Krya Make-Up Cleansing Oil - OILY SKIN

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Are you looking for a safe, non-comedogenic alternative to gently cleanse normal - oily skin of all make-up without upsetting its delicate oil balance or irritating it? Try the new Krya Make up cleansing skin oil formulated for normal - oily skin. Made in the Ayurvedic Tila Paka method, this completely natural makeup cleansing oil is made from a combination of 34 whole ayurvedic ingredients (whole ayurvedic herbs + whole , cold pressed plant oils and butters). The herbs are "cooked" in the oils in the Ayurvedic Tila paka veedhi over 3+ days to make this product. We use a combination of :
  • ayurvedic cleansing and pitta balancing herbs like Arjuna , Ashoka, Jatamamsi,
  • natural plant surfactants like Soapberries, Shikakai
  • natural skin cleansing, astringent barks like Babool Bark, Nimb bark, Shirisha Bark
  • nourishing organic, cold pressed oils and butters like Coconut Oil, Neem Oil, Kokum butter, etc .
This gentle makeup cleansing oil cleanses makeup from the skin, without aggravating it or irritating it further. To use: Gently massage 1/2 teaspoon of the Krya makeup cleansing oil onto your face (with make up on). Massage well to help loosen the makeup. Gently splash luke warm water on face and then use a well moistened cotton pad or muslin cloth to cleanse out make-up. Repeat 1- 2 times if using very heavy make up.