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Krya Intense Hair Wash : gentle shampoo powder for hairfall after illness

Krya Intense Hair Wash : gentle shampoo powder for hairfall after illness


The Krya Intense Hair wash powder is a gentle, effective, and wholesome natural shampoo powder for those recovering after long term illness or medical treatment . SLS and SLeS based shampoos are harsh on scalp and hair and further weaken hair texture and health. They are also extremely unsafe for human health and the environment.

The Krya Intense hair wash is made from time tested, safe , yet effective Ayurvedic herbs.

Each herb is processed from scratch individually, starting from its whole, raw form at the Krya factory and blended by the Krya team in house. Every formulation is developed in house after extensive research and testing.

This is a 26 herb formula with Shikakai, Soapberry, Mushta, Moringa, Hibiscus flower, Annato Seeds and other herbs. The product is very finely processed to ensure it does not irritate already weak hair.

The Krya Intense hair wash is formulated to help very gently cleanse scalp without damaging hair. It balances Vata and Pitta in the scalp and clears Kapha based deposits that slow down hair growth.

The product, like all Krya ayurvedic hair wash powders is in Choornam / blended herb powder format. This has to be made into a paste and used on the hair. The product is low foam, gentle, and harmonious and wholesome on hair and scalp.

Like All Krya choornams, the Krya Intense hair wash is biodegradable, compostable, and safe for RWH systems, soil and ground water. The product is vegan and cruelty free and does NOT contain any synthetic or animal origin ingredients.

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Are you looking for the right shampoo to deal with intensive hairfall after a recent illness?

After a severe illness or a viral attack, the texture and health of hair drastically reduces. Hair becomes weaker, finer, more fragile . There is higher than usual hairfall. Hair also becomes extremely weak – it breaks easily while combing or washing. The hairfall could also be linked to natural inflammatory responses in the body while combating viral infections like Dengue.

This has to do with how illness affects the body’s Dhatus and therefore the hair. In this state, the hair cannot be treated normally with regular haircare products. We need to support and nourish hair systematically using a special set of well designed hair care products.

The choice of shampoo, hair oil and nourishing products are all critical. The right shampoo will not trigger further hairfall after illness.

Krya Intense hair wash : a natural shampoo powder formulated for high hairfall after illness

After an illness, there is unusual hairfall & this can worsen with the use of synthetic shampoo. The Krya Intense hairwash is  a gentle natural shampoo powder formulated to cleanse hair that is extremely weak and fine. This product is made using 26 potent ayurvedic herbs. Each herb is processed whole from scratch to the right specifications to suit weak, fine hair.

This hairwash has been formulated differently from Krya’s other hairwashes. It is extremely fine, gentle on hair and ensures that hair is cleansed extremely mildly and conditioned thoroughly.

To formulate the Krya Intense Hair wash we have used a mix of gentle cleansing herbs like Desert Date and Shikakai. we also use texture improving and conditioning herbs like Hibiscus Leaf, Moringa leaf, Roselle flower, etc.

To reduce Pitta build up in the hair , we use Pitta balancing herbs like Nimba bark, Amla, Bhringaraj, etc.

To reduce Kapha build up in the scalp and to stimulate healthy hair growth, we use Annato seeds, Mushta, Manjishta, Vacha, etc.

However a cleanser, even a well formulated one, cannot take care of the complete range of hair issues. So the Krya Intense hairwash is best used along with a regular oiling and masking regimen . The Krya Intense Hair Oil is formulated to work on healthy hair growth, to provide balanced nourishment to the scalp and improve hair quality over time. Should you be buying the latest Onion oil instead to solve your hair issue? Read our post on this here. 

We also recommend regular use of the Krya Intense hair mask, formulated with growth promoting and scalp health enhancing herbs for more complete results.

All these 3 products are available together at a discounted price in the Krya Intense Hairfall Growth promoting system.

Encouraging healthy hair growth after illness

We strongly recommend a regular abhyanga for good body health and hair health. A regular abhyanga detoxifies the body, balances the doshas , and improves skin and hair health dramatically. An abhyanga is recommended to be done on Tuesdays and Fridays for Women and on Wednesdays & Saturdays for Men.

