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Baby Massage Oils

Concerned about the skin clogging effects of synthetic baby moisturizing products? Wondering about the benefits of an Abhyanga Snana and how it can help baby?

The deep connection between the Skin and the body as per Ayurveda:

Ayurevda says that the skin (Tvacha) in Ayurveda is made of 6 layers. These 6 layers are formed from the blood while undergoing metabolic activity – this formation is described similar to the layers of cream that form when milk is boiled.

Therefore, in disorders of the skin, herbs and regimens that treat the blood at an underlying level are advised. Similarly, Ayurveda recognises that what is applied at an external level on the skin also has the twin capacity of treating the blood underneath . Once we understand this connection, we also understand how critical it is to choose what we apply on baby’s skin. Chemical products and carcinogenic ingredients are highly unsafe and can damage baby’s health. On the contrary, a regular baby massage with an ayurvedic baby oil is safe and nourishing for baby’s skin. This practice also helps increase baby’s immunity, prevent infections and aid healthy bone and joint development.

Ayurvedic baby oil : to be applied pre-bath

The Ayurvedic baby massage routine restricts moisturisation to the pre bath taila abhyanga or oil massage. This is a very special feature of Ayurveda .


Skin needs to constantly interact with the environment and continuously facilitate toxin removal.  Srotas are thin, tube like structures in skin, through which toxins are removed. For the srotas to do their job of toxin elimination and thermoregulation, they have to be clear, unlocked, flexible and in good health.

An ayurvedic baby oil is applied pre-bath – This moisturises the skin deeply and keeps the srotas flexible. As there are no clogging substances, the skin is not improperly moisturised. As the product is applied pre bath, any excess oil is washed off during the bath, leaving the skin unimpaired and ready to function well.

How to choose the correct Krya baby oil for your child's skin

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