Herbal Bath Decoction Hemanta & Shishira | Kashyaya Choorna for Snana - Winter

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A quick shower where you probably feel guilty and are constantly thinking about that blog post / youtube video which mentioned in graphic detail how much water a shower wastes? Or a luxurious, warm, herb infused, proper Ayurvedic Snana? If you are here, reading this, we are guessing you picked option 2! So yaay you eco friendly seeker of experiences!

Benefits of an Ayurvedic Snana:

To enhance your long Ayurvedic bath further, may we present our Kashaya Snana Choorna? (a coarse herbal blend meant for making a kashaya / herbal decocotion to add to your bath water). Ayurveda tells us, that if properly prepared, every part of our Snana (bath) can give us therapeutic , dosha balancing effects. If we do our Snana early in the morning before we eat or drink anything, the Snana can help enhance digestive Agni and improve the assimilation of the food into the body. If we do a traditional Abhyanga Snana, the bath can help balance all 3 doshas, improve strength and release fatigue. If we bathe with ushnodaka / hot water, we are assured that this Snana will give us health, well being and help correct minor dosha imbalances everyday. If we bathe with a herbal bodywash / ubtan, we can further enhavnce this dosha balance, unclog skin, remove build up and dirt form all srotas and improve the functioning of the Skin and remove Mala from the body. Finally, if we charge the Snana udaka (water) with herbs, we can further improve the therapeutic effect of the bath. Using herb charged Snana water is recommended whenever possible in ayurveda. It is strongly recommended when bathing infants and when helping post partum women recuperate after delivery. It is also judiciously used in vata based disorders, to relieve fatigue, etc.

Why is it good to charge Snana water with herbs?

Herbal Snana water, as we have mentioned, is used as a therapeutic practice by many ayurvedic vaidyas. Hot herb charged Snana water is especially useful in Vata induced rogas (which are more than 50% of the cause of most modern diseases). The herbs improve the sookshma / subtle quality of water. They also subtly alter the water's nature to make it more therapeutic and more useful to balance any dosha aggravation. When charged water is used in a Snana, it also enhances the overall effect of an abhyanga Snana - it helps the minute penetration of abhyanga oil deeper into the tissues, helps remove surface level excess oils, and also enhances the action of the herbal ubtan.

Who can use this product?

This product has been formulated with 9 ayurvedic herbs (details are given in the ingredients tab). The herbs used help relieve skin itchiness and are also vata relieving and balancing. We have formulated teh product with a higher degree of vata balancing and warming herbs given the season. So it must be avoided if such herbs are unsuitable for you. It must also be avoided for pregnant women who need very specific monthly care. It must also be avoided for infants and babies below 2 as another set of herbs are prescribed in Ayurveda for charging their Snana water. It can otherwise be used by all adults and children above 2. If your condition specifically prohibits excessive water / bathing (for example if you have a fever, etc, )please avoid using this product.

How should I best use this product?

This Kashaya Snana Choorna is ideally used on Abhyanga Day. Before you start your abhyanga, put your Kashaya on the boil. Switch off at the right time. Filter this and add to hot bathing water. Ideally you should bathe only in Kashaya Snana Choorna water, but we may not be able to make such a large batch. Use this Kashaya Snana Choorna charged water to mix your ubtan. Bathe in this charged water and use the ubtan on skin. Follow all regular Abhyanga precautions on this day.  For more information on ingredients and how to make the Kashayam please refer to the tabs below.