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Krya Anti-Acne Face Wash (100 gm)


Looking for a gentle, sebum balancing natural face wash for acne prone skin? Is your adult acne causing you distress and leaving you puzzled about why your skin flares up?  Do you find the synthetic products suggested to you harsh and working only temporarily by ineffective ay solving the issue?

The difference lies in how Ayurveda sees acne and treats acne prone skin.

Instead of using harsh, sebum stripping cleansers to treat Acne prone skin that simply irritate it and dry it out in patches, Ayurveda asks to treat the root cause instead: unbalanced Pitta dosha.

Hence the Krya anti acne face wash is formulated to be a highly gentle, but effective sebum balancing, wholesome, natural face wash powder. It is made from 25 organic grains, lentils and carefully sourced Ayurvedic herbs. The Krya Anti acne face wash powder helps gently cleanse, unclog, balance sebum production and slowly shrink the size of acne outbreaks on skin. And it does all of this without further irritating sensitive Pitta aggravated skin in any way.

The Krya Anti acne face wash is made completely with plant based whole herbs, grains and herbs. Every single ingredient is carefully sourced, thoughtfully cleaned and processed separately at the Krya facility before being blended together. This process allows us to maintain the integrity, botanical nutrients, aroma, texture and colour of our ayurvedic herbs, lentils and grains. A full listing of the Ingredients that go into this product can be found in the Ingredients tab below.

If you are unsure about whether this product is the right product, read our how to choose tab below . For information on how to use this product, diet and lifestyle practices to follow for Pitta-Kapha prakriti skin, and a full list of ingredients please read below in our detailed list of tabs with information.

This is a 100% natural, completely chemical free Face wash Choornam. Please read our certification & values tab for more information on this.

This is a 100 gm pack – We expect this pack to last for 30 – 32 uses.

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Are you looking for a gentle, sebum balancing face wash for acne prone skin?

In Ayurveda, Acne is referred to as Youvana pidaka. Ayurveda says that atleast 2 doshas are vitiated in youvana pidaka, sometimes all 3. Vitiation of pitta dosha increases the oiliness, and greasiness of skin. Pitta vitiation also leads to irritation in certain localised areas like the face, chest, back, etc which result in small localised eruptions. This vitiation affects both Rakta dhatu (blood) and Mamsa dhatu (muscle) and intake of improper food is one of the key causes of acne. When this improper eating persists and the acne is not treated properly, or harsh products are used or it is picked apart, it can get further infected leading to pus oozing, cystic acne.

All synthetic products used to treat acne use chemicals like Benzoyl peroxide, Triclosan, Salicylic acid, and alcohol extracts. These chemicals are known respiratory irritants and application typically results in dry skin and skin darkening especially when used by people with a darker skin type. More worryingly, many young girls with acne are now been routinely prescribed with birth control pills that alters hormonal balance in the body to simply control the spread of acne., These practices are harmful and dangerous to the body and do not guarantee a relief in acne.

The Krya Anti acne face wash – gentle, natural, balancing face wash for acne prone skin (aggravated pitta + kapha)

Krya follows the Ayurvedic rule of opposites when treating acne which is a Pitta prone disorder. Pitta is strong, intense, sharp and rapid. We formulate our acne products to be cool, gentle, mild and soft on skin..

The Krya Anti acne Face wash is made from 25 organic lentils and grains and whole Ayurvedic herbs. Each ingredient is specially chosen and carefully processed in order to help balance sebum production skin and sooth and cool and balance aggravated Pitta dosha.

The product is extremely gentle and soothing on skin, yet cleanses skin deeply and thoroughly.  The Krya anti acne skin products use our special patent-pending production process and herbs recommended by Ayurveda to work on acne prone skin. With regular use there is a shrinking in pimples, reduction in appearance and improvement in skin clarity and health without resorting to skin irritating chemicals or dangerous drugs .

Further care for acne prone skin (highly pitta + kapha aggravated) :

We recommend that acne prone skin which has aggravated Pitta and Kapha aggravation be best cared for using both the Krya Anti acne face wash and the Krya anti acne face Lepa (mask). In cases of back acne, and acne eruptions across the body, we recommend the use of the Krya Classic body wash to help control acne, cleanse and unclog skin and release aggravated Pitta from all over the body.

Once the acne has been brought under control (can take upto 6 months in cases of very pronounced cystic acne), after examining the skin, we suggest adding the Krya Classic Facial Oil   and the Vyoma Skin Serum to the skin routine. This helps nourish skin in a balanced manner, lightens blemishes and improves skin texture further.

Acne is strongly correlated with eating Pitta aggravating and toxin producing food. Please read the Krya blog for suggestions on a good diet to follow for Acne and good health giving practices that can help balance your doshas.  Regular Dinacharya practices like Eating on time, doing a regular abhyanga and regular hair oiling also help control aggravation of Pitta and other Doshas in the system. For a complete acne program, please start with this article.

