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Krya Moisture plus face mask (Lepa) – hydrating nourishing mask for dry, vata prakriti skin


Looking to soothe, hydrate and gently nourish and treat dry, coarse, rough and chapped skin? Try the all-natural, Krya moisture plus face mask. Made from 28 organic grains, lentils and carefully sourced Ayurvedic herbs, the Krya Moisture plus face mask hydrates, soothes and gently heals and nourishes dry, Vata prakriti skin gently without stripping it further of moisture.

The ingredients that go into the Krya Moisture Plus Face mask have been chosen based on a careful search of the Ayurvedic Samhitas . The formulation takes over 3 days to hand pick, clean, sort and individually process each herb before they are blended together using our in-house formulation. The Krya Moisture Plus face mask contains 28 hoary ayurvedic herbs like Kushta, Daruharidra, Durva , Manjishta, Brahmi, and Babchi which help hydrate and nourish dry, chapped Vata prakriti skin and improve skin texture & health.

A weekly or bi-weekly (twice a week) Face Mask Lepa application is strongly recommended for Vata imbalanced, dry, rough and dull skin. This application helps deeply nourish skin, balance Vata dosha and preps skin to receive nourishment better in the form of facial serums and oils.

If you are unsure about whether this product is the right product, read our Tab below on the indications to look for in your facial skin before choosing this product. If you are still confused, please write to us or call our Customer Service team.

For information on how to use this product, diet and lifestyle practices to follow for Vata prakriti skin, and a full list of ingredients please read our complete description and other tabs given below.


Free from: Sulphates and synthetic surfactants, petroleum, synthetic colours, fillers, parabens, SLS, SLeS, extracts, and preservatives

Made completely from: Organically and forest collected grains, lentils and ayurvedic herbs in their Whole and natural form. We do not use extracts and distillates while making any Krya product

Certification & Values: Vegan & Cruelty free, Radical transparency (What We Declare is what you get), Follows fairtrade principles (In Ingredient sourcing, Supplier relationships ), Environmentally sustainable, People Positive (All Krya offices / factories offer a good quality , learning-focused working environment, nurture employees , and offer good employment benefits & sane working hours).

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How a Face Mask can visibly improve skin

Is your skin dry, rough and dull looking? Does cold weather or a constantly on office air-conditioning system dry out your skin leaving it feeling parched? You need to add a vata balancing Ayurvedic Face Lepa (Mask) to your skin care routine.

Many people mistakenly look at Face masks as a simple indulgence and a non-serious beauty aid. But, a correctly chosen and properly applied Face Mask can help nourish skin deeply, and correct dosha level imbalances improving the texture, appearance and functioning of your skin. The correct Ayurvedic face mask for dry skin can deeply nourish and hydrate skin visibly improving its texture and appearance.

Lepas (masks) in Ayurveda are used not just to improve skin condition. They are also used variously to heal wounds (vrana ropana), reduce inflammation (shopha), reduce oedema , etc. Depending on whether we are trying to shrink inflammations, open up the Srotas (fine channels of skin) or improve skin complexion and texture, the temperature of the Lepa, the Anupana or mixing Medium and thickness of application all vary.

Inherently dry skin is usually described as Vata dominant skin. However, even if we are not Vata dominant, living in a Vata dominant climate (cold, dry weather), spending time in a low humidity air conditioned environment, or due to effects of age, our skin can become dry, stretched and uncomfortable. Here the factors of environment and age can accelerate the effects of Vata dosha in the body.

Skin where vata dosha is aggravated (either due to inherent nature or external factors) feels dry, taut and stretched. It requires frequent moisturization. Stress and cold weather can increase dryness further. The skin can tolerate only very mild cleansers – a normal cleanser or soap can quickly strip skin of moisture.

When Vata aggravated skin is not looked after correctly, skin starts to age much faster as its sebum production is impaired. It starts looking dull, lack lustre and feels rough.

Vata aggravated skin is also poorer at absorbing nourishment in the form of oils and serums as the skin’s brittleness and dryness makes the Srotas and pores stiff and inflexible and unable to absorb moisture properly/

A weekly or bi-weekly (twice a week) Face Mask Lepa application is strongly recommended for Vata imbalanced, dry, rough and dull skin. This application helps deeply nourish skin, balance Vata dosha and preps skin to receive nourishment better in the form of facial serums and oils.

