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Herbal Body Wash / Snana Choornams - Complete Range

Are you looking for a better, toxin-free, natural and skin loving alternative to soaps and synthetic bodywash products?

Try our all natural, Ayurvedic herbal body wash products / Snana Choornams.

Our herbal body wash powders are made using Ayurvedic principles and blend whole grains, lentils, natural clays and ayurvedic herbs in specific formulae for various skin needs. The products are chemical free, and free from any synthetic fragrances, colours, additives, etc.

The herbal body wash / Snana choornam helps gently cleanse skin, conserves healthy microbiota on skin, declogs the Srotas (fine channels) of skin, assists in thermoregulation and balances the doshas in your skin.

The Krya Herbal body wash  / Snana Choornam range contains the following products:

  1. Severe Pitta aggravation – prickly heat, burning sensation and high body odour – Classic Plus Bodywash
  2. Moderate Pitta aggravation: oily and sweat skin, strong body odour – Classic Bodywash
  3. Moderate Vata aggravation: Dry, dehydrated skin – Moisture Plus Bodywash
  4. Sun burned / Tanned Skin: After Sun Body wash
  5. For Atopic Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis (Adults): Sensitive Bodywash
  6. For Pregnant women: Dauhridini Body wash
  7. For Babies: (Unisex): Gentle Baby Bodywash
  8. For Toddlers (1-3) : Toddler Bodywash
  9. For Toddlers with atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis or dry skin: Toddler Sensitive Bodywash
  10. For Kids (3+, Unisex) : Kids Bodywash
  11. For Teens (12+, Unisex): Teens Bodywash
  12. For Men: Men’s Bodywash

Please go through the individual product pages to know more about each product, the ingredient it contains, the skin needs it works on, and how to use the product.

An Ayurvedic Snana choornam is extremely refreshing and cleansing to use. Our users report having decreased body odour, healthier skin, optimal thermo-regulation, less skin irritation and overall feeling of wellness and positivity after using these bath products.

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results

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