The Krya Intense Abhyanga Oil or the Krya Classic Abhyanga Oil can be used for Abhyanga for adults. Please go thorough individual product descriptions of our abhyanga products in our Abhyanga sub category.

For Hairfall due to PCOS & PCOD

The Krya Intense hair wash range and this shampoo powder also suits hairfall connected to PCOD, PCOS, hypothyroidism, and weakness after fertility treatment. For hairfall related to long term conditions like hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, PCOS and PCOD, please also read our special post that suggests diet and lifestyle based corrections to help the body heal. 

Synthetic shampoos worsen severe hairfall

Synthetic shampoos contain a potent cocktail of cheap degreasing detergents, thickeners, fragrances , paraben based preservatives and lots of water – this potent cocktail is responsible for stripping hair of its natural sebum, damaging your hair’s cuticular structure, further slowing down hair growth and weakening hair.

This wreaks havoc on hair weakened by illness and medication. It tampers with the hair’s natural oils and further adds toxins to the scalp. The result: hair is drier, less glossy and more brittle.

Hair Consultation

If your hair growth has been delayed due to complications like illness, stress, etc, and you would like a more customized solution, write to us for a free product consultation. 



Using the Krya hairwash is going to be challenging and may test your patience, especially if you have not used a choornam based hair product in a long while. Even for those of us who are used to this format from childhood, reverting to it after a decade + of using smooth, highly lathering liquid shampoos can be frustrating.

You may question the need for this product.

BUT, using a herb and grain based Choornam for cleaning scalp and hair is FAR superior to the most expensive shampoo, conditioner shampoo bar that you can ever use. In time with regular use, you will find that scalp is more balanced, fungal outbreaks are less and that hair is smoother, and stronger with better growth.


Krya ayurvedic hair wash powders - excellent alternative to synthetic shampoo

Why are Krya’s ayurvedic hair wash powders better for hair and scalp?

1. The Krya ayurvedic hair wash powders are mildly acidic and close to hair’s natural pH
2. The plants used that add cleansing properties DO NOT work like SLS , SLES and Lye – which means that they do not denature protein which is found on the scalp and hair and are NOT persistent. SLS and SLeS are BOTH persistent on scalp – traces remain for more than a week after you shampoo – so they sit and continue to denature the scalp. Krya’s plant surfactants are mild and gentle on scalp

Krya ayurevdic hair wash powders - with gentle plant surfactants
3. The Plant based choornam conserves your microbial colony which is CRITICAL in all times especially in Cororna times like the period we are going through. Your microbiome is what gives you immunity. If you use harsh detergents and alkaline compounds like soap to cleanse skin, you wipe away your microbiome making it easier for dangerous micro organisms to penetrate your body.
4. By wiping out your microbiome and denaturing your scalp and skin, synthetic shampoos make your body vulnerable and open to invasion.
5. Persistent use of shampoos because of their denaturing effects thin down hair, accelerate greying. A herb based choornam like our Hairwashes, on the other hand, actually WORK on your scalp balancing pitta + vata by using scalp healing and hair growth promoting herbs

Krya ayurevdic hair wash powder - uses scalp healing and growth promoting herbs

With the use of our Hair wash products, hair and scalp is cleansed gently, scalp is subject to the action of many herbs designed to balance the doshas. Hair’s external structure is intact – the cuticular structure is NOT damaged, so hair is stronger and more able to handle tugging, brushing, washing etc.

But, with all these benefits, the Choornam is still difficult to use. So here is how you can use it – this is basis my experience and many Krya customers who have struggled and figured out how to use the choornams effectively.

Method 1 : use the Krya hair wash powder like a Mask

  • De-tangle & section hair into 6 – 7 sections. Ensure that each section is straight and that the scalp is well exposed as you section out hair
  • Take the requisite quantity of Krya hair wash and mix into a thick paste, similar to pancake batter using cool water. Product should not be very drippy
  • Massage the paste well into the scalp first, along with each section.
  • Then coat each hair section well with the paste before rolling up onto the head.
  • Do this for each section. Finally, use the remaining paste to hold the hair together on the head
  • Put on a shower cap and leave the natural shampoo paste on for 30 minutes or so.
  • Rinse off the product thoroughly with clean, cool water. Towel dry.

