Krya Damage Repair Hair Oil ( 100 ml )


  • Krya advocates the generous use of medicated, herb steeped oils for good skin and health. This follows classical ayurvedic tradition which advocates the abhyangam as a way to regain good health.
  • Generous and frequent oil application on your hair and skin comes with many wonderful benefits. Besides promoting good skin and hair health, it also restores dosha balance, promotes circulation, keeps limbs and joints supple and leaves you feeling light , fresh and energetic.
  • The Krya Damage repair Hair Oil has been designed for hair that is chemically damaged by harsh , frequent treatments like hair colouring, perming, hair straightening or hair smoothening.  This oil is made using 13 herbs including Organic Marigold and Organic Parsley. We process these herbs in Organic coconut oil, Organic Apricot and Organic Kokum butter to make this beautiful, fragrant oil that helps deep condition hair, detoxify and cleanse scalp build up and stimulate collagen and keratin production to grow healthier and stronger hair.
  • The Krya Damage Repair Hair Oil is made using a classical 3-part Ayurvedic method combining Taila ( oil ) , Kashayam ( Aqueous Extract ) and Kalpa ( paste)
  • Use regularly to restore and repair chemically damaged hair.
  • This is a 100 ml pack.
  • All of Krya’s products are vegan and cruelty free and do not contain either synthetic ingredients or ingredients of animal origin.


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  • 100 ml
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Product description:

  • The Krya Damage Repair Hair Oil is made using a classical 3-part Ayurvedic process combining Taila ( oil ) , Kashayam ( Aqueous Extract ) and Kalpa ( paste)
  •  It takes us 9 days to manufacture a batch of oil from pre-processing, preparing and boiling the oils with herbs and steeping the final blend in the base oil and additional herbs. Almost every part of the process is hand made, the old fashioned way and the oil preparation boiling alone takes 6 – 7 hours on low heat.
  • Ayurveda follows this laborious method of oil processing to ensure that we extract both water soluble and oil soluble actives form the herbs to ensure an oil with maximum nutritional benefit. In this method, the herbs are chosen carefully for their documented benefits to nourish and strengthen your hair and scalp
  • After boiling, this special herb and oil mixture is then steeped in the base oil for 7 days to achieve maximum potency. In this oil, we additionally steep the oil in more herbs to impart their volatile oils and hair benefits further into the oil.

Complete Ingredient declaration:

Here’s what the 13 ingredient – Krya Damage Repair hair oil for chemically damaged hair contains:

  1. Organic Marigold – Promotes growth of stronger hair, increases scalp circulation
  2. Organic Flaxseed – Removes dead cells and toxins from scalp
  3. Organic Parsley – Stimulates keratin and collagen production
  4. Organic Henna – wound healing, anti fungal, cooling, high gloss
  5. Organic Holy Basil – powerful anti-oxidant with anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties
  6. Organic Rosemary – regenerative, improves hair gloss, anti bacterial
  7. Organic Thyme – Contains pottasium, magnesium and selenium which promotes hair growth
  8. Wild Indian Liquorice – moisurizng and conditioning on hair, promotes hair growth
  9. Organic Yellow Eclipta – ayurvedic hair revitaliser, improves hair strength, cools pitta, improves colour
  10. Organic Indian Gooseberry – ayurvedic hair revitaliser, improves acid mantle of hair, increases gloss and shine, improves circulation and encourages healthy hair growth
  11. Organic Hibiscus flowers – cooling, hair conditioning, high gloss herb
  12. Forest collected Ashwagandha – Powerful ayurvedic herb which promotes regenerative action and healing
  13. Organic Lemongrass – Balances scalp sebum secretion

These 13 herbs are processed in the following oils:

  1. Organic Coconut oil – pitta pacifying and hair growth promoting
  2. Organic Kokum butter – highly emollient and conditioning on skin and hair
  3. Organic Apricot oil – highly moisturizing, wound healing and hair growth promoting

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