The Krya Moisture plus face Mask (Lepa) – nourishing, healing face mask for dry skin (aggravated vata)

All Krya Face Masks / Lepas are completely natural formulations that are made ONLY from carefully chosen and uniquely processed Ayurvedic herbs, Lentils and Grains. Depending upon the skin issue we are trying to resolve, each Lepa formulation will contain a unique set of herbs, a unique set of processing techniques, and needs to be mixed using a specific Anupana (medium) .

The Krya Moisture Plus Facial Mask (Lepa), an ayurvedic face mask for dry skin, is formulated using 28 deeply nourishing, skin healing and vata balancing grains and ayurvedic Herbs like Kushta, Daruharidra, Durva , Manjishta, Brahmi, and Babchi.

The ingredients have been chosen after a careful study of the Ayurvedic Samhitas.  For vata prakriti skin, where skin is inherently tough, brittle and dry, regular use of the Krya Moisture Plus face Mask helps coax vata back into balance. With each use, we see skin becoming less uncomfortable, less taut and tight and sebum secretion is encouraged. We can also feel that the texture of skin is plumper and more supple and has an even, radiant appearance.

For more information on ayurvedic face masks and how they are to be used correctly, please read our detailed blog post on the subject. 

Further care for dry skin (vata aggravated) :

We recommend that dry skin which has aggravated vata prakriti be cared for using our 3 part Moisture plus face system. This system consists of the Krya moisture plus face wash, the Krya Moisture Plus skin nourishing Facial Serum, and the Krya Moisture Plus face Lepa (Mask). When this this 3 part system is used, it improves dry skin in the following 4 ways:

  1. Balances aggravated vata dosha in facial skin
  2. Soothes stretched, taut, dry skin
  3. Allows the skin to regulate sebum production to the right level
  4. Skin appears soothed, with healthy elasticity, plumpness and radiance.

Further, to balance vata aggravation and dryness all over the body, we recommend using the Krya Moisture Plus Bodywash as a daily bathing alternative to synthetic soaps and bodywashes.


Skin with high amount of Vata dosha influence has the following characteristics:


  • Feels dry, stretched and taut in cold weather / low humidity
  • Is naturally pale and cool to touch
  • Sometimes due to overall Vata aggravation, skin becomes darker / tanned looking WITHOUT high sun exposure
  • Moisturisers and oils seem to “sink quickly” into skin – skin seems to absorb light moisturisers very quickly requiring constant re-application
  • Skin texture is slightly rough and coarse
  • Fine lines and small wrinkles are visible around eyes and mouth
  • Skin is rarely prone to oiliness or acne

Face Masks / Lepas are a critical skin improving aid in Ayurveda. We use Lepas to deliver a concentrated dose of nutrients to skin or hair. Because of the length of time a Lepa is left on skin, we can see very dramatic and recognizable improvements in facial skin after each Lepa application.Krya Classic face mask is a carefully blended ayurvedic choornam

The Krya Face Mask / Lepa are produced as concentrated Ayurvedic choornams. Each ingredient is separately and uniquely processed to suit a particular dosha and then harmoniously blended together.

Choose the correct Anupana (mixing medium):

The Anupana (medium) of the Face Mask / Lepa is what allows the Herbs to interact with each other and also draws in the nutrients and enters the skin Srotas. So the choice of Anupana is critical to how well your Lepa works for you.

In Ayurveda the following Anupanas are universally permitted depending upon skin type and problems faced:

  • Clean Water (All skin types)
  • Cow’s Milk (preferably A2) (Dry Skin)
  • Good quality, chemical free Rose Water (Oily or Acne prone skin)
  • Fresh Swarasa of certain plants (Fresh Aloe Gel which has been rinsed well to remove the irritant) (Depends upon Swarasa used)
  • Kashayas (decoctions) of ayurvedic herbs chosen for different skin types (Depends upon Kashaya used)

If in doubt about how your skin will react to the Anupana, Water is the best choice or a carefully chosen Kashaya. Otherwise for drier skin types Milk or Milk with water is a good Anupana.

