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The all New Krya Classic PLUS Bodywash is formulated for severe Pitta aggravating in Skin. It is formulated to soothe itching and burning sensation in skin, bring down Pitta based skin reactions like prickly heat and control high body odour and excessive sweating. 

The Krya Classic Plus Bodywash is an excellent natural alternative to synthetic soaps and bodywash products. It cools, soothes, refreshes and deep cleanses skin without upsetting the skin’s natural microbiota, stripping it of protective oils or irritating it in any way.

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I tend to get prickly heat on my neck and have bad body odour. But my general body skin is dry which gets itchy after a bath. Can I use this product?.Back to product
asked by Preethi Sukumaran on 2020-05-24 13:23:59
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  1. Your body skin could also be dry due to this weather or due to soap not suiting your skin. We suggest combining this product 50:50 or 75:25 with Krya Moisture Plus bodywash - this should suit your skin. Even used alone the Krya Classic Plus Bodywash will not dry out skin as the product is blended only with herbs, organic grains and lentils- but we are suggesting this combination just to be safe.
    Preethi Sukumaran answered on 2020-05-25 14:54:19

1 review for Krya Body Wash Powder – Classic PLUS

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Krya Body Wash Powder - Classic PLUS

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