Krya Natural Hair Colour - Dwii (2-Step Color , Midnight Black Shade)

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(6 customer reviews)


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Based on Ayurvedic First Principles

  1. A completely natural . 100% herb based 2-step hair colour

Krya Hair Colour Usage Instructions DWII 2 STEP (right-click to download)

1. Patch Test
Although the Krya natural hair colour (as are all of Krya’s products) made completely from safe, whole herbs, a patch test is a sensible precaution to take when trying out any new skin / hair product. We strongly recommend doing this the before the first time you use the Krya hair colour product.

1. Wash a square patch of skin measuring an inch in height and breadth on the inside of your elbow, or a small round spot just behind your ear. Wash this area well and dry it with a clean cloth . Make a thick paste of the Krya hair colour in water and apply it on the patch test area. Leave it on for two hours.

2. After 2 hours, wash off the colour paste with plain water.
3. Monitor this area for 24 hours. If you feel any intense burning, intense itching, or see any inflammation or redness in the area, do not use the product.
4. If you experience no adverse symptoms or if you experience very mild itchiness or irritation that subsides quickly, you may go ahead and use the product.
5. If you have used a single step krya hair colour before, this product uses a similar set of herbs as well.

2. Strand test
We strongly recommend doing a strand test before you colour your entire hair. This is because the dye uptake on your hair varies depending upon how porous it is (if you have high chemical damage), presence of metallic salts (from your water or your previous hair dye), the amount of greys in your hair, and how your individual hair responds to the plants in our hair colour.

The strand test gives you an idea of the colour you can expect from this application of hair colour.

Do Remember that as you begin to colour your hair with the Krya hair colour, the strand test results will vary. This is why we recommend doing a strand test before every application.

Choosing strands for your strand test:
We recommend choosing strands that are easy to isolate, yet will remain hidden under your hair to keep your results discreet. Choose a section of hair that has the same proportion of greys as the rest of your hair. We recommend choosing a 2-inch section of hair. Apply your Krya hair colour exactly as recommended to this section of hair in 2 steps. Leave it on for 2 hours and then rinse with plain water. The Krya hair colour shades take between 24 – 48 hours to develop. If you are satisfied with how the colour looks a day later, you may proceed to applying the colour for your complete head of hair.

3. Dwii Usage Instructions
1. Please check the strand test and patch test instructions given above.
2. On the day of application or the previous day, oil & wash your hair with your hair care products as usual.
3. The Krya Natural Hair Colours should only be applied only on clean, oil-free, washed & dry hair
4. On day 1 , please use contents of pack labeled STEP-1 , this is 100 gm , sufficient for shoulder length hair or medium length hair.
5. Make a thick paste of the Krya hair colour powder ( Step- 1) in water– apply hair colour paste thoroughly on hair , section by section, especially covering grey hair . Greys must be thoroughly covered physically for ideal colouring.
6. You can use a brush to apply the colour or you can wear a pair of gloves and apply the paste with gloved hands. After completely covering the hair with the hair colour paste, please wait for at-least TWO HOURS.
7. If required, cover your head with a shower cap, this keeps your head warm & retains moisture.
8. After the waiting period, rinse off the Krya hair colour with PLAIN WATER – do not use any hair-wash or shampoo. The water should preferably be room temperature water straight from the tap and NOT hot water. Towel-dry your hair.
9. NOTE: The colour from day-1 may take upto 24 hours after application to fully develop, and your hair should develop a reddish-tinge due to the Henna in the Step-1 product
10. On day-2, please use the contents of the pack labeled “Step- 2” and make a paste in water and apply the paste as before. After waiting for 2 hours, rinse off with plain water.
11. Do NOT use any Krya hair-wash or other Shampoo on your hair for 24 hours after colouring your hair.
12. 24 hours after applying the contents of step-2, the reddish tinge should transform into the Full black shade.
13. You can use the Krya hair-wash or your current shampoo to wash your hair after the 24 hours Period after step-2. In case you are using a hair-wash or shampoo, oil your scalp and hair before washing.

This pre-oiling is NOT required in case you are using the Krya creamy conditioning hair mask.
14. Apply a Krya Hair Colour Oil regularly on scalp and hair to nourish hair and scalp and care for you hair.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A We suggest a transition period of 6 weeks between synthetic colour and Dwii. Apply no colour to hair in this period and simply work on nourishing it and rebuilding the hair. Prolonged synthetic colour usage leads to hair cuticular damage - so the focus must be on rebuilding hair. After 6-8 weeks, start with Dwii. Please note that you may not get consistent colour at first - but please continue with it. As the hair damage is repaired, the colour will affix better and look better.
  2. A Hi, Our natural colours last roughly a month or a month and a half - they bond better and better to hair with continuous use. They are not comparable with synthetic hair colours because the method of hair bonding is completely different.
  3. A NO. Absolutely NOT. This product does NOT contain hydrogen peroxide. ALL Krya products, including this product, are made 100% from whole herbs only. We also give a complete declaration of all ingredients on our website, so you can make an informed choice
  4. A Hi there! We formulated the 2 step hair colours, Dwii range for consumers who have very high or dye resistant greys. To strengthen the dye bond with hair and ensure it latches on better (which is needed in these cases), we split the dye stages into 2 stages. By layering these stages one by one, the dye-hair bond is much stronger - so this product works better when grey percentage is very high or the greys are dye resistant. Hope this helps?

6 reviews for Krya Natural Hair Colour – Dwii (2-Step Color , Midnight Black Shade)

  1. Anand S. (verified owner)

    Good Product. Though a bit cumbersome to use two packs. Do you have a single pack black shade to be used for white hair?

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  2. Sonal Singh (verified owner)

    While mehndi colour stays, Indigo wears out much faster these days

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  3. Priyanka Sinha (verified owner)

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  4. Apoorva Desikachar (verified owner)

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  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  6. RAKHEE (verified owner)

    The colour latches well and stays good for a whole month. And the hair feels nourished and glossy from within.

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