JalKrya - Herb Mix for Drinking Water for Hemanta Ritu (Early Winter)

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JalKrya is a unique formulation based on the important Ayurvedic principles of Ritucharya i.e.  seasonal regimen.  In India, the ayurvedic acharyas have defined 6 seasons, of two months each with distinct characteristics. The Early winter season is Hemanta. In Ayurveda water from still sources (non-flowing) like underground wells are always boiled well to transform them from heavy (Guru) to Laghu(light) which makes it easy to digest and absorb. In the process of boiling , it  is also recommended to add seasonal herbs to make the water even more effective in enhancing our health and preventing disease The JalKrya  herb mix for Hemanta Ritu (Early Winter) contains Long pepper, cumin, black pepper, Adathoda vasaka, Ashwagandha, Tulsi & Pushkarmoola. The above mentioned herbs have been carefully combined as per texts to combat dosha aggravation due to the seasonal changes. The herbs have been ground as coarse chips-like size, making it easy to use while boiling them. Store the JalKrya mix in a clean, dry stainless steel container in a cool dark place. Before every use, shake the container well to distribute the herbs evenly and then use. To use, boil 5 litres of clean drinking water  until the water reduces to roughly 75% of its original volume. This is well past the roll boil stage we suggest for Varsha Ritu. Then switch off the gas, and  add 1 teaspoon (5 gm) of the herb mix to the hot water and allow it to infuse well over 5-10 minutes. Then filter the water to remove the herbs and allow the water to cool before drinking. You can dry and re-use the filtered herb mix one more time. IMPORTANT - always consume this herb water on the same day only . Do NOT store it overnight and consume it the next day. If some part of the herb water is still leftover at night re-use it for gardening or cleaning and not for cooking/drinking IMPORTANT - do NOT refrigerate this water. drink it warm if possible by storing it in a flask for consumption through the day. For those with pitta dominant prakriti you can drink the water at luke- warm or room temperature. This is a 50 gm pack size.