If you have a tendency to break out and have Pitta leaning skin, Rose water or Aloe Gel or a combination of these with water can be used.

Mix your Face Mask (Lepa) to correct consistency:

Mixing your Face Mask / Lepa to the correct consistency using the appropriate Anupana is a critical step. The Mixing of the Lepa ensures that the Anupana is well distributed among the herbs in the Choornam. The proper mixing also allows for the product to be easily applied on skin.

All Krya Face Masks / Lepas contain water soluble natural plant gums (whole and not extracted) like Babool Gond, Badam Gond, etc. The expand and have a gel like texture in the presence of water, adhering the herbs in a  homogenous fashion. By themselves , the Plant Gums are also excellent nutrients for skin.

Please mix the required quantity of Face Mask / Lepa in the Anupana (medium) suggested for you. The product should be blended into a thick non drippy consistency, and left for 45 minutes before use. This allows the herbs to interact with the Anupana improving its potency.

Mix your face mask to a thick, non drippy consistency

Step 1: Pre-Cleanse your Skin :

All Ayurvedic Face Masks / Lepas MUST be applied on clean skin. This prepares the skin to receive the nutrients properly from the Lepa. This also ensures that nothing interferes with the action of the Lepa on skin like sebum, pollutants, grime, etc.

Before applying a face mask, cleanse skin correctly

When cleansing the skin, care must be taken NOT to strip skin of its natural oils. When this is done, the Srotas become stiff and inflexible and are unable to receive the nutrients given by the mask properly. This is why we suggest pre-cleansing with the recommended Krya Face cleanser and not a synthetic soap or a face wash.

Step 2: Thickly Apply the Face Mask (Lepa):

Using a Mask brush or clean fingers, apply the Mask on cleansed face and Neck leaving out the eye area.

Apply face mask to correct thickness

Ayurveda advises applying the Mask, thick (to the width of ½ anguli – ½ the width of your thumbnail). This thickness allows the herbs to work slowly and deeply into skin.

Step 2a: Rinse out the Face Mask at the correct Time:

Face Masks (Lepas) should NOT be left to completely dry out on skin. This is NOT recommended and can cowrk against skin and even prematurely age it over time.

When the Mask begins to dry on skin, rinse it out with cool water. When mask is semi dry, if you touch it, you will see very small amounts of residue as it is beginning to dry.

Step 3: Seal in Moisture

After Face Mask /Lepa, the Srotas of the skin are much more open due to the action of the Lepa. This unclogging action helps remove deeply embedded dead cells, oil plugs, etc. The Lepa also improves the action of the Srotas so they are flexible and help in proper conduct of heat, sweat and absorption of nutrients inwards.

Seal in with a facial oil / serum after rinsing out the face mask

It is important to utilise this opportunity after Lepa, to deliver fresh nourishment to skin, as the Srotas are primed and ready to absorb it. So on clean damp skin (after rinsing out the Lepa properly), please pat in 1 – 2 drops of your recommended Krya Facial oil / serum and seal it in.

28 Organic Lentils , grains and ayurvedic herbs

*Heritage Mung bean, *Heritage Masoor bean, Vetiver, Ananthamoola, Durva, Daruharidra, *Heritage Fennel, *Manjishta, *Heritage Rice, *Heritage Arrowroot, Badam Gond, Babool Gond, *Heritage Fenugreek, *Heritage Black Channa, Indian Rose, Patranga, Brahmi, Indian Liquorice, Babchi, Kushta, Khadira, Kalmegh, Lodhra, Bala, Ashwagandha, Guduchi, Shatavari

* —Organically grown
Heritage: Indicates that indigenous, non gmo, non hybrid crop has been used

Radical Transparency in action – What We Declare is What you get!

This is a list of 100% of all the ingredients that go into this product . There are no other hidden ingredients or synthetics masquerading under innocuous names in this product.

All ingredients are sourced whole. They are then meticulously cleaned , processed in a temperature controlled environment one by one, before being blended together.

Questions and answers of the customers

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Krya Moisture plus face mask (Lepa) – hydrating nourishing mask for dry, vata prakriti skin

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