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We make 100+ formulations at Krya. But those are the ones that we officially launched. To get to these 100+ products we test , well, many multiples of these 100 products and some of them make it to our commercial launches. Some of these dont work as well as we hoped. And the others are, we feel, still not ready to hit commercial launch.

For the longest time, we have been meaning to share some of our “almost launched” products with you. These are formulations we like, but we feel need just a little bit more time before we have the bandwidth / tweak the formula some more until they are ready.

Do browse some of our Beta products here. All these products are free samples. We only ask that you club these products with your regular orders to help us save on shipping. These products can only be ordered a single pack at a time – this is to help lots more people enjoy and try these products.

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