Krya Moisture Plus Skin Nourishing System - Face ( Save Rs 95)

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Is your skin normal to dry, prone to flaking, feeling taut and stretched, has prominent wrinkles or laugh lines, and generally tends to look dull and feel rough? Sensitive, dry skin should not be washed with a synthetic face wash or moisturised with a synthetic moisturiser. This tends to rob the skin of nourishment making it feel duller and age more rapidly. The Krya Moisture Plus skin nourishing system- Face contains 3 products formulated to gently clean, nourish and replenish Normal to Dry, Vata prakriti skin:

1. Krya Moisture Plus Face wash with Gotu Kola & Liquorice

2. Krya Moisture Plus Face mask with fennel & Orange flower

3. Krya Moisture Plus Skin Oil with durva & Pomegranate (30 ml)

  The Krya Moisture Plus skin range: ideal companion for Normal - Dry, Vata prakriti skin The Krya Moisture Plus skin range is an ideal set of products for Vata Prakriti skin. we formulate this range with several nourishing, restoring and regenerative herbs. For example, we use anti aging and regenerative herbs like Wintercherry (ashwagandha), Gotu Kola that are famous for repairing and restoring dry skin. We also use deeply nourishing and moisture restoring herbs and oils like Indian Liquorice, Kokum Butter, Manjishta . These herbs are well known for skin nourishing, circulation improving and complexion boosting effects besides their vata balancing ability and help balance excess Vata with regular use. Unlike synthetic skin care products that are designed for normal to dry skin, the Krya range of Moisture Plus skin care products does not load skin with suspect chemicals and surface acting humectants. It instead, works with the skin to nourish it and supports its health and well being.  You will also find that with regular use and a clean diet, your skin will look much more radiant, and well taken care of.