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1. Benefits of abhyanga :
  • The abhyanga or the traditional Indian oil bath is a unique, health affirming and rejuvenating dinacharyas (daily routine. The word “abhyanga” is derived from the Sanskrit root, “Abhyanj” which means to anoint or to smear.
  • The great Ayurvedic teachers , Charaka, Sushruta and Vaghbatta are unanimous in their use of the abhyanga to promote good health.
The Charaka Sutra, Chapter 5V-86 says this: “Susparsopachitaan gascha Balavaan Priyadarsanah. Bhavati Abhyanga Nityatwaat Naro Alpajara eva cha”. “A man who constantly (daily / regularly) takes abhyanga, possesses limbs which are smooth to touch and which are well developed (Upachita). The man will also be strong, be lovely to look at and will have very little appearance of old age on his person.”
  • Vata vitiation (an excess or a reduction of vaayu) is one of the chief cause of disease in ayurveda – nearly 50% of all diseases can be traced to vata vitiation. Seemingly disparate complaints from cervical spondylitis, joint and back aches, dry skin, dull and lifeless hair, emaciation, irritability and poor digestive capacity can all find its roots in vitiated vata.
  • Urban cities with the high level of stress, travel and noise are considered to be vata vitiating according to ayurveda. Almost all urban dwellers who go to work could also be considered to have vata vitiation.
  • If you eat at erratic times, drink plenty of tea and coffee, take frequent flights (mostly at odd times) and work in a stressful environment, you will probably have vata vitiation. This will be seen internally in the form of fatigue, niggling aches and pains in the joint and bone system and a reducing appetite. You may find yourself reaching for extra cups of tea and coffee to get you through the day and your sweating level should be much lower than normal.
  • Externally, your skin will display signs of cracking where it is thinnest – around the mouth, soles of the feet, knees and elbows. Your hair will usually look dull and lifeless, and your skin should be without luster, dry and flaky. You may also experience itchy flaky skin on your scalp – this kind of dandruff will have “air / vaayu” like qualities – it will be dry, light and unsubstantial.
  • One of the primary treatment for vata vitiation is abhyanga with “tila taila” , sesame based oil. This abhyanga balances vata and helps draw ama and toxins out through the skin. One of the first symptoms of this toxin removal will be increased digestive activity, better elimination and an improved appetite.
  • Even if you are just looking for external cosmetic benefits, you could do no better than to start with a regular oil bath. By oiling your body everyday or atleast regularly, letting it soak and then cleansing it with a mixture of prescribed lentils and grains, you efficiently draw out and remove the accumulated dirt and toxins form the millions of pores on your skin. When you perform the full abhyanga – head to toe oil bath (as prescribed once or twice a week) , you help double or treble the action of your hair follicles resulting in healthier hair.
  2. How the Krya Skin massage oil (with Carrot & Winter Cherry) is manufactured :
  • The Krya Skin Massage Oil with Carrot & Winter Cherry is made using a classical 3-part Ayurvedic method, called Sneha Kalpana, combining Taila ( oil ) , Kashayam ( Aqueous Extract ) and Kalpa ( paste) .This is a method unique to Indian traditional medicine, where the nutrients inside herbs are extracted in both water and oil - this ensures that every part of the herb is extracted into the oil, giving you an oil which is both powerful and "sookshma" (capable of penetrating even the minute cells). This process alone takes us between 6 - 8 hours of constant manual stirring to ensure the oil maintains a perfect consistency and the herbs do not get burned.
  • After processing the base oil and base herbs, we further add raw, cold pressed ,organic oils and more herbs to infuse their properties into the oil. This second set of herbs added are usually delicate herbs like flowers and highly aromatic leaves which cannot tolerate high temperature.  This cold infusion process takes us a further 7 days as we allow the nutrients from the first and the second set of herbs to fully be transferred into the oils. So every batch of this oil takes us 8 days to manufacture.
  • At the end of the hot processing and the cold infusion process, the texture of the oil changes and the oil is extremely dfferent from its basic nature - so even though heavy oils like sesame and coconut are used, the end oil is much lighter, less sticky and penetrates hair and scalp much faster than the base oil.
3. What goes into the Krya Skin massage oil ( with Carrot & Winter Cherry) : A mixture of 2 herb infused oils 
  • Herb Infused Oil 1 - Organic Carrot, Organic Thyme, Forest collected Winter Cherry, Organic Vitex leaves, Forest collected Indian liquorice, Organic holy Basil, Organic Ajwain processed in cold-pressed organic sesame oil, cold-pressed organic coconut oil ,  cold-pressed organic tamanu oil
  • Herb Infused Oil 2 - Organic Palmarosa & Organic Thyme infused in cold-pressed organic sesame oil, cold-pressed organic coconut oil ,  cold-pressed organic tamanu oil
  4. About the Krya Men's Ubtan ( Abhyanga Bath Powder )
  1. Traditional Indian medicine strongly advocates a regular Abhyanga ( Oil Massage) for overall good health.
  2. Charaka Sutra Chapter 5  V-86 affirms that :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “A man who constantly (daily / regularly) takes abhyanga, possesses limbs which are smooth to touch and which are well developed . The man will also be strong, be lovely to look at and will have very little appearance of old age on his person                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Charaka further says this:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “A man who habitually takes Abhyanga is not affected by external injuries; even if he has to perform very heavy and tiring work, he will not be affected by any illness after this work.”
  3. Made from a researched and tested formulation that contains 26 organically grown or forest collected grains, lentils and herbs.
  4. The herbs used in this formulation have a refreshing, deodorizing, skin soothing action that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed after a bath.
  5. The Krya Abhyanga bath powder for Men does not strip skin of essential oils and leaves your skin feeling smooth, nourished and well taken care of even after a bath.
  6. Is made from plants and NOT petroleum
  7. Is FREE from potentially carcinogenic and suspect ingredients like SLS, SLES, parabens and fragrances
  8. Is made fresh in our zero-waste factory where the ingredients are sorted, carefully cleaned, sun dried and harmoniously processed.
5. Benefits of the the Krya Men's Ubtan ( Abhyanga Bath Powder )
  1. Gently cleanses , refreshes, soothes and de-odorizes skin without stripping it of essential oils.
  2. Leaves you feeling cool and refreshed after every bath and keeps your skin smooth and well cared for
  3. Biodegradable and compostable product
  4. Grey water emanating from using this product is readily recyclable
  5. Non toxic, safe, plant based ingredients that are inspired by traditional systems of Indian medicine. Can be used safely by everyone.
6. Complete List of Ingredients of  the Krya Men's Ubtan ( Abhyanga Bath Powder )
  1. Certified Organic -  Amla Fruit, Van Tulsi
  2. Organic but not certified – Heritage black rice, Heritage Barley,  Himalayan Navrangi Bean, Shikakai, Heritage Masoor, Heritage Black horsegram, Horsegram, Vetiver, Shikakai, Soapnut ( Trifoliatus), Rajmudi Rice, Rajma, Neem Leaf, Babchi, Lime Peel,Triphala,
  3. Wild crafted (forest collected)-  Lodhra, Nutgrass, Sabja,White Bentonite, Liqorice, Sarsaparilla, Zeodary, Acorus Calamus,