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Krya Make-Up Cleansing Oil


  1. The Krya Make-Up Cleansing Oil uses unique Ayurvedic herbs like Khadira & Triphala that unclog the skin, herbs like soapberry & desert date that cleanse gently & Varnya herbs that enhance complexion like Arjuna & Lodhra
  2.  This oil is manufactured in the classical Tila Paka Veedhi method in which the herbs are extracted in cold-pressed oils like Himalayan Aprcot, Neem Oil & Kokum butter
  3. The mixture of herbs in oil helps break down heavy make-up gently
  4. To use, massage this oil well first into skin. Wait for a minute or two, before wiping off the product + makeup using cotton wool or make cup cleaning cloth dipped into lukewarm water – as per Ayurveda we do not recommend using very hot water on skin.⁠
  5. This is a 30 ml size that comes in a handy dropper bottle⁠

Are you looking for a safe, non comedogenic alternative to gently cleanse your skin of all make-up without stripping skin of natural moisture or sebum?

Try the new Krya Make up cleansing skin oil. Made in the Ayurvedic Tila Paka method, this completely natural makeup cleansing oil is made from 14 ayurvedic cleansing and astringent herbs that are great for skin like Arjuna, Lodhra, Lotus, Dadima (pomegranate), Triphala etc. Formulated with natural plant surfactants like Soapberries , this make up cleansing oil gently lifts oil base stubborn make up gently from skin.

To use:
Gently massage 1/2 teaspoon of the Krya makeup cleansing oil onto your face (with make up on). Massage well to help loosen the makeup. Gently splash luke warm water on face and then use a well moistened cotton pad or muslin cloth to cleanse out make-up. Repeat 2 times to ensure make-up has been completely removed.


This is an oil made in the ayurevdic tila paka method with 14 ayurevdic herbs processed in 6 organic and cold pressed oils as follows:

Forest Collected herbs: Arjuna bark, Durva grass, Khadira, Lodhra, Kamala pushpa, Rose, Desert Date, Shikakai, Soapberry (mukorossi & trifoliatus)

Organic Herbs: Pomegranate fruit, Moringa leaf, Neem leaf

Organic + Cold Pressed Oils: Apricot Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil, Tamanu Oil, Karanja Oil, Kokum Butter, Neem Oil


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