Krya After Sun Care Facial System - skin care for tanned, sunburned & dehydrated skin

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Looking for a wholesome, soothing and effective set of skin products to treat tanned, dehydrated and sun burned skin?

The Krya After Sun Facial Skin system has been formulated on ayurvedic principles to cool, soothe, gently hydrate and heal tanned, sun burned and dehydrated skin that has become this way due to regular harsh sun exposure. This is a 3 part skin care system with a Face wash, a Face Mask (Lepa) and a Facial Serum.

All 3 products are made only with organic lentils, grains, forest collected Ayurvedic herbs, and organic cold pressed plant oils and butters. Every single ingredient is carefully sourced, thoughtfully cleaned and processed at the Krya facility before being blended together in unique formulations. Details of each individual product can be found in the respective product pages. 

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Looking for a wholesome, soothing, and effective set of skin care products to treat tanned, dehydrated and sunburned skin? Tanned skin tends to be dehydrated, looks rough and dull, and develops skin sensitivity over time with repeated sun exposure. Ayurveda tells us that when skin is exposed constantly to harsh sun, the local heat in the skin increases due to the sun’s effect on pitta dosha. Simultaneously, the sun exposure dehydrates the top few layers of skin interrupting thermal exchange, and leaving the skin feeling dehydrated, dull, and warm. Skin treatment for tanned skin must simultaneously hydrate skin and slowly release trapped Pitta energy to heal tanned skin. High sun exposure dehydrates skin - skin care for tanned skin So Ayurveda advises us to use Pitta balancing, soothing and gentle herbs on tanned dehydrated skin. We are advised to hydrate this skin gently – it is unable to handle heavy nourishment as the top layers of skin and dehydrated and unable to absorb moisture properly. Most importantly we are asked not to clog or impede thermal exchange in the skin in any way. The products we use must be able to gently dissipate stored heat and not cause any further clogging issues.

Skin care for Tanned Skin

Indian consumers are extremely sensitive to changes in skin complexion. This sensitivity has lead to a vast array of skin care products that are sold to de-tan skin or lighten skin. This was not always the case. As a culture, we celebrated all skin shades. Even the word “varnya” in Ayurveda, does not mean “fair skin” – it means skin with luster and radiance (and this is possible with every skin shade). Ayurveda understands sun damage very deeply – the concerns are not with surface-level changes in skin complexion. The concern is with the effect excessive sun exposure has on Bhajraka Pitta dosha, and how it dehydrates the top layers of skin impeding proper thermal exchange. Therefore the Krya After sun care line of facial products treats tanned skin as per Ayurvedic principles. We attempt to draw out stored heat from the skin, gently rehydrate the top layers of skin and work on aggravated Bhajraka Pitta adding health and radiance to the skin.  When used regularly, the Krya After Sun Facial system helps even out skin complexion, hydrate and nourish skin, and balances stored Pitta energy promoting healthy luster and radiance.

How to use the Krya After Sun Skin System

  1. Twice a day – Krya After Sun face wash- day – once in the morning and once at night before sleeping (Apply the product like a Face Pack and leave on for 15-20 seconds before rinsing out in cool water)
  2. Twice a day – 3 drops of Krya Vyoma Skin serum – Immediately after face wash on clean damp skin
  3. Once a week – Krya After Sun face Lepa – on damp cleansed skin. Mix in ½ Milk + ½ Pure Rosewater – Reduce Milk if the skin is prone to breakouts. Follow up with 3 drops of Vyoma Skin Serum after cleansing the Mask. Do not allow the Mask to dry out on the skin.
Additionally, using the Krya After Sun Bodywash for body cleansing is excellent for dissipating stored heat throughout the skin. Use this everyday instead of a conventional soap/body wash product. Users report seeing the following changes when the Krya After Sun Facial skin balancing system is regularly used along with suggested modifications to diet and lifestyle:
  • Reduction in dehydration and dullness
  • Complexion evens out
  • Skin sensitivity and burning comes down
  • Skin has a healthy luster and radiance