With diligent use of the Anti acne products, correction in ahara (diet) and lifestyle, Krya users report seeing the following changes:

  • Reduction in incidences of acne breakouts
  • Reduction in size of eruption
  • Eruption has less pus / kapha based material
  • Inflammations go down faster
  • Skin texture and appearance is improved

p.s: This system is designed for full on adult acne. If your concern is simply to do with skin oiliness, blackheads and whiteheads, do consider using the Krya Classic Face wash instead.


A Krya face wash is an excellent natural substitute to a synthetic foaming cleanser.

Krya face washes are purely natural ayurvedic choornams made from a select combination of processed lentils, grains and ayurvedic herbsAll Krya face washes are well, researched, carefully formulated and thoughtfully manufactured ayurvedic choornams (powders) made from organic lentils, grains and select ayurvedic herbs.

The Krya facewash does not use foaming chemicals like SLS and SLeS, synthetic preservatives like parabens, artificial colours and fragrances, thickeners, or any manner of synthetic additive.

Instead it is wholesome and completely natural, made ONLY from organic lentils, grains and ayurvedic herbs.

Krya facewashes don't just clean - they also unclog the srotas in the skin gently over time

The Krya face wash does not merely surface cleanse: it also cleanses and unclogs the Srotas in the skin reducing the appearance of open pores, and helping deep cleanse skin and remove hidden ama (toxins).

Over time you will find that skin has a more refined and even appearance as Srotas are unplugged of dead cells and debris, allowing the skin to go back to its original texture and appearance.

Because of the way each Krya face wash is formulated, it does not foam like a synthetic face wash. But this is an excellent benefit as the product will cleanse skin extremely gently (while still being effective), and will not strip skin of natural sebum and dry it out.

Many consumers therefore find that there is no need to moisturise skin after using a Krya facewash as all the essential natural oils are intact in skin.

Difference between the Krya Facewashes:

We have formulated many Krya facewash products to suit different skin issues and prakrirtis. Each formulation varies in the colour of the product, its texture, the herbs used, the processing method used and finally the way it interacts with your skin.

For example, the Krya Classic Face wash is formulated to gently cleanse and unclog Pitta prakriti skin. To balance sebum production of this naturally oily skin and remove dead cells from deep within we use a combination of highly astringent, toning and skin cleansing herbs which do not irritate skin.

The Krya after sun face wash on the other hand is formulated to cool and cleanse sun burned and sun tanned skin. So it contains highly gentle, cooling and soothing cleansing herbs. It is also processed to ensure that it does not irritate burned skin.

Such herb, processing and formulation differences exist in each Krya face wash. Please go through the “Is the right product for me” tab given in each Krya facewash to select the correct product for your prakriti and skin type.

How to use:

  • Take ½ – ¾ teaspoon of the correct Krya face wash powder for you in a clean bowl.
  • Add a few drops of clean, cool water to make this into a thick, non-drippy paste.
  • If Possible, leave the paste to stand for 20 minutes so that the herbs interact well with each other. This can be done by mixing the Face wash paste at the beginning of your bath, and using it to wash your face by the end of your bath.
  • Apply this paste gently on your face and neck using gentle upward and circular motions avoiding the delicate area around your eyes.
  • If using the Krya Anti acne Face wash, apply the wash like a Face Mask / Lepa – Pat onto skin, DO NOT Rub, and leave for a minute before washing off the paste with cool water. This is to avoid irritating sensitive , acne prone skin
  • Rinse off with clean, cool water and pat face dry.
  • Use Twice a day for best results. We recommend using the Face wash both in the morning and again at night just before sleeping
  • At night, please follow up your face wash by using the recommended Krya facial serum on damp clean skin. This ensures that your skin is worked on at night while you sleep, by a potently nourishing and restoring set of oils and botanical nutrients.

Other additives that can be added to your Krya face wash to enhance results:

  • For normal – dry skin that is not acne prone: Good quality A2 Milk (boiled and cooled). If skin is very dry, milk cream can also be added
  • For Normal – Oily skin that is occasionally acne prone: ½ Milk-cream removed + ½ clean water OR, Good quality Rose water
  • For Acne Prone skin: ½ Water + ½ Good quality Aloe Juice OR ½ Water + ½ Fresh Neem leaf juice
  • For Sun Burned Skin: ½ Aloe Juice + ½ Rose Water . If skin is very dry and sun burned: ½ Rose water + ½ Good Quality A2 Milk (Cream removed)
  • For Men’s Skin: Rose Water OR Aloe Juice OR Fresh Neem Leaf Juice OR Plain Cool Water

Recommended Krya Face care Routine:

  1. Wash your face wash with the recommended Krya face wash once in the morning and once at night before sleeping
  2. At night , after face wash, use the recommended Krya Facial Serum to help moisturise and nourish skin
  3. Once a week, use the recommended Krya Face Mask (Lepa) on cleansed skin. Detailed instructions for this product are available on the Main Lepa page and Individual product pages. For acne prone skin, the Lepa should be used twice a week.
  4. After Lepa, please seal in moisture using the recommended Krya Facial serum
  5. Ensure you do a regular Abhyanga Snana – a regular Abhyanga helps balance all 3 doshas, improves skin recovery and restoration and boosts the way all Krya products work for you. For more details please visit our Abhyanga Snana Category page.
  6. Besides diligent use of Krya’s products, a good diet is extremely restorative and nourishing for skin. Please read the Krya Blog for more suggestions on the right Ahara and Dinacharya for different skin types.

