronic and imbalanced pitta dosha. If the condition is very far gone, we may not be able to help. Please write yo us with a history of the condition and latest pictures of your scalp - we will check nd revert if our products can help.


I have hair fall because of other conditions like PCOD, post Covid, etc. Wil this help me?


Hair fall can occur due to a variey of triggers like PCOD, after viral illnesses, and even in particular lifestages like being post partum, etc. The doshic imbalances here could be different and may need a different set of products. Please write to us for a complete product recommendation.


I use very high quality , virgin cold pressed coconut oil for my hair. Why should I switch to Krya Classic plus hair oil for hair thinning and hair fall?


Virgin , cold pressed coconut oil is highly nourishing. However, every oil comes with a specific set of pros and cons. Ayurveda therefore recommends that we always process any base oil with the right set of herbs. When we process the oil in the Ayurvedic tila paka technique, slowly over 3- 6 days, we transform the oil making it even more fast acting, deeply penetrative and capable of addressing doshic imbalances better.

For doshic imbalances like Pitta aggravation, plain based oils, even if they are of very high quality, are inadequate to address the concern. So for hair thinning, high premature greying, and other such concerns of High Pitta aggravation, the Krya Classic Plus hair oil will work better for you.


I use a herb infused Hair oil. Will Krya Classic plus hair oil work better for my high Pitta problems?


A herb infused oil is completely different from an oil made in the Ayurvedic tila paka veedhi. To help the nutrients in the herbs to cross over into the oil, each herb needs to be processed correctly to displace the nutrients so they are ready to enter the oil. Then they have to be processed in the oil in the correct methods to transfer these nutrients into the oil.

Simple soaking of herbs into the oil is not an ideal technique for many herbs. When we use plant parts like roots, arks, stems etc, the nutrients in the herbs are very tightly bound and will not release adequately into the oil even if we infuse the herb for a long time in oil. Therefore an ayurvedic hair oil is usually much more powerful and offers more wide reaching effects when we are trying to tackle more serious hair concerns.

If you have hair thinning, high premature greying, an Ayurvedic oil like the Krya Classic Plus hair oil may be more suitable for you.

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Classic Plus hair oil

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Make sure you oil atleast 4 times a week