Method 2: Use the Krya hair wash powder like a shampoo

1. Make a mildly thick paste with the Krya hairwash – it should look like runny dosa batter and should drip from your hand.
2. Wet your hair extremely well. Takes 3 – 4 mugs of water to do this for shoulder length hair. Synthetic shampoos containing wetting agents, so you can actually use the shampoo almost directly on hair without too much wetting. With a natural hairwash like ours, the hair has to be completely wet – hair tends to swell when fully wet, which makes efficient washing easier.
3. Apply the paste in sections all over the scalp first. Once you have covered the whole scalp concentrate on the hair length. It is not important to thoroughly scrub hair length but it is important to cover scalp and head well as this is the source of dirt, oil and dandruff.
4. If you have oiled your hair, the paste will not have any foam the first time. The product foams only when excess oil and dirt have been removed from your scalp and hair. If you have oiled your hair heavily, please use the product twice. If you have cleaned well the first time, you should see foam during the second application – you can make the paste much more runny for the second time.
5. If you have over washed hair, your hair will squeak when being rinsed. Remember when hair squeaks, it is over-washed – remember to control this the next time you wash.
6. Rinse well in cool water (as cold as you can manage). This seals the hair shaft well – hot water breaks open the hair shaft and fries it (hair is a protein like an egg, so heat cooks it). Use your hand shower or your hands to gently guide the product from your scalp / head down the length of your hair and out. At this stage, unlike a synthetic shampoo, your hair will NOT feel thick, conditioned or synthetically smooth.
7. Towel / air dry your hair. Do not rub vigorously. Do not comb when wet.

8. Once dry, your hair should feel light, clean, without any static. Your scalp should feel soothed and not itchy. as mentioned, your hair should still feel clean 1 / 2 days after washing -and your need to wash should reduce.


Issues you could face when using the Krya ayurvedic hair wash powders

1. The product residue is still in my hair: If you do not rinse thoroughly, you may have some product residue in the hair. This falls out during combing / drying and will do no harm to your hair.
  • Why this occurs: We have a few constraints when designing our hairwash. we use whole powdered herbs as traditional medicine (and our experience) tells that that this conserves the nutrient properties of the herbs extremely well. But this means that this is a non-dissolving product, which means that there will be some amount of residue still left over if not rinsed out properly. This rinsing process is a habit – it takes a few tries and usually our consumers get the hang of it over 4 – 5 washes.
  • How to overcome this: Rinse thoroughly. It helps to partition your hair while in the shower, and rinse each section well, so that no residue is stuck in your hair.
2. My hair is feeling slightly rough and dry, not smooth & silky as it used to with my synthetic-shampoo + synthetic conditioner
  • Why this occurs: Synthetic shampoos are designed with hair coating agents like silicones to mask the damage done to the cuticular structure. The SLS / SLeS in the shampoo tends to break the cuticular scales -so if you examine shampooed hair under a microscope it will have a serrated edge and not a smooth appearance. This weakens hair structure and causes it to break easily and go dry. The silicone “conditioning” agents in the shampoo add a thin layer on top of this broken cuticular structure – so when you run your hand through hair it appears to be smooth. However, this silicone does not penetrate or repair hair – it simply adds a layer on top of hair, so the hair is still structurally weak.
  • How to overcome this: With consistent hair oiling with Krya’s hair oils, use of our Hair masks and our natural shampoo, you will see a visible difference in hair texture, strength and growth. Hair takes some time to heal, but you will see the difference for yourself with persistence. Truly Healthy hair has a remarkably better texture compared to damaged hair which is masked by the use of synthetic shampoo + synthetic conditioner.
3. My hair feels different after a Krya hairwash – not bad, but different from when I shampoo with a synthetic shampoo
  • Some differences you can see after washing your hair with our All Natural Hair wash powders:
    • Hair feels clean, light, not weighed down, without static when combed.
    • Scalp feels clean, cool, soothed & non itchy
    • Hair does not get greasy quickly after a wash – you can go longer without having to re-wash your hair . This is a sign that the hair’s sebum ecosystem is in balance.
4. The product is not foaming at all – how will my hair get clean?
  • Why this occurs: Krya uses a mixture of cleansing agents to create the Krya range of all natural hairwash powder. Of these different cleansing agents, only a few generate foam. Even the foam they generate is of very less quantity compared to synthetic surfactants. This is because we use whole plant surfactants like Acacia Concinna (Shikakai), Sapindus trifoliatus (Soapbnerry) etc. The volume of surfactants in this herbs are around 15% of the weight of the plant part. So the foam this plant will generate will be MUCH less compared to a synthetic shampoo where a large volume of the product is synthetic surfactants, foam boosters and lather generators. If there is oil remaining on your hair this product will not foam – which is an indicator of whether there is still excess oil on your hair or not.
  • How can I overcome this: Lather is not the only sign of cleansing. All of us are too used to lather in different products and have come to equate lather with cleansing. As you get used to all our all natural hair wash powder, you will begin to distinguish dirty hair from clean hair, without relying on lather as a cue. Remember, this excessive lather is NOT good for your scalp – it strips hair of much-needed sebum and leaves scalp dry and stunts hair growth

