Krya Classic Facial Skin Balancing System

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Looking for wholesome, natural and effective skin care for oily skin? Skin that is oily, sensitive and easily irritated, flushes easily and gets reddish in the sun and occasionally breaks out can be described as skin with dominant pitta dosha. Ayurveda tells us that calming and balancing Pitta dosha is tricky: Pitta tends to get irritated and flares up when treated with harsh cleansers, or aggressive attempts to dry out excess sebum. Instead, we are asked to treat Pitta dominant skin very gently: we are asked to cool, soothe and gently balance aggravated Pitta dosha. When we work on aggravated Pitta dosha instead of symptomatically working on oily skin, we are able to holistically treat the concerns of this skin type at a deep level. Conventional skin care for oily skin tends to be very harsh, irritating and over-cleansing. The method they follow is to aggressively cleanse skin ,irritating it and stripping it of its protective natural oils. This aggressive treatment increases the natural sebum production in skin. So oily skin tends to have breakouts, blemishes, large, open pores, and black and white heads and does not look its best. Try Krya’s Classic Facial Skin balancing facial system instead. The is a wholesome, natural and effective set of skin care for oily skin. The system uses safe, yet powerful Ayurvedic herbs that soothe Pitta aggravated skin. The system uses powerful ayurvedic herbs like Daruharidra, Manjishta, Durva, Patranga, Harad, etc which together balance aggravated Pitta in skin. The Krya Classic Facial Skin balancing facial system helps balance excessive oiliness, shrinks open pores, lightens blemishes and scars and improves the texture and appearance of Pitta aggravated, oily skin.

Using the Krya Classic Facial skin balancing system

For best results, we recommend a simple 3 step skin care routine for oily skin.
  1. Twice a day: Krya classic face wash twice a day – once in the morning and once at night before sleeping
  2. Once at Night : Krya Classic Facial serum : Once at night before sleeping on damp clean skin
  3. Once a Week: Krya Classic Face Lepa (Mask) atleast once a week on damp cleansed skin. If you have a high number of blackheads and whiteheads, use the Krya Classic Face Lepa (Mask) twice a week.
Additionally, using the Krya Classic Bodywash for body cleansing is excellent for controlling Pitta across skin. Use this everyday instead of a conventional soap / body wash product. Users report seeing the following changes when the Krya Classic Facial skin balancing system is regularly used along with suggested modifications to diet and lifestyle:
  • Skin is soothed
  • Excessive oiliness is balanced
  • Visible reduction in open pores
  • Blemishes and scars are lightened and skin appears more even
  • Skin texture and appearance is visibly improved

Further natural care for oily skin (pitta dominant)

Ayurveda is a gentle system that depends upon slowly correcting the basics and bringing the body to a state of balance. Patience is recommended. We recommend trying the system for atleast 6 – 8 weeks along with recommended diet modifications for longer lasting, holistic results. All the Krya products suggested for balancing oily skin are formulated on Ayurvedic principles to soothe and balance pitta dosha.  All healing in Ayurveda must be accompanied by the right diet and regimen. Please follow the Krya blog for diet modification suggestions and modifications in regimen that can balance Pitta aggravation which generally leads to excessive oiliness, breakouts, etc A regular abhyanga is excellent for reining in dosha aggravations and bring the body to a state of balance. Please explore our Abhyanga category for more on this.