Free from:

  • Synthetic Chemicals
  • Sulphates and synthetic surfactants
  • petroleum
  • synthetic colours
  • fillers, parabens,
  • SLS, SLeS, extracts, and preservatives

Made completely from:

  • Organically and forest collected grains, lentils and ayurvedic herbs in their Whole and natural form.
  • We do not use extracts and distillates while making any Krya product

Certification & Values:

  • Vegetarian & Cruelty-free
  • Radical transparency (What We Declare is what you get)
  • Follows fairtrade principles (In Ingredient sourcing, Supplier relationships and People management)
  • People Positive (All Krya offices / factories offer a good quality , learning-focused working environment, nurture employees , and offer good employment benefits & sane working hours)
  • Environmentally sustainable, Biodegradable, Compostable

The holistic Krya face wash made from organic grains, lentils and ayurvedic whole herbs
This product is made from 25 organic lentils, grains and whole ayurvedic herbs as given below:

Certified Organic: Arrowroot

Organic not Certified: Special herb processed Green Gram, Masoor lentil, Heritage Green gram, Heritage Brown Channa, Heritage Kitchli Samba rice, Manjishta

Wild Collected: Arjuna Bark, Patranga (Sappanwood), Katsura( Zeodary), Nimba (Neem leaf), Brahmi (Indian pennywort), Yashtimadhu (Indian Liquorice), Lodhra, Vetiver, Ananthamoola (Indian Sarsaparilla), Daruharidra (Tree turmeric), Triphala (3 Myrobalans), Tulasi (Holy basil), Vacha (Calamus root), Shirisha ( Lebbeck tree), Ashoka bark, Khadira, Kushta, Amrita (Guduchi)

Skin with aggravated Pitta + Kapha which is acne prone, is pretty easy to spot. So:

  • You break out frequently around the month and not just near your period (if you are a woman)
  • The breakouts are large, noticeably red, and are sometimes filled with pus
  • Breakouts are in plural – so more than one pimple at a time
  • Skin has many scars and blemishes from earlier large breakouts which are unresolved

If your issue is more of blackheads, whiteheads, and oily skin, you would do better with the Krya Classic skin range.  For example, the Krya Classic face wash may be much better at cleansing skin than the Krya Anti acne face wash.  This system may be too gentle for you if you do not have full blown adult acne.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Masura is not restricted to acne prone skin. It is considered a good kanti vardhaka - complexion enhancer in Ayurveda, and this is why we use it in this product for Acne prone skin also. We actually dont use Channa dal (besan) for this product. It is used only in certain restricted set of products like the Men's Classic Face wash, etc. Our Anti Acne face wash is formulated to be very gentle - it does not dry out skin, rather it balances it.
  2. A All Krya face washes are carefully formulated and processed for facial skin use - they are extremely mild, with even grains and do not irritate / strongly exfoliate delicate facial skin. So please do choose the correct Krya face wash for you and use it - it will definitely help your skin.

7 reviews for Krya Anti-Acne Face Wash (100 gm)

  1. Sanghamitra

    Thank you Krya.

    I visited my dermatologist this evening and she said that my skin is looking lovely, it’s just about 15 days that I started using krya products on my skin, I am thrilled Coz the compliment came from a renowned skin specialist.

    Thank you once again.

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  2. Devika G

    Absolutely loving my Krya products. Big big thanks

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  3. Sanskriti Tiwary

    My skin has never been better

    I have used it religiously for the last two weeks, and i haven’t seen a single new acne erupting. The old ones are healing. I wish i had started using this before trying everything else that i did over the past few months.

    Thank you Preethi and team

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  4. shreya (verified owner)

    I really liked how my skin felt after using the face wash but almost a month into it my skin started breaking out and I started getting a lot of clogged pores. I’m not sure why but my skin started clearing up after switching to my regular face wash. I love the masks and serum so I wanted to like this one. I’ll probably give it another shot because I love all other krya products.

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  5. Lalitha Ganesh (verified owner)

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  6. RAKHEE (verified owner)

    Works well on the adult acne that i have recently developed. Reduces severity and unevenness.

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  7. Sajna Amit (verified owner)

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