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Double Step Indigo Based Colours

Are you looking for a chemical free way to cover dye resistant greys with a colour that is close to your natural black or dark brown shade? Are your greys moderate to high as a percentage?

Here is double step Indigo based colours that can be used to cover moderate to high greys or dye resistant greys in 2 steps. Ideally these 2 steps should be spread over two days to allow each step to fully latch onto hair.

By separating the dyeing process into 2 stages, we improve the colour latching onto hair. We also reduce colour fade and colour tends to last longer. Detailed use instructions are given in each individual product page.

About 5% of the population are naturally allergic to Indigo as a herb.  Indigo is the main herb in the step 2 stage our Double colour process. Please ensure you do a patch test before using the colour in the Second stage.

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