You should buy this range of products if you have:

  • Sudden severe hairfall with high loss of volume – for example you can see a loss upwards of 15% in hair volume and this hair fall is sudden and intensive
  • Extremely Slow hair growth – you can see this by length that remains static without growth and visible thinning or bald patches
  • Weak rooted hair that falls easily when washed, tugged , combed or brushed. You will be able to see the hair bulb as a white bulb at the root of the hair when it falls.

and this hairfall can be traced to the following:

  • Long term illness like TB, Auto Immune disorders, PCOD
  • Surgery
  • Invasive and Intensive therapy like radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, Prescription steroids, etc. 
  • Hair loss after prolonged fertility treatments
  • Intensive viral illnesses like nCovid-19, Dengue, Chikungunya
  • Any illness or recovery period which lasts for more than 3 weeks


After severe illnesses or viral attacks like dengue, chikungunya and now nCovid-19, there is a change in the basic structure of hair.

1-2 months after recovery, people notice that the hair is extremely weak. Texture is sometimes rough. The hair strand loses its thickness, and hair appears very soft, and easy to pull out.

There is also, very often, consistently high hair fall. At rates that are much higher than normal.

Why does hair fall increase and hair growth slow down after an illness?

Ayurveda terms severe hairfall as “Indralupta” – a condition where there is sudden and extreme shedding of hair and the normal pattern of growth of hair is also restricted. The causes of this kind of sudden hairfall are many and could include shock, extreme grief, damaging chemical treatments, a sudden change in diet or lifestyle and illnesses.

In the case of severe illnesses, the body has been left unsettled and stressed due to the illness itself and the medication used. This reduces the nutrition going towards hair and skin, as nutrition is limited for important organ systems.

Nutrition and energy are also at a premium when the body fights disease. all available resources go towards the body’s immune response. So when we are ill, there is debility in tissues, muscle weakness , dull skin and very poor hair growth or high hair fall.

Apart from this, the medication used to treat the illness may also impose a toll on the body.  This upsets the body’s natural microbiome and its response to the external environment.

As hair has a 3 month growth cycle, the period of one month before the illness and recovery period after illness is not conducive for healthy hair growth. So those recovering from illness, can see hair loss, poor hair growth and textural weakness for 6 months after full recovery.

The Krya Intense Hairwash is a gentle Ayurvedic cleansing shampoo powder formulated from potent hair cleansing, conditioning and healing herbs, as follows:

Forest collected:

Shikakai , Soapberry (trifoliatus), Soapberry (mukorossi), Desert date , Badam gum , Amla , Triphala , Neutral henna , Hibiscus flower-indian , Hibiscus flower-roselle , Hibiscus leaf , Liquorice , Moringa , Neem , Bhringaraj , Curry Leaf , Karanja Bark , Neem Bark , Mushta , Van Tulasi , Annota seed , Vacha


Whole Urad, Heritage Green Gram , Manjishta , Heritage Fenugreek


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